11 18mm

7/11/17 – Focal Length





  • Camera: Canon 1300D w/ 18-55mm lens
  • Equipment: Tripod

Today, we learnt about focal lengths in types of lenses. The focal length found in lenses is the distance (in millimetres) between how sharp the subject is from the lens to the image sensor. By using different types of lens this can affect how much of the subject the lens can take in, as it determines the angle of view. You can find the focal length of any lens on its barrel. Different lenses have different focal lengths, which can give different angles of view and can effect the perspective of the image. 

To do this exercise, it is important to keep the composition the exact same as you zoom out the lens and also taking steps back. By doing this, the subject is the exact same, but the background begins to come in closer or ‘compresses’; which then changes the perspective of the image.