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Is she actually a teen in that pic?

omg nuu.. in the tags i wrote it’s her YA version. by 17-18 i’d want her to be a normal aged sim because by then she’d already have hit puberty. as an actual ts3 teen her lips, nose and face shape aren’t as defined but it still looks very much like her because of her skin and things.

Everlark Advent: Day 11, Christmas, Baby

Christmas, Baby

rated T

“Peeta Mellark I can’t believe you’re ruining Christmas like this!” I narrowly avoid rolling my eyes; I told Mother two weeks ago that I’d drawn the short stick and had to cover the Christmas shift, it’s not like I’ve sprung it on her at the last minute. Besides, it’s five-thirty in the evening, the only thing I’m missing is dinner, and I wouldn’t have even had to miss that if she’d just moved the meal up an hour.

But Melinda Mellark doesn’t change her plans for anything.

Or anyone.

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Day 11: Favorit Johnny Depp friendship: My favorit (super secret) J.D friendship: Johnny Depp & Robert Downey Jr. 

  1. Johnny calls him Bob Downey
  2. Robert calls him Mr. Depp
  3. Know each other for a million years
  4. Dinner together
  5. “He is a great guy”
  6. “There’s nobody I admire more…”
  7. They think it’s a good idea to make a movie together

My babies love each other. 


“Surprise,” Westley whispers as he comes up behind Madeleine and envelops her in his arms.

“Westley?! You- You’re back! And so soon! W-W-What are you doing here?!”

“I missed you,” he smirks, nuzzling her forehead affectionately. “And there’s a hurricane blowing up south of Isla Paradiso right now, so I decided to head home early.” West pauses and glances around their hotel room, the smile slowly fading from his lips. “Why’s all your luggage out, babe?”

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30 Day Kaiju Challenge; Day 11;  Baby

Name: Mukker

Age: A few months

Length: 25 meters

Description: A larval stage creature, Mukker has a body plan vaguely like that of a Dragonfly larva. A roundish head with big eyes and a small mouth, the upper part of his body sticks out only near the head, with six, tiny looking stick legs. The rest is a massive, round body that’s still growing an exoskeleton and is in hues between raw flesh pink and a yellow green.


-          Underwater Breathing: Mukker can breathe underwater and above air, allowing for little to choke him.


-          Soft Skin: With no exoskeleton yet, Mukker is susceptible to damage that kaiju normally aren’t, and fears it with no end.

-          Water Restricted: With the uneven proportions, Mukker fits much more at home in the water than on land, and struggles to be there.

Backstory: When an gigantic egg washed up in the Lewis and Clark National Wildlife Refuge just downstream from Portland, it made the city’s headlines. When said egg hatched, the crowd near it had swelled from a few dozen to a few thousand. When Mukker, the elected name, had emerged, it wasn’t the cute and cuddly baby that the world had been expecting. Green and pink hide made it’s bug like face seem horrifiying at first, and a few did scream. But soon, it became clear that Mukker was in fact a brand new baby, and it’s cuteness grew on the people of Portland and the surrounding areas. As it swam in the bay between the Pacific and the Columbia River however, problems were soon to be shown. The water was full of traveling boats nearby where Mukker swam better, and the shallow waters were hurting the beast. A few phone calls and a day or so later, Oculupus arrived overhead, quickly calming the scared child and lifting him up. He was moved to the smaller containment island, where the lake he lived was far better for him.

Portland however, didn’t give up their “Iconic” monster. Stores carry t-shirts, mugs, plushies, and more of Mukker, and few residents don’t view the baby as anything other than good. With several cameras in the lake and one attached to Mukker constantly livestreaming, there’s rarely a storefront or place with a TV that doesn’t show the little bugger being happy and growing up to his next stage.

How They Interact with Other Kaiju: Mukker is a mixture of fear and curiousity at first with strangers. It chooses to let others make the first interaction, and can easily warm up to a monster if they seem like they wouldn’t harm him. If one attacks, he flees near instantly, vanishing beneath the waves.

To be honest, I wasn’t the biggest fan of doing a normal baby. I love Mothra’s larva because they exhibit weird and terrifying in their designs, but also an endearing cuteness. So, I went to a dragonfly larva, messed with some things, and bam Mukker is here. He is adorable, love him so.