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bts // you calling them daddy for the first time


 he would be kissing your neck, your jaw, your collarbones, your shoulder, everywhere. his hands would be playing with the hem of your shirt, preparing to take it off. every place he kissed had you whimpering underneath him, you just wanted him to be inside of you.

“please hurry daddy, i need you so bad.” you whinned, bucking your hips up into his boner. the nickname you had just given him made his eyes wide. he pulled back from kissing your neck only to smash his lips onto yours.

“i think i really like that nickname jagi.” he growls lowly, finally taking off the rest of your clothes and making you moan the new name all night.

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 as soon as you guys started dating, he made sure you knew that he liked being called daddy. you weren’t sure how you felt about calling him that in bed, so the first few times you did fuck you didn’t call him by it. 

  one night he was pounding into you mercilessly. sweat was dripping off the both of you. both of your hair sticking to your foreheads. moans were coming out of your mouth every few moments. he was making you feel so fucking good.

“mmh daddy.” you moaned out loudly, almost screaming. 

  his ears perked up, a smirk growing on his face. he stopped inside of you  momentarily, happy that you finally called him that.

“i’ve been waiting for you to call me that baby for a while now.” he quickly said before pounding out into 10x faster than he was before. from then on, you always called him the nickname. 

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 it first started as a joke you had made a few times around him. you noticed that as soon as you said it, he would tense up, but still laugh. 

  one day, while you were making dinner, hoseok came home from practice a bit early. he came up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist, nuzzling his head into your shoulder. 

“oh hey daddy.” you joked, continuing to stir the meal that was in the pot. you expected hoseok to laugh, but this time he didn’t. he pushed his hips into your ass, making you feel his hard cock. “hose-” you were cut off by him turning you around and pushing you into the wall, making you drop the spoon you were stirring with.  

“i really like that name jagiya, you should call me it all night tonight.” hoseok said into your ear before kissing all the way down your neck, making sure to get all of your sensitive spots. 

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 before you even started dating, you were a fan of bts. being a fan made you know that namjoon was 100% into being called daddy and you were too. so, the first time you guys had sex he didn’t even have to say anything, you just moaned out to him.

“ahh daddy.” “daddy please go faster.” daddy don’t stop, you feel so good.” 

“you dirty, naughty girl.” he would chuckle, making all the hairs stand on your body before drilling into you at a even faster pace he was going before. 

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 when you and jimin had sex, it was the best thing ever, literally. he would always be the submissive, which you enjoyed, but you wanted to switch things up at times.

“daddy, are you going to fill me up really good tonight?” you would purr into his ear. his cock would twitch in his pants, loving the sound of the name. something in him completely switching. 

“oh baby girl, you know i will.” he smirked and pulled you into his body, grinding his hips into yours. “i will have you shaking underneath me.” 

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 it would happen the night when he got jealous. you were at the dorm with him and boys, watching a movie. all of the boys would be trying to talk to you, basically flirting, knowng that it gets taehyung mad. taehyung was fine with them, knowing what they were doing, but finally lost it when hoseok put his hand on your upper thigh. taehyung immediately grabbed you, dragging you to his room. 

“tae what are you do-” you would be cut off by him kissing you roughly, pushing you onto his bed.

“call me daddy tonight, alright kitten?” he asked as he briskly pulled your shirt and shorts off. 

“okay daddy, anything for you.” you responded, loving how dominate he was being.

“i want you to be really loud, make the boys know who owns you.”

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you had always been into calling your partner daddy. something about it just made your knees weak and your panties soaked. when you started dating jungkook you had read a few things saying how he wasn’t really into being called daddy and what not. knowing this made you kind of upset, but you still liked him a lot. you stayed clear of not mentioning it to him or anything, not wanting to scare him away. but when it accidently slipped when you were having sex, you didn’t know what would happen.

“mmh daddy.” realizing what you said, you shot your eyes wide open, meeting the same exact expression on jungkooks.

“what did you just call me baby girl?” he asked, his expression fading into a slight smirk and a cocked eyebrow.

“uh. daddy.”

“mmh daddy likes the sound of that.” he groaned and then began to grind into you as hard as he could, making you the happiest you could ever be with your sex life. 

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Bts' reaction to you catching them masturbating?

Namjoon: Hearing footsteps, he’d immediately look up to catch your gaze. He’d play it off cool, raising his eyebrow and flashing you a cheeky smirk, a lustful glint in his eyes.

“Are you gonna stand there and watch me, baby?”

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Taehyung: I doubt he’d even hear you walk in at this point. His eyes would be fixed on the screen before him, his mind elsewhere and the volume turned up disturbingly loud for someone watching porn.

