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Riiiiiight, let's see, your Excellency! I'd say...Numbers 3, 10, 11, 17, 22, 27, 50, 59 :D Hehehehe, I am aware, this is a lot, but I might never get another chance to ask you this without having you stare at me like I've lost all of my cuckoos.

3. The person you would never want to meet?

I unfortunately already have. More than once.

10. What were you doing at midnight last night?

Sarah I was…engaged in…recreational activities.

11. Favorite age you’ve been so far?

I am more content now then I was at any other age. 

17. You can press a button that will make any one person explode. Who would you blow up?

There’s a certain professor from Königsberg that comes to mind…

22. Do you have a secret talent? If yes, what is it?

I do, and you will never know, unless you wish for a swift death.

27. An angel appears out of Heaven and offers you a lifetime supply of the alcoholic beverage of your choice. “Be brand-specific” it says. Man! What are you gonna say about that? Even if you don’t drink booze there’s something you can figure out… so what’s it gonna be?

An endless supply of Rothschilds would not go unappreciated, though I doubt that a divine messenger would ever come to me for any other reason than to condemn me for my sins.

50. What is the most unusual conversation you’ve ever had?

You mean besides having casual chitchat with a man who is planning to murder you in your sleep? In 400 years, there have been plenty of unusual conversations.

59. Do you sing in the shower? Or do anything unusual in the shower? Explain.

I don’t do anything in the shower that other men do not also do. That being said, I prefer baths.


Steven Universe The Swing: a parody of Fragonard’s painting of the same name 

After months of hiatus Steven Universe is finally back! 


(UPDATE: Me and Lothlenan spoke about the situation and she also agrees that it was nothing but a crazy coincidence and that there is no harm done. We agreed that many artists have done this parody before us and it will continue after. Please I urge you all if you see that there is something that you are not sure of PLEASE CONTACT THE ARTIST FIRST to avoid drama. thank you)

I didn’t think I needed to defend myself but I guess I have to. Number one I painted my version of the Swing of Steven Universe before the artist Lothlenan. I created mine in March of 2017 and she created hers in April of 2017. I had no clue that this artist existed until AFTER I finished my piece and posted it up on 10/11/17 when I already created prints to sell on Catprint.

After posting my version of The Swing I enter the hashtag to see if it would appear and the artist herself was one of the first post. I was nervous and even express how people might believe I copied her work when in reality I didn’t know she existed or created her own version. I even deleted my post many times but I felt that I put allot of hard work on my illustration that I will post it up again. And if I needed to defend myself I will and here we are now.

I have proof that I created my piece from scratch in April as well as written messages from other well known artists giving me the idea and feedback in putting two things I love together Steven Universe and Art History.  I’m sure Lothlenan knows that “The Swing” is an obvious painting to create a parody especially if you know the contact behind the piece and it symbolic references.

I admit, it a bit strange to see the SU character in the same age preference and the only reason is because that is the time Rose existed for both Greg and Pearl when they were young especially at a time when both were fighting for her love. hence why Pearl is pulling the swing as Greg hides behind the bush.

Listen, I created my piece on my own with no knowledge of the other artist and her version. If I did known that Lothlenan created her own version that wouldn’t have stop me either. the painting itself is the parody and a reference. I created the sketch, the undertone, the lineart. Everything you see in my version is what I made out of nothing but a blank document and if you still feel doubt I can post the progress  as well as photos with proof that I to came up with the idea as well.

This is a message to lithiummoonfox and others who try to create drama please speak to the artists first before you start accusing anyone of stealing. You create a terrible space for not just me but Lothlenan in which we both need to defend ourself when in reality we just want to create artwork we love so we can share it with you all. I understand that it can seem like a crazy coincidence but that what it really just is a crazy coincidence and I don’t need to not post my own art because someone already posted there own version before me!

I worked very hard on this piece and even went to Spain on April 2017 and shared it to others who was with me from day 1. Who believed in the idea of the parody who also critique my work when it was in it early process stage (as I said if you need proof I can create a post of the entire process and messages)

I am a painter, illustrator and freelance artist I worked with the most important artists and curators of our country I was acknowledged in museums and galleries I was published twice and I can keep going on but I to study Art History because I LOVE ART HISTORY! I WOULD NEVER STEAL FROM ANYONE!

I know the SU fandom can get toxic but believe me when I say this won’t stop me from creating my own artwork even if it resembles other artists parody I won’t stop creating I won’t stop my idea of creating SU characters and parodying them from paintings of other artists of different movements. it just what it is going to be.

thank you.

Cuando el escribir ya no te llama.

Cuando la música ya no te calma.

Cuando los libros ya no te transportan.

Cuando tus amigos ya no te importan.

Cuando el hablar ya no ayuda.

Cuando tus días los pasas en ayunas.

Cuando el dormir ya no es una necesidad.

Cuando parece que el mundo desapareciera.

Cuando el amor te parece un insulto.

Cuando la esperanza desaparece en minutos.

Cuando la ilusión ya no brilla en tus ojos.

Cuando llorar ya no calma tu enojo.

Hay una lista infinita de señales.

¿Pero cómo es que no me di cuenta antes?

Mi vida se volvía completamente gris, y ya nada me llenaba.

Siempre parecía estar en el final de la tormenta, pero nunca me di cuenta de que todo era el comienzo.

El comienzo de algo grande.

El comienzo de algo que no podía perder.

¿Pero tengo ganas de luchar?

El no darme cuenta de nada, me ha vencido desde el principio.

No hay incentivos para ganar.

Veremos qué pasa si pierdo.

- Lyn. 11/10/17