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Found my fencing sword I used for 11 months for practicing sword fights on Peter Pan haha haven’t touch a sword in over 10 years! Here’s a few tricks I learned while doing the film! Can’t believe I still can do it haha#swordtricks #stillgotit


That’s fucking impossible. They get detected over everything. You miss an enemy, you hit an enemy, you fart near an enemy, you send an enemy an email four weeks ago and he forgot about it and he put it in his spam folder, and then was like, ‘Oh, I just- I’ll not talk about that for another while.’ No, still fucking knows! He’s like, 'Your the guy who sent that email. Oh, 400 dick pics. Don’t think I didn’t- I liked them, but don’t think I didn’t put them in my spam. It’s the only place my girlfriend won’t find them.’
—  Jacksepticeye: Sword With Sauce #2 - 2/11/17
February 11: Salome’s Dance of Seven Veils Spread

 The origin story of this spread is extra fun: based on the Wilde play based on the Bible story of Salome who performed her dance of the seven veils in exchange for John the Baptist’s head. The questions in this spread are about getting what you want. I can’t help imagining a severed head on a silver platter.

Starting off, my desire is the 10 of Swords reversed. Interesting that it’s this card as opposed to ones that typical indicate success and happiness (I’m think the 6 of Wands, 10 of Cups, all that). No matter the position, this 10 indicates pain and hope. Upright, this is a person who is totally done. The fear and anxiety of the 9 of Swords has had its way and the mind has shut down. But this is only temporary; reversed the 10 of Swords is a few steps further in the process of regeneration. The desire is to move on from pain and start fresh.

The two pages that come next are at odds with each other. The Page of Wands is what I’m willing to do to achieve my goals, while the Page of Pentacles is my challenge. Both are about beginnings, being pages, but it’s like the materialism of Pentacles is getting in the way of the Wands’s journey. I may be seeing money-making opportunities, chances for jobs or ways to get more stuff, but this is ultimately a distraction from the creative journey I want to be making.

The normally nasty 5 of Swords hear will help me overcome the Page of Pentacle’s vices. It’s weird seeing this card in a positive position – yes all tarot cards are neutral but some are more neutral than others. Here it could mean that I may have to trick my own mind, even fight with it, to do what I know is best for me. Skipping a bit, the reversed Devil can help me in this. The Devil reversed is someone who is trying to throw off their chains. Like the 10 of Swords reversed, the bad stuff is still there but the person is making an effort to move forward.

The Empress reversed is what’s driving these desires. She came up recently: it’s a combination of home and sense of self that’s out of whack. The result, if I can get what I want, is the High Priestess which says as much. I won’t get any severed heads out of this, but I will get my intuition back.

Salome with the Head of John the Baptist 

reverie, a mix to daydream to. peaceful music from video game soundtracks to study to, take a nap to, or whatever you want (take a bubble bath, maybe? take a bubble bath to this playlist. with those mariah carey bath rose petals. you know the ones.) [listen here] 

01. Solo Menu - Kid Icarus Uprising 02. Desert Flower - Tales Of Symphonia 03. Hilda’s Despair - A Link Between Worlds 04. Lacunosa Town - Pokémon Black & White 05. Nageki’s Theme - Hatoful Boyfriend 06. You Have Power… Like Mine - Fire Emblem: Awakening 07. Wind Scene - Chrono Trigger 08. Astral Observatory - Majora’s Mask 09. Dreaming Of Twilight - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles 10. Follow Fi - Skyward Sword 11. Town Theme - Wild Arms 12. Deo Pass - Tales Of The Abyss 13. Theme Of Mac Anu - .Hack//Infection 14. Arni Village - Chrono Cross 15. In the Fields (ZREO) - Spirit Tracks 16. Border Village Dali - Final Fantasy IX 17. Field Theme 1 - Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible III 18. Silence Before the Storm - Final Fantasy X 19. Shadow Forest - Chrono Cross 20. Asgard - Tales Of Symphonia 21. Lake Hylia - Twilight Princess 22. Id (Sorrow) - Fire Emblem: Awakening 23. Verdanturf Town - Pokémon ORAS 24. A Flower Blooming In The Slums - Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII 25. Aryll’s Theme -Wind Waker 26. Kairi - Kingdom Hearts II 27. Rydia - Final Fantasy IV 28. Ryouta’s Theme - Hatoful Boyfriend 29. Ventus’ Theme (Music Box) - Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep


