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Dear Taylor, I love you so much and I just want to thank you for all the times you did notice me on Instagram and for tweeting 2 pics of me as well back in October. These acts of kindness mean so much to me and I will keep them in my heart forever, I even have all the screen shots taped on my wall by my bed to make me smile :) I miss you so much! Sadly I can’t seem to get you to notice me on Tumblr yet! :( I want you to know that I will be at your:

🔹June 13th Philly show alone in the B stage Pit dressed as a light up Unicorn!
🔹July 10th show F3 Row 5 seat 10 also alone dressed as a light up Starbucks lover!
🔹July 11th section 124 row 15 seats 14-18 with 3 other people also dressed as Starbucks lovers with big light up signs!

I really hope by some miracle you find my Tumblr before my tour dates! I really hope we can finally meet after all these years! Sadly I was not lucky enough to meet you on the Speak Now or Red tour, so I am hoping this era I will finally have some luck!! I hope you love my light up costumes, I worked hard on them for ya! I love you taylorswift thanks for making the best music on the planet, and also for being the best person on the planet!!! You have a big heart for all your fans and I am hoping to finally be able to give you a hug and share my stories with you! I love you Taylor, see you at the shows?

Love love love Sam!

“Say you’ll remember me…” ✨💕