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“After the finals, let’s end this”

Okay, so ever since this scene caused all that fuss, I thought about what made it so shocking, but also tried to think about what made it make sense, or rather, not-so-shocking.

I guess what made it the most shocking was everything that happened in Episode 10, with the whole engagement, and sightseeing, and Viktor taking the viewers on his own tour of Life and Love. But then again, Episode 10 was mainly written from Viktor’s POV. The last we saw of Yuuri was in Episode 9, where he was saying:

We all know this was Yuuri’s plan, even through Episode 10. Sure, Yuuri proposed, but that was already for their personal life, and not the professional skating careers. Their proposal was meant for them alone, regardless of the Grand Prix Final outcome.

But when I go back to it, I think the moment that had me convinced that Yuuri’s mind would change was this:

This part above starts giving us a small hope that Yuuri is thinking more long-term, since that’s what “until I retire” sounds like (or we hope to be). But:

What got me was this reaction of Yuuri to Viktor’s words.

At first, I thought his crying was the kind you do when someone says something so sweet and so meaningful to you. I thought his tears were just of emotion and love. And they probably partly were either way.

But when I look at it again, his tears and his expression hold some anguish, distress, dread. Because he doesn’t know how to tell Viktor yet that even if Viktor doesn’t ever want him to retire, Yuuri has his heart set on retiring after the Grand Prix Final. His tears say, “thank you, but I’m sorry, that’s not how it’s going to be, I’ve made up my mind.” But I think Yuuri was just too overwhelmed by the moment and the mood to tell Viktor what he really wanted to say.

He said it himself right before that airport moment:

But because of the events that transpired as soon as he saw Viktor, he didn’t get to say it, that he was going to retire after the GPF regardless of what he wins.

Because of that, that whole conversation got postponed to the infamous, heartbreaking, End of Episode 11.

Lots of people have probably thought about this, but I just wanted to give emphasis to that moment where Yuuri cries at the very end of the airport scene, because I think it was the most telling moment that warns us of what he says in Episode 11.

Wyatt Logan Appreciation

11 Reasons We Love Wyatt

I know we all love Wyatt with everything we’ve got, but I’ve seen comments and reviewers saying that he’s the typical white male military lead. I’d like to graciously prove them wrong, but also, spill on why I simply love Wyatt.

1. He isn’t a jerk.

We ALL have to appreciate this. Wyatt hasn’t and never would be a jerk. He’s never belittled Lucy or ever made her feel inferior because she’s a woman. He knows she’s the boss and he’s totally okay with it. He never tries to take the lead because he thinks Lucy is incapable, he knows he can trust her and that he can count on her. He’s never made ridiculous remarks about Lucy nor has he ever been rude to Rufus. Yes, he’s white and male, but he’s never treated Rufus or Lucy in a way he shouldn’t. He also knows he can count on Rufus when he needs the extra muscle. 

2. He’s caring.

He may try to hide it, but Wyatt is more caring than one may think. He always puts the lives of others before his own, whether they’re his friends or complete strangers. He was willing to completely sacrifice his life to save soldiers he knew had the littlest chance of making it out alive.

3. He’s protective. 

He’s a soldier, he has it in him to protect those he loves. Doesn’t matter if his life is at risk, he will do anything in his power to protect the ones that matter to him. It’s evident in the way he’s always looking out for Lucy, keeping her in his sight, saving her and Rufus’s lives plenty of times. 

4. He’s defensive. 

Wyatt’s quick to bounce back at anyone who even comes near any of his colleagues, especially Lucy. He doesn’t like people causing harm to anyone he cares about. He will put himself in front of the conflict and let himself take the hit instead. 