I don’t think he’d say anything, just grunt and curse as he touched himself.

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Seokjin: As soon as he’d see you, he’d yell and flail his arms, frantically tugging the bed sheets over himself to cover his modesty.

“Get out! I’m vulnerable!!”

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Jungkook: Hearing the door opening, his heart beat would speed up 10x faster, panicking he’d throw the covers over himself in less than a second, flushing bright red and left in a stuttering mess.

“F-fuck!” “I wasn’t doing anything I swear”

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Hoseok: If there was ever a time in life where one wished to majestically swan dive off a balcony.
This was that moment.
He’d be so shocked to see you, hiding himself with whatever he could find. His eyes would go wide and he’d yell almost incoherently for you to leave, feeling immense embarrassment.

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Yoongi: I feel like this sleepy bean would probably be too half asleep to even notice you came in his room. He’d be focused on the movements of his hand and the images playing out in his head rather than paying attention to what was actually happening around him.

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Jimin: If it was possible to blush the deepest, darkest shades of red all at once, Jimin would be doing just that.
He’d stutter a lot, too in a panicked state to think of actual words to say. He’d reach out, desperately grabbing and pulling a pillow over himself as he’d manage to choke out a few words.

“Leave!” “Now!”

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Pahoehoe lobes inflate and occasionally a small new lobe breaks out, timelapse view, on the edge of the active lava fields, Hawaii. This clip is probably 5-10x faster than real time. This lava is over 1100 degrees C. It cools rapidly at the surface when exposed to air, then that crust is broken through and refolded by the lava flowing underneath to create the folded, ropy pahoehoe texture you see on top.

yoongi probably

5/7 of bangtan: *struggling to get yoongi’s attention*

jimin: y'all suck, watch and learn you dumbasses

jimin: *breathes*

jimin: yoongi oppa

yoongi: *heavy breathing, hyperventilating, heart palpitating 10x faster*

yoongi: *shaking* yes jimin

an assignment & an outfit

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member: park jihoon
genre: fluffy
summary: college au! fashionista au! you and jihoon end up getting paired up for an assignment and you end up getting super close, what happens when you ask him to choose and outfit for a blind date?
requested: yes, i’ve combined two requests together!

