11 teacups

What makes the shinigami blush?

As requested by anon. :) And also anon. ;)

We have already imagined what makes the Hueco Mundo crew blush. Now it’s time to do the same thing for the shinigami!

1. Byakuya: Anonymous Admiral Seaweed fanart

Byakuya: Somebody drew my favorite character for me…

Byakuya: How embarrassing.

Byakuya: I am so overcome that I am blushing on the inside.

Renji: H-he looks exactly the same!

2. Nanao: Fanfiction fluff

Nanao: Dear lord I cannot take this cuddling!

3. Kiyone: Accidentally letting slip her feelings for Ukitake

Kiyone: Happy to do it, sir! Because I love you!

Kiyone: I-I mean working for you! I love working for you!

4. Sentaro: Accidentally letting slip his feelings for Ukitake

Sentaro: Happy to do it, sir! I want to suck on your hair!

Sentaro: I-I mean….


Sentaro: I’m going to go hide in a hole for 457 years.

5. Unohana: The prospect of a good fight

Kenpachi: Uh, that’s not a blush. That’s the flush of excitement.

Unohana: Shhhhh, let them believe what they want, Zaraki.

6. Iba: His mother walking in while he’s reading - certain things


7. Rukia: Unexpected Byakuya compliments

Byakuya: Look. I hung your drawing on the fridge.

Rukia: N-Nii-sama!

8. Kyoraku: Finding out that he talked in his sleep (during a Starrk sex dream)

Nanao: Do I want to know why you said, “Take me you manly hunk of cowboy”?


Kyoraku: I don’t remember?

9. Kaien: Meeting somebody as passionate about the heart as him.

Kaien: U-Ulquiorra-kun….


Ulquiorra: This didn’t happen.

10. Hinamori: Accidentally calling Shinji “Aizen-taicho”

Hinamori: O-oh my god I’m so sorry!

Shinji: This is awkward for both of us.

11. Sasakibe: Mismatched teacups and saucers

Sasakibe: I-I am too mortified for words!

Yamamoto: All of your dishware is white - how can you tell?

12. Yumichika: The warm glow of his own beauty

Yumichika: Mmmmm….

Ikkaku: Dude - you okay?

13. Shinji: The first day after he realized his bangs were crooked

Shinji: I can’t BELIEVE captains aren’t ‘permitted’ to wear hats!

Shinji: I never should have tried cutting my own hair…

14. Rose: Hitting a note off-key

Rose: Kira! Turn your face away! I am a monster!

Kira: What? Sorry I wasn’t really listening.

15. Tosen: Steve being cute

Gin: But seriously how can you tell?

Tosen: I have binoculars, Gin.