10x21: finale


my fave tweets about season 7 finale also known as the one with Littlefinger x death becoming canon, Viserys=Rhaegar confirmed and a bunch of Aegons

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I noticed Something that no one has talked about yet decided I might as well tell my thoughts:

Everyone is currently thinking that natsu cock-blocked Lucy and didn’t end up telling her what he was going to say (many saying he was going to confess)

I would like to add a possibility that seems possible,
Remember how several times before key moments in the manga were blanked out to hide the message behind it? I think this might be one of them, I know it sounds stupid but bare with me here,

I’ve seen A lot of people saying that there should’ve been another panel in between because it didn’t make sense to them, but that just isn’t the case here, instead let me walk you through what I think.

~~~The Theory~~~

The circled picture in the first panel is the key element here. THIS is where natsu tells Lucy what he wanted to say, think about it. It would makes sense, Lucy gets shocked to what he says and is confused, and natsu gets flustered and tries to avoid talking about it.

So was it here, that Nalu became Canon? I don’t know, I personally would say so but others might disagree. The one thing I’m almost 100% sure of is that in that panel Natsu told Lucy whatever it was he wanted to say, and by the looks of it, Natsu had been wanting to say something about a topic for quite awhile now. I mean it was mentioned right as the final arc was beginning, and when Natsu “Disappeared” so there’s no way Hiro Mashima would leave it out.

Those are my thoughts, thanks for reading!

Best moments of 6x20

- Coach

- Stiles and Derek “saving” each other

- Liam and Theo fighting together

- Coach

- Morey’s “I love you”

- Gerard dying

- Coach


- Melissa and Nolan taking back the hospital

- Coach

- Lydia and Jackson reunite

- Lydia and Stiles’ reactions to Jethan

- Coach

Can’t wait for the reboot in 2019 (if we actually get it)