11 oclock

When you’re supposed to be doing your chem lab report and instead you doodle Keith.

Anon Submission

I (15/m)was home alone with my sister. My parents went out of town for the week and the neighbor was supposed to check on us every other day. Our family is not extremely but somewhat open about sex. My sister (whos 14) obviously has lost her virginity but she doesnt really talk about it. Being the annoying brother i am i spied on her while she was masturbating in her room.

It was so hot, she shaves her pussy already and that turned me on so much i couldnt resist. I whipped out my dick standing behind the door. And watched my own little private show.

Later on she asked me if she wanted to play a game, i asked what game and she said truth or dare. I agreed and she started, at first it was just random questions and stupid dares. Eventually it was my turn and i chose truth, she asked “have you ever masturbated before?” Which i have almost on a regular basis. I said yeah.. and she glanced down for a millisecond at my crotch.(I was sitting in my foldable gaming chair on the floor and she was kind of leaning against the wall) she chose truth and i asked, have you ever used a dildo? She surprisingly said yes, i dont know how she did it.

Id also like to addon she has some mega nice tits. Little on the petite side but god they were like minature domes on her chest. It was my turn and i said dare to spice it up. She said “i dare you to take off your clothes for the rest of the game.” I mustve had a really skeptical look on my face because she said what? You dont want to show me your cock? I glanced at her tits again and did as she said.

I went to sit back down and she said “no no no, hold on.” She came up really close to me i started backing up against the wall. She leaned against me and gently glazed her palm against my scrotum. She pressed me against the wall and straight up kissed me. It was a solid 6 second kiss id say. She must have thought i felt disqusted by a look on my face or something. Because she stood back and ran up to her room.

I felt really bad because i felt like i made her cry because she just wanted to love her brother. Truth is i wasnt disqusted, i was surprised, my heart was racing a million miles a minute and my lustful sister just kissed me. I decided to make it up to her. We stayed away from each other the rest of the afternoon. She was in her room most of the time. I made her dinner because i knew she wouldnt come downstairs so i tapped on her door and left it there.

About 11 oclock i figured she was asleep because she obviously didnt want to stay up. I crept upstairs and went into her room. Sure enough she was asleep. I kneeled down next to her and kissed her. She opened her eyes and pulled me down onto her. She normally sleeps naked so she threw off the sheet and we kissed a whole lot. She took off my gym shorts and held my cock in her hand like she did before.

I sat up a bit took off my shirt and gently rubbed my scrotum on her body. It seemed to really turn her on because she was biting her lip and i could tell one hand was underneath her fingering her butt. I leaned down and kissed her, i kept kissing her down her neck and her body. I kissed down her thigh and her tightly shaved pussy. I rested my cock on her pussy lips and just rubbed up and down. I pushed lightly inside of her going deeper.

Once i got as far as i could, i went faster. We ended up fucking really hard that night. Both did oral, and anal (note shes already had many a dick before me)but boy when her lips let go i blew a load bigger than i ever have. After that we got in bed together and curled in the sheets. Naked under the sheets without a care in the world, just rubbing our boddies together making love.

Best. Night. Of my. Life.

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Okay okay but Black Canary and Jason in Young Justice???

I think about this daily! Black Canary is the therapist of the team, and you can bet she’s got Jason read like the back of her hand; she knows his ticks and why he lashes out on occasion or why he shuts down and shoves people away, she reaches him on his terms and in his comfort zone. And she tries so hard to reach him, to listen to him, to support him; she sits him down over milkshakes and congratulates him on a job well done while he sulks over something Bruce or the team said.

She cuts his hair and lets him borrow her nailpolish, she readily opens her door when he comes at 11 oclock at night fighting frustrated tears; she teaches him meditation and ways to cope with his grief. She helps him through some trauma from his childhood, probably the only one really privy to it besides Bruce.

And she just breaks when it’s found out he died; she just buries her face in her hands and weeps. Because he was one of her kids; he was one of her kids; he was one of her kids….

