yall: [sees a grown ass white man]

yall: #that’s my smol son!!1111 #my baby!11!! #my sunshine !111!! #baby ! #my sweet good human being who deserves respect and love!

yall: [sees a black man]

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I Gotta Do This Legendary Post Again Folks
  • Matt's October Live Chat: Pumpkins man! Oh jeez I love them. I forgot my pumpkin, how dare I do that? Pumpkins are fantastic ya know? God I love pumpkins!
  • Matt's February Live Chat: Candy man! Candy is so flipping great. How dare you not like candy! It's so bad but it's so good. God I love candy!
  • Matt's March Live Chat: Love man! Love is great! Let's all have love. Be loving, be kind! Love is a wonderful thing folks. God I love love!

me before watching ep 13-14

me after

  • Snoke, a character who has been watching Kylo since before he was born and knows how Kylo's mind works inside out: You have compassion for her.
  • Kylo, knowing he can't hide his emotions because he is a literal open book to the creature that targeted him from the second he was born, but attempting to and failing miserably: No-never. Compassion? For an enemy of the Order ?
  • Tumblr: Snoke didn't know what he was saying !!!11! He was just accusing Kylo of nothing !!!!11!!!111 Kylo only hates and loathes Rey !!!11!! REYLO'S ARE REACHING !!!!!111!!!!!
‘Spring Day’ Draco Malfoy x Reader

Rating: Fluff
warning: one swear word (i cant help it okay?)
requested?: nope.

a/n: so first of all i just want to say, yes the title was inspired by a BTS song because i fucking STANNNN, Thank you so so so much for 200 followers it means a lot and encourages me to keep writing however i’m on hiatus at the moment the only reason im posting is because it’s MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! 200 FOLLOWERS BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER !111!!11!!!. As of 13:34 GMT I will officially be 15!.

The fresh spring grass brushed against the palm of hand. His fingers reached over and intertwined with mine, I let out a small happy sigh. I couldn’t be happier in this moment with Draco Malfoy. He diverted me over to a large tree in the middle of the field and sat me down, I leant over to rest my head on his lap, the sun shone brightly upon us creating strange shadows on the grass and surrounding earth. “I remember doing this when we were younger” his deep voice carefully slipped its way into my daydream. I laughed peacefully, remember my childhood with Draco every year with him was as if my innocence fell away piece by piece. However this is our final year at Hogwarts together and trying to make the most of being together while we still have each other is the best decision I’ve ever made.
The blonde haired boy in front of me gripped at my wrist and dragged me through a long meadow besides our school, a small slither of his jelled back hair slipped forward to his eyes as he took both my hands and spun me around to face me. The snow crunched beneath our feet as we locked our fingers, Draco turned to me once more with flushed cheeks he lightly smiled pressing a barely noticeable dimple into his cheek. leaning over, I pressed my lips to his dimple and quickly pulled away my cheeks a deeper red than his now…
“Thinking about times like that makes me wish that we had actually run away like we said we would, we never would have been in this mess. And I know its my fault I dragged you into this” Draco ran his thumb over the death eater mark on my forearm.
“Draco you know this isn’t you fault, I got myself into this, you only did it to protect me, and you were forced to do this please don’t blame yourself” I turned around to face him again and press a kiss to his lips. I looked back up at him to find him smiling back down at me. looking off into the distance, the turret’s of the Hogwarts tower glimmered in the lowering sun, and I realised that all these years I’ve been so lucky to have Draco constantly by my side, helping me through thick and thin even if we weren’t exactly on good terms, I don’t think I could be happier with anyone one else besides Draco.
“y/n you know how much I love you right?”
“you remind me constantly Draco” I smiled at him and rolled my eyes
“well then… I guess when I’m not around to tell you that, maybe this will remind you” he smiled back, grinned actually, and presented a small box to me, he carefully dug his nails into the opening of the box and revealed a small gold band with multiple emeralds glimmering on top of it. “ this is a promise ring, and I promise that as soon as we get out of here we will get married, If you accept me of course” he chuckled nervously
“How could I deny you. I love you so fucking much Draco Malfoy” the whole Slytherin dinning table burst out into applause.
I fiddled with the ring on my finger and smiled delicately as I felt Draco’s warm lips press softly against my neck,
“you know…” he mumbled quietly “I Always Keep My Promises”


No. No. You’re really wrong.

First off, I can’t believe some people are misinterpreting the training sequence as events that took place within a few days. It’s like they never watched Samurai Jack ever before. It’s anachronistic from Season 1-4 and is still showing a few hints of it in Season 5. The Daughters of Aku are grown women. The scenes were supposed to be glimpses of their bad childhood.

