11 funniest scenes


Fangirl Challenge

11 Funniest Moments:

↳ 8. Tommy Knows How To Cook (3rd Rock From The Sun)

Tommy: Hey guys, what’s going on?

Dick: Why don’t you tell us what’s going on?

Tommy: What do you mean?

[Dick holds up two plastic bags]

Tommy: Where’d you find those?

Dick: In your sock drawer.

Sally: How could you?

Harry: After all we’ve done for you.

Tommy: Okay, it’s not what you think.

Dick: It’s exactly what I think! It’s oregano and fresh rosemary!

Sally: I don’t believe it! 

Dick: You can cook!

Tommy: No! No! I can’t cook, I swear!

Dick: Then how do you explain this?

Tommy: It’s uh…it’s marijuana!

Dick: This whole time we’ve been eating her slop and you’re a damn gourmet!

Tommy: No! No! It’s pot I swear! I smoke it with my friends! I love to toke up on the fat daddies! Uh…dude!

Sally: I blame myself! How could I have missed all the signs! I mean, just last month I was doing the laundry and I found a measuring spoon in his pants.

Dick: He wasn’t lying to just you Sally. At the mall, he said he was going to the comic book store, but I saw him come out of the Williams-Sanoma!

[Harry picks up a vile.]

Harry: Oh Tommy!

[He tastes it.]

Harry: It’s confectioners sugar!

Dick: Confectioners sugar! So you’ve been baking too! Look what your selfishness has done to Sally! Get out of my sight!



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