5. He’s a little damaged, but that’s okay. 

Wyatt’s seen and done things he wish he hadn’t. He’s killed, he’s seen death, he’s lost. There are so many things about Wyatt that are broken. He can’t even mention his wife’s name without getting teary eyed. He’s suffering from PTSD all on his own, without anyone knowing. He’s living with the memory of his closest colleagues dying for him out on the field. He’s carrying so much, yet always finds a way to generate that into his incredible strength. Sure, he’s a little broken, but who isn’t? He regrets things, but who doesn’t? He’s lost, but who isn’t?

6. He likes getting his job done. 

Wyatt knows what his job is and always makes sure he’s staying true to the mission. His job is to simply take out Flynn, eliminate threats to the time team and protect Lucy and Rufus. He does a great job, even with Flynn hoping around like a bunny on Easter. There have been multiple times where Wyatt has a clear shot at Flynn, but it somehow gets interrupted. He’s always protecting Lucy and Rufus and also deals with unexpected threats in a slick way. Even though it isn’t slick all the time. 

7. He’s funny. 

I mean, c’mon, everyone loves a funny person. But, the thing about Wyatt is that he’s funny at the correct times. He’ll bring out his wit and sarcasm only when the time calls for it, which makes him all the more charming. 

8. He’s a soldier.

You have to respect him. He’s been through things a lot of us haven’t or couldn’t even imagine going through. He’s had it rough, he’s had his own friends die for him. It’s a lot, but it’s made him tough. It’s made him into the amazingly skilled soldier we know and love. He always knows what he’s doing, from guns to hand-to-hand combat, he’s got it all. He also manages to smile and joke around despite all he’s seen, in my book, that’s pretty fantastic.

9. He’s a secret fanboy. 

His Bond freak out was glorious. Who doesn’t love a guy who can proudly announce his interests?

10. He’s gorgeous. 

Look at him, he’s got everything. The eyes, the lips, the scruff, the jawline, the hair, the smile. He’s just as beautiful as he is on the inside. 

11. He’s still a good person.

A lot of people resort to something not so great when they lose someone or have been through rough times. People resort to drinking, drugs, smoking etc. However, Wyatt doesn’t have any of these habits. I’m not saying you’re a bad person if you do have these habits, I couldn’t possibly understand your situation. But in Wyatt’s case, he’s somehow controlled himself and avoided going down those roads. Yes, he still invests his time in trying to find his wife’s killer, yes, he may be a little obsessed, but he only wants an answer to a burning question. Sure, he enjoys an occasional drink now and then but that ain’t so bad. You have to appreciate his self-control here. 

There you have it. Wyatt’s an incredible guy who is quite unique in a good way. He doesn’t follow a stereotype or a certain “type” of person. He’s his own person we have all come to love. I have now finished my rant, carry on. 

Wait, here’s Wyatt in his cute fedora. 

Yes, he is smiling at Lucy in the last one. 


8.5 x 11 in School Idol Diaries To-Do Lists!

A lot of people liked the Honoka and Nozomi checklist I did last year.

So I made some new ones using the SID chibis for each girl. Laminate them or print them out in the dozens! Never forget anything ever again!

As always, please credit and link back to either this post or my tumblr if you repost! Please like or reblog if you use these~.

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Hello girls. Can you please explain this statement: Musumen. was formed by Shirofuku (due to support of our lord and savior Suzuki Kanon)? How did she help? I’d like to know the full story

Shirofuku is a big fan of Kanon and when he was starting his odottemita activities he used to cover Morning Musume.’s songs
one day, he was invited to a radio program as a guest and the MCs showed him a video message from Kanon-chan to Shirofuku, where she said he was cute and she loved his dancing and asked him to cover the upcoming “Ren’ai Hunter”
here’s the recording of that part, please be careful - Shiro screams and cries a lot
Shiro ended up gathering 11 people to cover Ren’ai Hunter with him: those were future Musumen. members + K’suke and Asupara
they continued making covers and became morning musumen. eventually

conclusion: if Suzuki Kanon never sent that message, there probably wouldn’t be any Musumen. and Mesemoa.

