11 days baby


“I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.”

- William Shakespeare -

As you all know, today is a special day. Nine years ago, the first episode of Inazuma Eleven came out, and was officially born. It charmed so many people. Not only on Tumblr, but over the world, and each one of us found the comfort, the courage, the joy they needed when they were down thanks to this anime. All these characters, their stories, their bonds, these beautiful & magic moments they offered us have melted our hearts and made for some us addicted to this sweet & cheerful anime. Even thought it wasn’t popular, it didn’t stop our love growing more and more each day, or even each year.

Do you imagine… Nine years of pure joy ? And the trip isn’t finish.

Personally, it’s impossible to put words on what IE means for me. I found, like everyone, these special characters who will always be here for me. I have memories which will never fade. I found amazing friends thanks to this little anime of sakka.

Thank you, Inazuma Eleven. Like I said, words aren’t enough to show you how much I love you and how important you’re for me. You made me cry, smile and laugh. So many feelings that will never disappear. So thank you. A million of thank you.

And to end this message and stop these tears rolling on my cheeks… Sakka Yarouze !! ⚽


Happy Birthday

Tatiana Maslany - September 22, 1985 - 32 years old

It’s cool to get to have a bit of say in the development of something, to get to tell the story that we’re excited about.

                                                                        - Tatiana Maslany

orphan black countdown day 10/11: BABY CHARLOTTE!!!! 

sorry for not posting yesterday but i’ve been really busy but better late than never i guess lmao and also u guys are getting two clones tomorrow!

day 1: sarah

day 2: beth

day 3: katja

day 4: helena

day 5: cosima

day 6: tony

day 7: MK

day 8: krystal 



Day 11: Favorit Johnny Depp friendship: My favorit (super secret) J.D friendship: Johnny Depp & Robert Downey Jr. 

  1. Johnny calls him Bob Downey
  2. Robert calls him Mr. Depp
  3. Know each other for a million years
  4. Dinner together
  5. “He is a great guy”
  6. “There’s nobody I admire more…”
  7. They think it’s a good idea to make a movie together

My babies love each other. 

I actually kinda like the whole thing with Sam and her parents, specifically her mom.  It’s such a deciding factor in Sam’s personality and I wish we coulda seen more from Pam’s perspective.

Drew some LAME ASS 90’s CLOTHES HELL YEAH also my own unpopular headcanon that Pam is the one dyeing her once-black hair that went gray at an embarrassingly young age

skysawakearchive  asked:

I'm going to pretend Anna used gorilla glue to fix Hans' mug so he wouldn't be sad D8 or because he nagged and nagged, 'BUT IT'S THE LAST ONE PLEEEEEEEEEASE' hi this is random, i love your hans art. <3

These two.

(and thank you <3)

So story time...

When me and Shadia started dating we couldn’t really figure out what the date was because well I’m a loser and I never really asked her out things just kinda fell into place. We didn’t need a label to know what the other person was feeling because the connection was instantaneous. The first day we started texting I couldn’t putt my phone down. I texted her all day till my battery was nearly out and for the first time in a long time I was actually worried that I’d left my charger at home. I’d almost never used my phone so I’ve never cared, but now this amazing girl was holding up a conversation with me even when I had no clue how to be interesting. Instead she made me talk about what made me passionate and from the moment on I knew we were going to be anything but ordinary together, but never had I dreamed we’d be all that we are now. I’ve lost tack of time multiple times while listening to her as she’s fast asleep. I tell her everything. Now i’ve got a little off track but the point of this story was that we had trouble figuring out when exactly it all started and if I had it my way I’d have said it was centuries in the making. We settled with the January 12 and I argued still it fit better with the 8th so to make it fair I started giving her small gift from the 8th to the 12th. The truth is everyday I get with her is a blessing and though life may get hard she’s my small piece of heaven on earth. I’m in love with this girl who’s golden heart I’d carry up an obstacle because I’d much rather be with her than ever try with someone new…I’m not great at telling stories and I’ve gone completely off track but happy start to our anniversary @channelkisses 


Week 2 of Inktober 2017! On top of not sticking to this year’s prompts, I’ve decided to approach the challenge by doing something that I can do in an hour or less. I knew coming in that Inktober will require a lot of time and time management on my part as I have other obligations in the day.

My weekends have become busier than my weekdays, so it’s either I do drawings in advance or do some catching up. So far so good. I’m almost halfway through!