  • you were a fashion major at a college, it was your dream to be able to design your own clothing line
  • it was your final assignment of the semester and you were supposed to run your own pop up shop for two days
  • it took a lot of preparation to get to that stage but unfortunately for you in the few days before the opening of the pop up shop
  • the location which the teacher booked for you ended up damaged because of a small fire
  • and you weren’t able to get another location for your pop up store in such short notice 
  • but your teacher told you to not to worry and that you wouldn’t fail the assignment but you needed to join with another classmate at their pop up store and work together
  • she said the only person with the similar style of clothes as yours was park jihoon 
  • so she put you two together
  • you couldn’t help but feel a bit pressured to be paired up with park jihoon
  • he was the star pupil of the class, he never really talked to anyone, nobody knew whether it was because he was shy or standoffish
  • but he had a few friends outside of the course
  • he was also known for his incredible good looks all around campus 
  • anytime he walked into a room girls would start whispering and giving him love struck eyes
  • you couldn’t blame them he really was handsome
  • she said she’ll inform him and you can make arrangements about it in tomorrow’s class
  • you walk into class slightly bummed out as your friend kept talking about how excited she was for her pop up store, you gave her half hearted smiles and short responses
  • you remember you need to talk to jihoon-ssi so you head your way to his table you progressively got more and more nervous as you approach him
  • you say shyly with a small smile “hi, i’m y/n, i’m really sorry for the inconvenience of this whole situation, i hope we can work well together though!”
  • he gives you a small polite smile in return and says “it’s no problem, our location is a really nice boutique which is similar to the type of clothing we designed”
  • you sigh in relief, happy that jihoon doesn’t hate you for having to share a location and that he’s actually very polite, a bit cold though
  • you ask him “would you like to meet at the campus cafe later at around 8? to review our designs, the layout of the boutique, the presentation of the clothes and all the minor details?” 
  • you blushed slightly asking him to get coffee with you even if it was only for the course
  • he replied smiling “yes of course, oh and here’s my phone number so if anything pops up i’ll text you”
  • you exchange phone numbers and bid each other goodbye
  • you go back to your dorm and look over all your designs which are all formal attire, most of them being extremely detailed and expensive looking dresses
  • before you know it, you were at the coffee shop and you hate to admit it but you made sure to put a little more effort into looking good but you couldn’t explain why
  • you see jihoon already waiting at a table for you
  • he gives you a warm smile and a wave, you exchange quick greetings
  • you ask what he wants and he says a cappuccino 
  • you were about to go to the counter but grabs your hand and gently sits you back down
  • you blush at the sudden skin contact, he says to you with a sweet smile
  • “no, y/n, I should pay, what would you like?” 
  • “oh no! i should pay, you’ve been so kind about the whole pop up situation” you reply a bit frantically
  • he smiles at you once more and asks you what you want, you huff and you realise he won’t let you pay and you say a vanilla latte
  • he comes back with your drinks, you take a sip and you can’t help but give a relaxed smile, jihoon couldn’t help but admire how pretty you looked when you smiled
  • anyways surprisingly to both of you spent hours talking at the coffee shop not just about the assignment but also about all your personal lives
  • you couldn’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy whenever jihoon smiled at you or you accidentally made skin contact
  • and jihoon couldn’t stop helping himself wanting to make you smile or laugh no matter how corny his jokes were 
  • he admired your sweetness and enthusiasm for clothes 
  • you both dismissed these thoughts as just initial friendship idiots
  • anyways both of you decided to meet up the next few days at the pop up store location to organise all the different clothes and make sure everything was in place
  • jihoon already did heaps of advertising for the pop up store and already had a quite a big following on instagram 
  • you both realised it was closing time 
  • “thank you so much again, jihoon for doing all of this” you say gratefully
  • “of course it’s no problem, oh wow it’s already 12, let me walk you to your dorm since it’s so late” he says sweetly
  • “no it’s okay i can walk to my dorm myself” you protest
  • he just raises his eyebrow and you give in and allow him to walk you home
  • he beams at you as you agree and you smile back
  • you talk as you walk and whenever you accidentally brush hands you couldn’t help but blush 
  • jihoon on the other hand, a part of him was screaming to hold your hand he dismissed the thought even though he has a really strong urge to do it
  • you ended up being super cold and shivering and like the gentleman he is jihoon gave you his hoodie
  • you accept it gratefully as you put it on you can’t help but feel so nice and comfy in his hoodie
  • you end up at your dorm quicker than both of you wanted 
  • “goodnight, y/n, sleep well” he says softly looking at you straight in the eyes
  • “goodnight, jihoon, sweet dreams” you reply back 
  • that night you ended up sleeping in jihoon’s hoodie feeling warm and loved 
  • and he ended up of thinking about you, the girl who saved herself in his heart BAHAHA I HATE MYSELF BUT I HAD DO THAT FORGIVE ME
  • the next few days you and jihoon had a blast 
  • setting up the store was so much fun with him
  • you’d always joke around and both of you became super close
  • you’d scream at each other and it’d end up you chasing jihoon around the store then he would end up chasing you and it’d just be a huge mess 
  • which ended in both of you just laughing on the floor clutching your stomachs
  • jinyoung, daehwi, woojin and guanlin would always visit the pop up store
  • Daehwi and Jinyoung because of free clothes and woojin and guanlin to tease the both of you 
  • guanlin would always say to you “y/n! look at jihoon hyung isn’t he handsome?” while smirking like the little sneaky brat he is