- sunflower 🌻

The Good Place was renewed today and since it’s a show by NBC I checked their ratings and saw they got a 1.1 rating and 3.9 million viewers for their finale (which aired January 20).

So I’m going to assume that renewal news for Timeless will only come after the finale, and considering we got 0.9 and 3.6 million viewers these past 2 episodes, I think there’s a chance it will be renewed if we get these ratings up a bit. The Good Place had their ratings slightly up for the finale, so Timeless definitely has a chance to gain some viewers for the nex episode.

The ratings for Good Place are as follow:

episode 9 = 1.0/3.5 million
episode 10 = 1.1/3.6 millions
episodes 11 & 12 (finale) = 1.1/3.9 millions.

The ratings for the past 2 episodes of Timeless were as follow:

episode 10: 1.1/ 4.8 millions
episode 11 = 0.9/3.5 millions
episode 12 = 0.9/3.6 millions

We have 3 episodes left after tonight so We seriously need to make a strong campaign for this show and get at least 1.1 rating for the next episodes to make sure it’s renewed. I think Misha being in episode 15 will help a bit and hopefully the show will manage to keep the viewers BUT there’s still that over 1 MILLION that didn’t come back for episode 11! A lot of people STILL think it was the finale, so word of mouth and sharing posts do help. We need to at least reach those people and let them know the show is still airing!

taako: winged eyeliner, $50 manicure, wedge heels, sephora VIB rouge, has never left home without a full face of makeup, rackin up charges on his fantasy nordstrom credit card

lup: cheeto fingers, owns 50 bro tanks but one bra, always fighting people in the parking lot of the fantasy 7-11, underwear-free because she hasn’t done laundry in two weeks, rackin up points on her quiznos loyalty card

I told my Spanish teacher I’d be taking the final on Wednesday instead of Monday and she said “Thanks for the courtesy of letting me know. Other students didn’t even bother. Buena suerte en tus otros examenes” I’m clutching my heart she’s so salty with so many of her other students and I dodged that bullet by letting her know

Character quirks 11

This person can be very mean to a lot of people without realizing it, they would comment about other characters eyes that are too small, or someone’s nose that’s too big. All in all it’s always something other characters can’t change about themselves, and the fragile hearted ones will become self-conscious about it.

“He swears that he can almost hear the gentle pings of the raindrops hitting the champagne glass clutched in Harry’s left hand.” Young & Beautiful by Velvetoscar ( @mizzwilde ) - for @shadiestblog

Things that make me slightly hate you. Feel free to add to the list. 

1. When you interrupt me when I’m trying to introduce myself.

2. When you keep asking me to bring you more free bread/chips/crackers because you are just so hungry that you can’t control yourself and when your $30 dish comes out, you can’t even finish it because you stuffed your mouth with free shit.

3. When you tell me that you’re ready to order, but you fucking lied and now I’m stuck standing there waiting for you to decide what to eat while you discuss your options with the people around you. And even worse; when you won’t let me leave. I’m busy. I don’t have time to wait for you to decide when I asked if you were ready. You’re seriously putting me in the weeds. Just tell me you need a minute. I won’t get mad. And if you do need a minute, don’t take the time I’m gone to continue talking with your friends. Take that time to decide what the fuck you want to eat. The worst thing you can tell me when I come back is, “Oh, we didn’t even look at the menu.” Then pick off where you left off with me.  

4. When you forget to ask your picky child what they want to eat. You have had your child long enough to know what they like to eat. Just order it. We don’t need to go down the list of every item of the kiddie menu just for your kid to be like, “No!” at every option, Just for you to be say, “Just get him the chicken strips.” Bitch, you knew your kid only ate fucking chicken. Why would you do this to me?

5. When you make your shy kid tell me what they want to eat. Its both awkward for the child and myself because Lord knows shy kids will mumble their fucking life away resulting in me getting closer to hear them and making them lower their voice. 