Pedophilia is sexual attraction to children. Neither Jack nor Ashi is a child; they only have a significant age difference and there is nothing inherently wrong with that if both people are of age. You want to fight pedophilia? You can start by not nitpicking a show that doesn’t show any of it. Stop throwing the word around so quickly and turning it into a buzzword to describe a ship you don’t like.

It especially ticks me off when they refer to Ashi as a child and compare her to truly young characters like Clem and Ellie in their first appearances. Ashi is an adult. She’s a capable, resourceful assassin despite being raised in a cave by crazed cultists. She might be clueless about nature and socialization at first because of her upbringing, but she’s a smart, grown woman who quickly adapted to her new environment.

We finally got a strong, capable and recurring female character in the show, can we please have that without people reducing her to a child? By referring to her as a child, you are infantilizing her. Stop infantilizing capable grown women, fictional or real. It reeks of sexism and condescension because of the implication that women should be treated like helpless, incapable children despite their abilities.


Every Miraculous Ladybug Episode ever
  • *opening theme*
  • Marinette: I love Adrien!!111!!!
  • Tikki: *cute voice* Then tell him!
  • Marinette: lolno
  • Marinette: *at school* I love Adrien!!111!!!
  • Alya: Then tell him!
  • Marinette: lolno
  • Chloe: You suck, Marinette.
  • Alya: Fuck you, Chloe
  • Marinette: What she said!
  • Adrien: *walks in* Hey!
  • Chloe: Adrien! I love you!
  • Marinette: Bitch_Me_Too_The_Fuck.png
  • Adrien: I don't like you, Chloe.
  • Chloe: Yes, you do
  • Adrien: No I don't
  • Chloe: Whatever!
  • Chloe: *does something fucked up to some rando* Fuck you.
  • Rando: Fuck you, Chloe *runs away and cries*
  • Hawk Moth: Hello_Naughty_Children_It's_Akuma_Time.png
  • Rando: *becomes villain*
  • Villain: *fucks shit up*
  • Marinette & Adrien: Oh no
  • *recycled animations*
  • Ladybug & Chat Noir: *arrive at the scene*
  • Chat Noir: Go out with me!
  • Ladybug: No, we have to stop villain.
  • Chat Noir: :(
  • Ladybug & Chat Noir: *fight villain*
  • Hawk Moth: Take their miraculous!11!!111!!!
  • Ladybug: Lucky charm! *random object* *Ladybug is confused*
  • Chat Noir: Dafuq
  • Ladybug: *fucks shit up with said object*
  • Ladybug: *defeats villain*
  • Ladybug: Don't be evil anymore, akuma
  • *recycled animation*
  • Hawk Moth: Fuck you, Ladybug
  • Chat Noir: Go out with me Ladybug!
  • Ladybug: Lolno
  • <p> <b>An ace person:</b> wow I really relate to this one character and see them as asexual<p/>
  • <p> <b>Exclusionists/aphobes:</b> OMG??!1??1!1?!?! THATS SO CRINGY I'M CRINGING SO HARD AKXICHNAKA<p/>
  • <p> <b>An ace person:</b> I like doing this harmless thing more than having sex!<p/>
  • <p> <b>An ace person:</b> *exists*<p/>
  • <p> <b>Exclusionists/aphobes:</b> GODDDD AJSICINANWN IM CRINGING!!111!!!!!11!<p/></p>
  • jimin after 4 years: became healthier after dieting and exercising relentlessly just to have abs. praised by his members for his consistent hard work and always supporting them during difficult times. remains extremely humble even after all the compliments he receives. refined his singing and dancing abilities. proved he belongs on stage and is meant to be a performer after feeling sad that big hit was the only company who cast him. gained enough confidence to sing in a language he isn't comfortable in. always thinking of others before himself. finally realized that he is loved because of his bright and selfless personality and not just because of his physique.
  • ARMY after 4 years: hahaa jimin you still got no jams!!1!11!!!!1!11!1!111

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That hit on sheary was so dirty. He has a concussion thanks the the caps. Fuck you

Oh yes the one who hit sheary,,, Hornqvist my favorite Washington Capital!!! He should definitely be suspended!!!!11!!1!111

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What do you mean by that ACV post? I read that somewhere as well (like ACV being the only alkaline vinegar or smth like that), and I use ACV to mix in with my aztec mask. Is that safe? Too acidic/alkaline?

I was being shady! 😁  I saw a “BIG HOE 💦  TIPS!111!!!!!11!!🍆” type post ranting about how alkaline apple cider vinegar was, so I felt the need to comment!

Originally posted by jazziness101

Apple cider vinegar is acidic/has a low pH. Our skin is slightly acidic, at about a pH of 4-5.

I was saying that, if a person doesn’t even know that much (and they think that it’s alkaline/very basic of all things), they shouldn’t be giving advice on skin care

When ACV is broken down in the human digestive tract, it becomes more alkaline. However, this break down does not occur on the human skin. Therefore, if you apply ACV to the skin, it is still very acidic.

