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So now that we’ve had another plot heavy episode, it looks like several more of those leyline visions from episode 1 have shown up.

And then if a vision of a vision counts:

Looks like the star from the Papilliodya chrysalises.

(not entirely sure if this one counts but oh well)

So now that just leaves four visions remaining.

Then that just leaves the matter of this person (who’s also in the opening credits):

My prediction is that they’re a distant ancestor of Andrew’s who can manifest as an apparition similarly to Professor Woodward and is working together with Andrew’s father to either destroy or abuse magic for some nefarious plot. Lord Hanbridge will probably try to rope Andrew into it at some pivotal moment, but he’ll refuse and end up helping Akko and company instead.

So the first woman to get a phd at georgia tech got it in like 1970 and it was in physics. She had to sue the school to be allowed to get it.

It is 47 years later. I am pretty sure we have only graduated ~ 10 women physics phd students since then. At least 4 of them have been since my time here…

Having a chill night at a friends - theres hard lemonade and root beer, no pressure, good food, stupid video games, a puppy, and im really happy

ok so like in year 6 it must’ve been? yea that’s when we learnt abt the victorians. n like standard in my area at least when u do the victorians in primary u go for ‘victorian day’ at whichever local museum does that. n part of that meant this like, victorian school experience type thing

the fake victorian teacher lady was terrifying n like they pulled students out for like victorian punishments n they didn’t ask 4 volunteers they just acc picked on ppl? n so, i was fidgeting bc im Always fidgeting (stimming..), n she got fake mad at me n i had to wear this fidget thing stop u fidgeting n humiliate u like in victorian schools or whatever n like. honestly that was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life??:( lmao im self conscious and can’t take a joke, always have been like that prob always will be. big sigh

For @mysterypearlweek Day 3: Creating. Pearl is introduced to the fine art of glassblowing, and she’s very concerned by the fact that the glass is on fire. And that humans blow into tubes with globs of molten glass at the end, and isn’t that dangerous?

3x5″ post-it note doodle.