6. When you make me list all the drinks we can make only for you to order water.

7. When I recite all the sides I have and you say something stupid like, “Whats the 5th thing you said?” …I don’t remember, sir. So I’m basically going to start all over.

8. When you don’t check your rude ass children and let them talk to me any kind of way.

9. When you let your children make a fucking mess. I understand, children are messy. I do understand that. However, letting them draw on the tables or throw food everywhere is really fucking annoying.

10. When you arrive late in the middle of me handing food out to a large party and you keep trying to get my attention so you can order or ask for a menu. Trust me. I noticed when you got here and I know it must be hard to you to think that for one second the world doesn’t revolve around you, but right now I’m busy trying to get hot food to the people who ordered 20 minutes ago. You’re going to have to wait. 

11. When you drink a lot. I know that some people can’t control it and they are just naturally thirsty. But don’t get irritated when I don’t immediately refill your water when I just did 2 minutes ago. You aren’t my only table. And don’t you dare get offended when I give you two glasses. 

12. When you read the menu to me. Example: “So the platter has, ‘shrimp oyster, cake cakes and fish?” Yes, you literally just read it. In my face. 

13. When you drink your alcoholic beverage and then want a refund because it wasn’t strong enough. If you don’t like your drink, just tell me, I can get you a new one with ease. Don’t wait until you finish the entire thing to complain. I can’t help, then. 

14. When you answer your phone in the middle of me taking your order. Are you fucking serious? 

15. When you keep asking if things are free.

16. When you snap at me to get my attention. I’m a person who told you my name within the first 10 seconds of greeting you, not a dog. 

17. When you jingle your empty glass to indicate that you need a refill. Trust me, I saw it. 

18. When you ignore the hostess and seat yourself. This isn’t your first time in a restaurant so don’t act like it. 

19. When you want multiple substitutions just because you can. 

20. When you come in 10 minutes before we close and take your time ordering/eating. And then you stay well after closing chatting it up with your friends. Most of us have been there since the AM shift and we want to go home. 

21. When I asked you multiple times during your stay if you were alright then at the end of your meal, you need a manager to complain. Its a total dick move and you completely blind sided me. 

1. Always post these rules
2. Answer the questions given by the person who tagged you
3. Write 11 questions of your own
4. Tag 11 people

I was tagged by @tenderlumpling

1. Favorite documentary? I love documentaries - so lots of them! Good ones are: Unknown Chaplin is awesome and a series called the Rock & Roll Years which showed UK newsreels with the hits of the day played over the top. 

2. Favorite accent? German.

3. Coke or Pepsi? Neither.

4.What headphones do you use? Generic ones that came with my phone.

5. Why is your favorite movie your favorite movie? I have many favourite movies - On the Town for the sheer joy, The Red Shoes because ballet, Death in Venice because it is achingly beautiful and yet so empty, anything with Conrad Veidt because Conrad Veidt. 

6. What does your favorite song mean to you? Waterloo Sunset by the Kinks because of the line, “And I don’t need no friends…” because it made me feel connected and less lonely when I was 13.

7. Best moment of your life thus far? Mmmm. Well. The feeling of breaking up for the summer holidays from school - every year.  And still do love that feeling. Getting a party of teachers to Brindisi in Italy with tricky connections. Going to Berlin (despite going with a Philistine). Seeing Chaplin on the big screen with a live orchestra.  Being at the top of the Eiffel Tower and thinking of the Lavender Hill Mob when I was 11. 

8. What scary story gets under your skin?  All scary stories get to me, I have a vivid imagination. I stay away from scary things, esp ghosts.  I do not even believe in ghosts!!

9. What would you tell your 10 year old self?  You are worth more. I had a lot of optimism, I knew being grown up would be awesome, but I lacked self-esteem. Unsurprisingly considering the shit time I was having.