It is not only safe to mix ACV into your aztec clay mask, I recommend it. The mask, when mixed with water, has a pH of about 8. Look back at the scale. That’s no good for your skin, making it almost baking soda levels of alkaline *shudder*. When mixed with ACV, the pH is about 5. That’s much better! Always use ACV with your aztec clay mask!

There’s your mini science lesson of the day! I hope this helped to assuage any fears you had!

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I just rewatched that scene where mon hell escapes Daxam (I honestly don't know why I did but anyways), and the kryptonian whose pod he stole had the house of el crest on his arm. And like, why has no one mentioned this before??

oh yeah mountain dew def straight up watched his guard kill someone kara would probably know, stole his pod, and left all of the people his family ruled behind

boyfriend goals!!!11!!111

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May I request what kind of girl would the captain + Iwaizumi like? Thanks!

i’d like to think that the boys care more about personality than looks, but i’ll add a few bonus points here and there.



He can date pretty much any girl, she can be shy or confident; but she must know her limits. He looks more for someone who gives off a loyal vibe, they must be passionate about the things they do and must put effort into it. He doesn’t mind it if you’re childish, but like I said before, you must know your limits; he doesn’t want to baby another person outside of volleyball. He finds girls who are interested in exploring new things very cute for some reason. Thicc thighs are just- MMMMHHHHMMM.


He needs someone who can show him affection/accept a lot of affection and is childish. I think we all know that he’s secretly insecure and this means he needs a girl who can show her love for him, with words or physically as long as he knows he’s loved. He absolutely loves girls who can play along with his flirty jokes and make them up herself. She’ll also need to understand the importance of volleyball, it doesn’t matter if she plays or not but she needs to know that he’s committed a lot to this sport. He also likes trusting girls/ girls he can trust; he’s popular what did you expect? He. loves. bangs!!11!!!11!!!!111!111


He needs a girl who he can nerd out around, he could start rambling about chemistry and she’d elaborate with him; he needs someone smart. He’d also prefer a girl with a sense of humour, similar to oikawa he’d like for a girl to play along with his jokes. I can see him as someone who appreciates creativity and is willing to try new things. He also needs someone who can take care of him, he’s always taking care of a team and would like to be taken care of himself. Boy absolutely loves a girl with a little more muscle, or busty girls, or both.


He needs someone who can deal with his mood swings and understand him, he’s a bit like Daichi and really likes it when a girl is very passionate about the things she does. He likes girls that are straightforward and can show their feelings clearly, this also means he likes it when he gets complimented openly. Bonus points if you’re taller than average, he loves tall girls; if you’re short that’s ok though he’ll still think you’re cute. He really likes smart girls that can still be goofy because smart people are just more fun but if she’s goofy? instant 10 outta 10


He likes girls who have endless knowledge of obscure things, he has a lot of it himself and likes to learn more stuff other than the subjects he’s given at school because he thinks school is too plain. He needs someone who can tolerate his craziness and maybe play along with it as well as stopping him from going over the line. He also needs them to know he’s loyal, tbh i think he’s pretty popular with girls and he needs a girl that trusts him. Moles, freckles and beauty marks are just so hot to him???


I reckon he really likes innocent girls, not necessarily quiet or stupid, but just girls who don’t seem to know what they’re doing or who appear pure; he thinks they’re so cute. I think he also likes girls that he can get a reaction out of, he loves the cute expressions they give when he teases them and they get mad. Omg he loves cute girls that can be sexy too, thats the hottest thing to him. Bonus points for curly/wavy hair, he thinks it’s the prettiest.

Moniwa (just a quick one the OG captain of date tech):

He loves girls who are confident and smart, it’s even better if they’re a well mannered person who follows rules. There’s just a certain vibe that assertive girls give off that he loves so much, they just seem so powerful and like they’re going to succeed in life. He likes curvy girls mhm.


Someone who is talkative and passionate about what they do but still knows their limits, he hates baseless confidence and really appreciates it when someone is humble about something most people would usually brag about. He needs them to be talkative because he doesn’t talk so much himself and tbh he thinks girls who talk a lot are cute because they just wanna tell him about stuff and he appreciates that somebody wants to talk to him. He thinks short girls are so cute, but then again, most girls are short to him. 


I once read somewhere that he high-key has a thing for chubby girls and I support that 100% They just look so squishy and everything jiggles and god he just loves them. I think he likes girls that are more mature but can also be very easy going, mature girls are so attractive to him because they give off a strong vibe and they also tend to take care of the people around them. He like girls who are laid back because he’s such an uptight person himself and he actually really likes being told to just slow down. Overall he just wants to be taken care of and have someone he can be smart with.