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i saw u did have a picture of urself ages ago but u deleted it??SHOW FACE SHOW FACE SHOW FACE OwO (pleasseee i luv ur art <3)

uguhgughughgguhfdkflkjk cuz im fugly as heck =w=;;;

but i guess

if u want it that badly

have some free sparkle covered english garbage:

(apologies if i break anyones eyes, it’s nearly 11 oclock, lighting is non existant and im tired as heck - and also that’s not a tattoo, it’s just a temp cuz im underage =w=)

this isn’t seventeen related and i’ll probs delete this later but i’m so fucking happy for BTS winning at the BBMAs and i’m kind of late on the update because i’m in australia and i was mia from the internet until about 11 oclock this morning (about 4 hours ago) but i’m so happy and so proud that the boys could win like, i havent stopped crying for the last 4 hours

but think about badboy!michael with weird hair, who sits next to you in English, when he actually comes to school, that is. He always made jokes about your old geezer of a teacher to make you laugh, and tried even harder when he noticed you were down in hopes of cheering you up, you’ve only seen him come to school a full week a handful of times since the year started, and knew he had to have a pile of truancy letters forming somewhere in his room. One day you decide to confront him about it, mostly out of the curiosity you had about what he must be doing all day, and he comes up with some sob story about having to work a part time job to help his struggling family out, and sometimes having to miss school because of it, or having some illness that requires he practically live at the hospital, but it’s all completely bullshit. Once you’d gone soft, of course, he would laugh and tell you he just hated school, and even though you were mad about him lying about something so serious, you couldn’t help but let out a giggle with him. “Dammit, Clifford. Don’t joke about that,” and he’s just get the goofiest smirk, thinking he is the smoothest person ever when he says, “Sorry, how about you skip with me tomorrow, so I can take you out? I couldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t make it up to you somehow” And he’d just grin and playfully pick on you for blushing when you said yes.

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Hey my dude!! How the fanfic going???

Good although I havent worked on it since i got home.
But its already over a thousand words and Ive only worked on it from about 11 to two oclock so its going pretty well

Anything For You (Part One - Ashton Irwin)

Anything For You Part Two

Sweet little Ashton imagine requested by the coolest person to walk this earth since Ashton himself (talking about my best friend shhhhh don’t tell her, I don’t want her getting an ego ;)  

“Ashton,” you sighed, setting your notebook and pencil to the side, “I give up. It’s official. Writer’s block has finally won.” You slumped back into the couch feeling absolutely defeated and completely exhausted.

“What was that?” Ashton called as he came walking back into the room with a bowl of popcorn, fully prepared for a quiet night in while you were hard at work writing. Ashton sat down cross legged on the couch facing you. “Did I just hear you say you give up?”

“Yep,” You reached up and snagged some of his popcorn, stuffing it in your mouth. “You heard it here first. I’m officially done with this.” You kicked your notebook off the couch and threw your feet up on the empty spot, putting your head in Ashton’s lap.

Ashton chuckled and set aside his popcorn, “Oh no you don’t.” He picked your shoulders up and pulled you to sit in his lap. “I have never known my girlfriend to give up that easy, and it’s not about to start now. Your hear me?” Ashton took your face in his massive hands and made you look at him, stroking your cheek with his thumb. “Go pack a bag and bring your notebook.”

“What?” You got to your feet, very confused by what he was saying. “Ashton it’s 11 oclock at night. Where could you possibly want to go at this hour?”

He smiled and stood up next to you. “Trust me, beautiful.” Ashton pressed a quick kiss to your forehead and then ran to the kitchen. “Hurry up and go pack. I’ll come help you in a minute!” He yelled.

You didn’t know what Ashton was up to, but you were so tired of sitting here staring at these same four walls that you’d go for just about anything right now. You ran into your bedroom and started packing for the two of you.  

You weren’t sure if Ashton was planning to stop by his house or not, because technically speaking, Ashton didn’t live with you. However over the course of your dating history you’d stolen so many of his band t-shirts that you could easily fill a drawer or two of your dresser with them, and a good portion of his jeans and hats, even a spare toothbrush, had found their way to your apartment; so you just threw his stuff in on top of yours to be safe.

“Ready babe?” Ashton came into your bedroom just as you were closing your bag. He had a duffel bag slung over his shoulder and a bright smile on his face, and you could tell whatever he was planning he was proud of it.

You nodded and heaved the bag off the bed. “As I’ll ever be, where are we going?” You asked him, dragging the bag to the door and stopping next to him.

Ashton smiled and pecked your lips, “Can’t say. It’s a surprise.” He took the bag from you with the same arm that had the duffel and reached his free hand out for yours. “Trust me you’ll love it.”

You smiled up at him and shook your head. You took his hand and let him lead the way out to the car. You honestly had no real words to describe your boyfriend. He was the cutest and most spontaneous person to ever walk this earth. You mention one word about giving up a plot, and he packs up the car and is taking you god knows where to do god knows what.