  • you couldn’t help but blush but you just told him to fuck off
  • he’d then do aegyo being like “you loveeee mee”
  • woojin would always be like “you and jihoon look so cute together” but you couldn’t get mad at him because he actually meant it and like not really teasing
  • daehwi and jinyoung always just complimented on your clothes and how you were so much better than jihoon
  • you’d always smile at them sweetly while smirking at jihoon who just pouted and muttered little shits under his breath
  • anyways pop up weekend
  • the store was a huge success
  • you and jihoon selling every single item of clothing by the middle of the second day
  • which means you were basically guaranteed to get an A+
  • you even got a few offers to work at some fashion brands
  • when the both of you got them
  • jihoon didn’t even process what he was doing but before he knew it
  • he whisked you up and spun you around happily I’m sorry for always adding this into my writing it’s just rly cute 
  • but he set you right back down and blushed so red like a tomato 
  • you were also blushing profusely and you couldn’t deny you heart was beating 10x faster than it usually did
  • anyways your friend texted you saying that she’s making you go on a blind date with this super cute guy so you could get over jihoon
  • since you basically complained all last night how much you liked jihoon and he could never like you back
  • you agreed since you really did want to get over jihoon 
  • also a part of you wanted to see his reaction and if he’d be jealous if you told him you were going on a date
  • as you two were packing the store up you told him
  • “jihoon-ah, i’m going on a blind date tonight, could you choose me an outfit?” you say as casually as possible
  • you see jihoon frowning slightly, and a small bit of you feels like there might be a bit of hope
  • then he grins back at you brightly and that hope instantly dies as he says
  • “yes of course i’d love to!”
  • your heart sinks as he says that but you give him a weak smile
  • unbeknownst to you jihoon is trying to hide his anger, disappointment, and sadness
  • he finally realised he liked you when anything good happens he wants to tell you first and when anything bad happens he also wants to tell you first
  • in a matter of days you stole his heart and now it feels like you’re breaking it since you don’t like him back
  • he’s gonna try and be a supportive friend for you and wait for the feelings to go away
  • but he completely fails
  • since he got super jelly
  • he chooses the most hideous outfit for you and puts it in a bag and tells you it’ll great on you and not to open it until like 30 minutes before the date
  • you agree and thank him sweetly 
  • even though you’re super bitter and pissed off that he’s completely chill and even supportive on going on a date
  • anyways 30 minutes before the date you open the bag
  • and you basically lose your shit
  • your roommate chungha comes sailing into your room
  • being like tf why you so mad
  • and then she sees the outfit and she bursts out laughing 
  • “y/n, either he likes you alot and just can’t tell you or he’s being a prick, it’s up to you decide which one.” she says still giggling leaving you in a conflicted state of mind
  • you look at the hideous outfit
  • the top was a maroon blouse with about 15 ruffles on each sleeve and a huge bow on the neck
  • and then the skirt to accompany it was deep purple skirt and platform bright shiny silver wedges to match
  • you replay chungha’s words in your head and your curiosity can’t help but get the best of you, wanting to truly know if he likes you or not
  • you cancel the date, basically sprint to jihoon’s huge dorm where he shares it with 10 other guys who you’re all pretty close with 
  • spending hours and hours on your designs and on the pop up store with jihoon you end up being close with them
  • you bang furiously on the door
  • and seongwoo opens it
  • you ask him in a low but threatening voice “where the hell is jihoon?”
  • he looks at you super confused but also amused since he’s never seen you angry but also can’t wait to witness what jihoon did wrong
  • and he says that jihoon is in his room
  • you storm into their dorm and everyone says hi and you just wave back and sungwoon comes into the living room shirtless just as you enter 
  • “SUNGWOON OPPA WEAR A BLOODY SHIRT!” you shout teasingly
  • “WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE AND DON’T STARE AT MY TORSO, YOU PERV!!!” he screams back at you and lightly whacks you on the shoulder 
  • you just giggle and head towards jihoon’s room glad that sungwoon made you less angry
  • you open the jihoon’s room door and slam the door shut while throwing the bag which had the outfit on the floor
  • you uttered one single word “explain”
  • he looked shocked you were here especially since he thought you’d just think the outfit was a joke and would wear something pretty to go on the date 
  • but seeing your dead serious expression he couldn’t help but help getting super nervous and really didn’t want to lie to you
  • he was fiddling with his fingers nervously avoiding to look at you completely and stammered
  • “uh-uh-uh ummmmmm well i-i like you y/n”
  • your heart was doing backflips but you were so in shock you couldn’t say anything not thinking it was possible he actually liked you back
  • this completely gorgeous, sweet and amazing guy could possibly like you
  • then he started rambling his confession
  • “you’re so sweet and you always make sure to take care of me, you’re also so passionate about fashion and you’re so pretty when you smile. you always make me laugh and smile and i’m always so comfortable around you. i-”
  • he stops in mid sentence because after hearing all that you couldn’t help but kiss him straight on the lips
  • it was first rough and passionate but it became much more sweet and gentler, it was a super long kiss and his hands were on your waist, and you arms snaked around his neck
  • because all the guys were listening into your conversation when they heard a silence they opened the door to find you too kissing and then they started whooping and cheering loudly
  • you just flip them off while still kissing jihoon damn this is a long kiss
  • you break apart and all the guys boo 
  • both of you ignore them
  • and you look at him straight in the eye, noses still touching with his hands on your hips and your arms around his neck
  • “i like you too, park jihoon”

