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Taken in the aftermath of the horrific Black Saturday bush fires that hit Australia back in 2009, this adorable photo of a man (super-appropriately named David Tree) helping out a koala charmed the world. It remains an enduring image of hope, empathy, and, above all, wuvvable-ness. There’s no way anyone could hate a volunteer firefighter tending to a cute animal after presumably rescuing it from firenado-riding Aussie death spiders, right?

Yet, somehow, that’s exactly what happened.

The public reaction to the photo was beyond negative, bordering on ferocious. Tree was mocked and insulted by a broad range of people, who accused him of various shenanigans, including but not limited to setting the photo up, abandoning the koala immediately after the picture was taken, and even flat-out neglecting his firefighting duties to mess around with some stupid animal.

Sure, Tree got positive attention too. He was honored in a multitude of ways, and even received a bronze sculpture of the photo from his hometown. However, humanity being reliably, awfully human, the statue was promptly vandalized, as was Tree’s car. The stress of the constant negative attention turned Tree into an anxious wreck. He even quit his job when his boss started to give him crap about his “koala man” status.

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another Victor-already-had-the-ring™๏ธ theory:

ok its 2 am and I’m rewatching yoi for the 3rd time today and I’ve been thinking..

remember our heartwarming airport scene??

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as already discussed, Yuri and Victor have been together every day up until this point for close to 8 months, and it was absolutely devastating to be apart (especially under the circumstances). Their beautiful reunion only confirms how much they love and need each other and can’t stand to be apart. So seeing Victor (with the outfit he left Russia in ep 9) in the episode 11 preview looking so upset was not a big shock.

Buttt watching episode 9 again, had me wondering… maybe victor isn’t just down about being apart from Yuri, but is doing that hardcore thinking he mentioned in the airport scene.

While in Japan, without his precious katsudon for what could not have been more than 3 days, Victor realized he never wanted to be without Yuri again, for as long as he lived. That he wanted to stay by Yuri’s side forever, and so decided he was going to marry that man. He bought the ring while in Japan, and that’s why the ideas of marriage and being together forever are already on Vctor’s mind when reunited with his lovely Yuri.

(tl;dr) after some soul-searching while alone in Japan, Victor decides he can’t be without Yuri ever again and that’s when he buys Yuri’s ring. HE’S HAD THE DAMN THING FOR WEEKS NOW, WAITING FOR THE RIGHT MOMENT PROPOSE. BUT YURI BEAT HIM TO THE PUNCH LMAO

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You know why Joe Biden was really given the Presidential Medal of Freedom, right?

Sure, the media spun it as a touching parting gift from a departing President to his bro - but the reality is, Biden was instrumental in the very first steps which the US took towards neoliberal authoritarianism, way back before 9/11.

In the wake of the Oklahoma City Bombings, Biden drafted the 1995 Omnibus Counter-terrorism Act, which created the legal framework for terrorism offences. It allowed federal authorities to selectively enforce that framework according to the subjective beliefs of those accused, it provided for the setting up of secret courts, it relaxed the laws governing wire taps, and it authorised detention without trial. He claimed credit six years later when the PATRIOT Act - which he also voted for - was passed, saying during debates that it was “my bill”. In many ways, Biden’s baby the 1995 bill was more crucial than the formalisation and extension of that near-limitless remit and all that flowed from it - mass surveillance, rendition and torture, Guantanamo Bay - in the aftermath of the atrocity at the World Trade Centre. Ironically, the citation for the Presidential Medal of Freedom could not be more apt for Biden’s stalwart advancement of the US military-surveillance state’s interests: “An especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States”.

We flush our democracy down the drain if we allow political narratives to be dominated by the nice old man getting all choked up after being given a medal.