“Here we are,” Ashton let go of your hand long enough to open the passenger door. You sat down and watched as he opened the backdoor and set both bags on the floor of the car, circling around to the driver’s side and hopping in beside you. “This might take a while, so if you feel like a nap there’s a blanket in the duffel, and the backseat is all yours.”

You laughed quietly to yourself and buckled up as Ashton backed out of your apartment complex and drove off down the road. “Hey Ashton?” Ashton glanced over you as you leaned the seat back and curled up for the long drive. “I don’t know where we’re going,” You were already starting to mumble; exhaustion from all the late nights was taking over, and your eyes were struggling to stay open, “but thank you.”

Ashton’s smile lit up the car, and he took one hand off the wheel and picked your hand up in his, raising it to his lips and pressing a quick kiss to the back of your hand. “Anything for you, beautiful.”

You started nodding off when Ashton set your hand down, and the last thing you remember before you fell asleep was feeling the car slow to a stop beside the road and hearing Ashton get out, pull the blanket out of the duffel in the backseat and tuck it in around you before he started driving again.

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Saw this on a college au list and thought of Hamburr - and you as you're the main (and favorite) Hamburr-related blog I know. What do you think? Hamilton to Burr? ‘we’re roommates and we’ve barely interacted so far but one night there’s a thunderstorm and i’m a serious astraphobic and come into your room shaking bc i dont know what else to do and you lull me to sleep by stroking my hair and softly ranting about niccolo machiavelli’ au

“as you’re the main (and favorite) Hamburr-related blog I know.” WOW IM CRYING THIS MAKES ME SMILE THANK YOU YOURE SUCH A KIND PERSON

Also, yes please!!!!!! Burr is usually out when Alexander has no where to be and vice versa so they don’t see much of each other, and therefore, don’t know much about each other. Not from lack of trying, on Hamilton’s part. The occasions they actually are home at the same time, Burr is much too exhausted to carry a conversation, or Hamilton is much too busy to start one.

So when a shaking, almost-in-tears Hamilton walks into Burr’s bedroom– without knocking! – Burr is pretty annoyed and about two seconds away from making him walk right back out again and knock, until he sees his face and immediately changes course.

Hamilton takes a few steps into the room but other than that, he stands firmly in place. And Burr has never been in this situation before! He has no idea what the hell he’s supposed to do! Before he does anything, he closes the curtains in his room. It’s pretty obvious by the way Hamilton seems to jump every time he hears thunder, that that’s the issue. How the shaking and almost crying gets worse when he makes the mistake of looking out the window. But closing the curtains don’t seem to do much. Only makes the thunder seem louder and closer and before Aaron can even think about what to do next, the power goes out.

There’s really nothing else for Burr to do but lead Alexander to his bed, and slide in right beside him. Close enough to be comforting, but enough space for it not to be weird. And even though Aaron can barely see a thing, he knows this hasn’t done much. Alexander is still shaking like a leaf and Burr is sort of freaking out himself because he has no idea what to do.

So he pulls Alexander down until his head is on Burr’s chest. Turns him away from the window and let’s Alexander bury his face in Burr’s shirt so he can’t see the lighting flash across the curtains. Wondering if there’s anything he can do or say to get Alexander to calm down.

Alexander is stiff as a board against him. It takes a few minutes of running his fingers through Alexander’s hair for him to relax a bit, but he’s still shaking. So Aaron begins to talk.

He keeps playing with his hair while he talks about whatever pops into his head. Books. TV shows. What he ate for lunch. Niccolo Machiavelli when he’s officially run out of topics. That seems to be the one that works, seeing as two minutes into his rant, he hears light snoring centimeters away from his ear. But he doesn’t stop talking. Keeps going until the thunderstorm passes completely (just in case Alexander wakes up) and he knocks out from exhaustion, throat dry and scratchy from talking entirely too much.

It’s awkward as hell in the morning and Alexander won’t stop apologizing but Aaron insists that its no problem. That if Alexander ever wants to talk about it, he is a great listener. And, if Alexander doesn’t mind, maybe they can go back to sleep and get up at a more reasonable hour. Alexander looks embarrassed and gets ready to climb out of Aaron’s bed and back into his own, but Aaron grabs his hand before he can even lift the blankets and says he can stay if he wants AND HONESTLY PLATONIC BED SHARING IS MY JAM THEY CUDDLE UNTIL LIKE 11 OCLOCK AND HAVE BREAKFAST AND THEN MAYBE HAVE A REAL CONVERSATION (:

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( You asked for these ) -If you could draw the lead singer of Green Day as a ferret I'd be v v v happy

I spelled fascists wrong but i don’t care its 11 oclock