10. Dream bedroom? Not so much the furnishings, but the time, place and who I’d be sharing it with… 

11. Did you know you’re a wonderful, beautiful person? <3 Most of time time. My subconscious knows more than my outer self… but generally, yeah :)

My 11 questions…

1. Who do you love?

2. Band that changed your life?

3. If you could go back in time, where would you go? 

4. What are you really good at?

5. What’s you’re best ‘self-care’ tip?

6. What makes you feel empowered?

7. What’s a treat?

8. Favourite piece of art?

9. What is your current goal? (Getting a degree, saving to travel, learning a language???)

10. What do you do to relax?

11. Make a wish.

I tag…. @tenderlumpling @asongthatsingsitself @parts-of-me-unravelling @chillachin @doktorhuetter @jojhairysun @half-rutter @no0dlru @ladylilitu @black-lodge-gatekeeper @shannanevern83 if you wish to do some or all of this :)

Ah. Of course.

Should’ve guessed.

Well….? Don’t you have anything to say for yourself?

11 people….you certainly carry a lot of weight on your shoulders.

Well, it is his fault we all died. Where was this foundation that was formed to combat despair?

Our friends fell to despair and they didn’t even notice despite actively looking…..

Why do people hate AmeViet?

I see a lot of hate for that ship that I don’t understand, I’m not saying you need to ship it, but simply hating it and completely being rude to those who ship it is very rude. The arguments against it are very silly too. “A lot of people died in that war!!1!!11!” As did a lot of people died in a lot of wars. Yet we still see all the other Hetalia Ships just fine. “Americas hated and we’re protesting against that war!!” What does this have anything to do with shipping them?? This could even be taken as reasons too ship them. “Americans were horrible to the women!11!” While yes the war was very disturbing, same thing with any war. Look at East Berlin women and the Soviet union, yet RusPru is a popular ship. AmeViet I think is hated simply because it’s one of the more recent wars that still are somewhat an open wound, when the tumblrinas come and try to scream about it, they don’t actually know the history of that war, just the one viewed side of the anti-American war. I’m not saying you’re stupid for not shipping it, like that’s fine. But going after people who ship it is inexcusable. Just like FrUk, UsUk, RusAme, GerIta, SuFin, RusPru, Nichu, and any other ship, we are human and you can’t tell us we can’t ship it

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every odd number? if you want! just go until you get tired or pick your faves.

  • 1. Last kiss

rho kissed me goodbye when I walked her to her car after my brother’s bday party a couple weeks back

  • 3. Last text message

figuring out plans to have rho come spend the night tomorrow

  • 5. Last time you cried

uhh while I was in NY I think I cried a lil bc I was at my wit’s end abt stuff and also had just finished a 16 hour long drive 

  • 9. Lost someone special

I’ve lost a lot of people

  • 11. Been drunk and threw up

surprisingly no it takes a lot to get me drunk and I haven’t gotten to the point of throwing up yet

  • 17. Laughed until you cried

I honestly can’t remember ever doing this

  • 19. Found out who your true friends were


  • 27. What time did you wake up today

NOON BITCH this motherfucker got to sleep IN

  • 31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life

wish I could make it to where no one ever referred to me as a girl again

  • 35. Most visited webpage

excluding social media, probably kitten enchantment’s etsy account bc I fucking want a tail from them so bad

  • 37. Nicknames

Phen, kiddo, kitkat, kitten, and sweetheart are the main ones

  • 39. Zodiac sign

leo B)

  • 49. Piercings

snakebites, right nostril, septum, two sets of lobes on both sides, and industrial on my right ear

  • 51. Righty or lefty


  • 69. Shorter or taller

taller cause I like to be the little spoon

  • 73. Sensitive or loud

someone who can be both depending on what the situation calls for

  • 77. Drank hard liquor

hard liquor is pretty much the Only thing I drink 

  • 93. How would you label yourself?

A Mess™

  • 95. Did you sing today

I’ve had the price is right theme stuck in my head all day so I’ve been singing the tune of it loudly and offkey for hours

thank you so much!