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Updated: 09/04/2017

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You slapping his butt
He walks in on you naked.

The New Pack

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Part 2
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Stiles and Scott’s reaction when they see how good you are at lacrosse.

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Christmas Prompt #11 - Scott McCall

Pairing: Scott McCall x Werewolf!Reader
Word count: 855
Warnings: Slight sexual content, lil pantie-tingeling kissing and touching.
A/N: So I just wanted to give you a light foreplay before uploading the smut. NOTE that it will be a very vanilla-like smut. EHEHH

18. ”Baby, it’s cold outside:”
19. ”I love ugly Christmas sweaters.” ”Well, I don’t. Why’d you make me wear one too?”

”Baby, it’s cold outside.” Scott complained as he stood leaning against the front door of his house, probably gathering the last warmth from the recently closed door. You on the other hand were in full pace running around in the fluffy snow on his front yard.

”Why didn’t you wear the sweater I got you then?” you asked while making a snowball for you to throw at him. Scott rolled his eyes towards you, you already knew why, but still questioned his stubbornness. ”Because Y/N.” he took a step forward towards the stairs. ”It’s hideous.”

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From SpoilerTv

Best Scene - Stiles realizes his dad…

Best Team - Lydia and Malia

Best Character Interaction - Stiles and Lydia

Best Bromance - Scott and Stiles

Best Reaction (funny) - Malia realizes that Lydia…

Best Dichotomy - how Scott and Stiles view senior year

Best Entrance - Malia

Most Mature - Scott

Most Desperate - Stiles

Most Loyal - Lydia

Most Missed - Kira

Smartest Plan - not splitting up…until they do split up

Fandom Group Most Likely to Be Happy - shippers of Lydia and Stiles