For those who share our fandoms, here is a reminder of the dates of the premiere dates of two movies:

February 18th (11 days from today) - Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale

February 25th (18 days from today) - Digimon Adventure Tri

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Lan nodded to him, then looked at Moiraine. “Have you two been arguing?”

Moiraine tucked the mark away, face becoming impassive. Rand didn’t know what to make of the interaction between the two of them since Moiraine’s return. They were civil, but there was a distance between them that he had not expected.


A Memory of Light, chapter 11 “Just Another Sell-sword”.

there was a distance between them

Because seeing Moiraine alive doesn’t magically sweep away Lan’s broken-bond-induced grief. Because Moiraine’s reappearance does not resolve lingering tensions regarding the choices she made before.

Because these two have over 20 years experience of being an Aes-Sedai-and-Warder team, and falling back into their old partnership is impossible without that professional relationship and without that emphatic link. And they’ve both moved on - they don’t want the partnership they once had. They need to build a new relationship, with different boundaries.

They’re old friends, they’ll figure it out. Or maybe they already have and this is what works for them. 

It’s just not what suits poor Rand, who wants a moment of things being back to normal with his mentor figures, before the end.

Frostbite (listen)

A playlist for Almandine

1. N’s Castle- Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 OST | 2. Raise the Curtain- Puella Magi Madoka Magica OST | 3. Sarabande- Handel | 4. Waltz No. 2- Dimitri Shostakovich | 5. Uwa!! So Temperate♫- Undertale OST | 6. Rabbit’s Dream- Maplestory BGM | 7. Wherever You Are- Maplestory BGM | 8. Decretum- Puella Magi Madoka Magica OST | 9. Return to the Beach/Jasper- Steven Universe Soundtrack | 10. Destiny Awaits You- The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword OST | 11. Family Reunion- Bioshock Infinite OST | 12. Hikari Sake- Mushishi OST | 13. The Marine Swordsman’s Battle Cry- One Piece OST| 14. Masquerade Suite- Khachaturian | 15. Space of a Lone God- JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure [Destination] OST | 16. Undyne- Undertale OST | 17. Tension Rising- Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix OST | 18. The Ultimate Weapon Deployed- Pokemon X and Y OST | 19. Cipher Admin Battle- Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness OST | 20. Luffy VS. Ratchet Round 1- One Piece OST | 21. Fight to Antagonize- JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure [World] OST | 22. Garden Forgotten by Time- Castlevania: Lament of Innocence OST | 23. Le Sanctuaire- Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance OST | 24. Ice Burn- Pokemon Movie 15 OST | 25. Frozen City- Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 OST | 26. Escaping Through the Snow (Re-Orchestrated)- Pokemon Blue Mystery Dungeon | 27. Life Sacrifice- Pokemon Movie 8 OST | 28. Aerith’s Theme- Final Fantasy: Advent Children | 29. Reunion- Steven Universe Soundtrack | 30. The Sore Feet Song- Mushishi OST


D: I have come a long way.
R: We have both come a long way. When I met you I was an inebriate, half bankrupt squireen. You didn’t know what a catch you were making!
D: I didn’t know I was making ANY catch
R: I didn’t know what sort of a catch I was making either. Dear heaven, that was the luckiest day of my life. ❤️💖

– from book 11 THE TWISTED SWORD by Winston Graham

(All images found on google and not mine)