11 days baby

orphan black countdown day 10/11: BABY CHARLOTTE!!!! 

sorry for not posting yesterday but i’ve been really busy but better late than never i guess lmao and also u guys are getting two clones tomorrow!

day 1: sarah

day 2: beth

day 3: katja

day 4: helena

day 5: cosima

day 6: tony

day 7: MK

day 8: krystal 


official_heartlandoncbc - VIDEO: Celebrating Father’s Day with a special video about the Heartland fathers using Ty’s journey from Season 10. Full version to be posted on the YouTube channel.

If the final group isn’t Ha Sungwoon, Noh Taehyun, Joo Jinwoo, Kim Jaehan, Choi Taewoong, Yoon Jisung, Kang Daniel, Kim Sanggyun, Kim Sangbin and Im Woohyuk why did they bother having Produce101 anyway?



Day 11: Favorit Johnny Depp friendship: My favorit (super secret) J.D friendship: Johnny Depp & Robert Downey Jr. 

  1. Johnny calls him Bob Downey
  2. Robert calls him Mr. Depp
  3. Know each other for a million years
  4. Dinner together
  5. “He is a great guy”
  6. “There’s nobody I admire more…”
  7. They think it’s a good idea to make a movie together

My babies love each other. 

skysawakearchive  asked:

I'm going to pretend Anna used gorilla glue to fix Hans' mug so he wouldn't be sad D8 or because he nagged and nagged, 'BUT IT'S THE LAST ONE PLEEEEEEEEEASE' hi this is random, i love your hans art. <3

These two.

(and thank you <3)

I actually kinda like the whole thing with Sam and her parents, specifically her mom.  It’s such a deciding factor in Sam’s personality and I wish we coulda seen more from Pam’s perspective.

Drew some LAME ASS 90’s CLOTHES HELL YEAH also my own unpopular headcanon that Pam is the one dyeing her once-black hair that went gray at an embarrassingly young age