GIVING A MASSIVE THANKS TO @wannabl​ because she helped me combine these two requests together (lol sorry for tweaking it a bit) EVERYONE GO FOLLOW HER cause she’s a sweetheart and an absolute hoe anyways sorry for doing another jihoon scenario i’m just doing requests in time order so forgive me! plus who doesn’t love jihoon anyways. the next three fics i’m working on is a baejin school fic (which i’ve mentioned in my best friend to boyfriend guanlin fic), coffee shop pt3, and a donghyun fic. I’m so excited to write all three and after i do, requests will be open again!

Hearts Don’t Break Around Here

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Part One - Part 2

A/N: Sorry this took so long to post! This high key sucks but Idk if little kids read these and I didn’t wan to get too invested if you know what I mean. I hope you guys enjoy and just know that you can always send in requests! (Please send in request cause I’m high key clueless) 

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Aggressive driver? I'll email your boss.

Driving down a major highway, during stop and go (long weekend) traffic. It’s brutal. As we’re puttering along (in the far left lane), we see this asshole in an SUV (AinSUV) tailing another car and the driver is yelling and honking (for no apparent reason). The only thing we figure he’s pissed about is that the guy has left a reasonable (for this kind of traffic) space between him and the next car. I don’t know why AinSUV thinks his drive is going to be 10x faster if the guy moves up a couple metres - but this small gap is enraging him. We watch in disbelief and end up passing them. Then. The AinSUV ends up behind us. We know he’s going to be a douche, so we move over a lane. He follows us - and ends up berating us in the same way. Tailing us (like the closest I’ve ever been tailed), yelling and honking at us. Honestly - I live in a major metropolitan area, and I’ve never seen such aggressive behaviour on the road. Anyway - eventually this guys passes us. But what moron, AinSUV failed to think of, was that he was driving a COMPANY CAR, with full name and website. Obviously I took a couple pictures of the license plate and the company info and emailed them to complain about AinSUV; you know, “I would want to know if I were in your position; this is how your brand is getting represented, blah blah”. The company owner emailed me back, apologizing for AinSUV and told me it would be ‘dealt’ with. I don’t know if he was fired, but in my petty revenge fantasy he certainly was.

TLDR; Aggressive driver is in a company car, I email his boss and rat him out

Touch. //Part 1

Request: Y/N is a very succesful singer and is best freinds with Justin. She is recording a music video for her hit single “Touch” (originally sung by Pia Mia irl). She asks Justin to be part of her music video which later becomes very steamy. 


“Hey Biebs” You say happily before taking a seat in front of him. 

You couldn’t contain your excitement as you were just about to tell Justin that you wanted him to be part of your music video as your love interest. You were also quite nervous considering this was the first project you guys were working with each other that required romance and you didn’t want to ruin the friendship you guys had even if it was acting. 

“Hey babe,” he says pausing his game before looking up from the TV. Babe was his ideal nickname for you although you two weren’t exactly dating. It made your heart flutter every time he said it. 

“Oh no, here comes the flirting again…” Big Sean says as he takes off his headphones, playfully rolling his eyes. 

“Shut up!” Justin yells as he chucks a pillow directly at Sean’s face causing you to chuckle at their childishness. 

Justin finally turns to you as a signal to continue on. You take a deep breath. “So you know the music video I’ve been working on?” You say slowly as Justin nods.

“Yeah, how’s that going?” He says with a dull expression. 

You look at him taken back. “Why the hell did you say it like that?” 

“Like what?” Justin says innocently, you then cross your arms giving him the spill it look. He looks at you, taking a deep breath. “Nothing. You just picked a lame ass guy.” He says and everyone bursts in laughter, including you who were even surprised by his choice of words.

“Oooo. Someone’s jealous!” Kylie cooes in the back and everyone joins in causing Justin to turn slightly red

Is Justin jealous? No way. 

“I’m not jealous Ky…why would i be jealous?” Justin scoffs, everyone looks at him unconvinced. 

“Wow, he’s even defensive.” Hailey yells as the squad gets hyped once again, causing you to laugh.

“K, what are you all ganging up on me geez.” He says, his face red from embarrassment. 

“Guys shut up and let me finish.” You say jokingly but at the same time you were serious. “Anyways, the lame ass guy couldn’t make it-” You begin to say but Justin cuts you off. 

“Best news I’ve heard all day…” he says exaggerating and you hear the guys in the back erupt into fits of laughter.

“Can you just please listen?” You say getting impatient before playfully rolling your eyes. 

“Sorry.” Justin says chuckling as he quickly turns to your attention. 

You take another deep breath, you felt your heart beats 10X faster than usual and your palms were becoming sweaty. You didn’t understand why you were so nervous but you were. 

“Would you like to be his replacement?”

Everyone goes wild and i mean wild as if you guys just got married. You couldn’t help but laugh at their reactions. Justin looks you as he smiles wide. He chuckles not saying anything and you were hoping he didn’t think this was a joke. 

“Is THE Y/N Y/LN asking me to be in her music video?” Justin says causing you to roll your eyes.

“Hurry up before i change my mind!” You say impatiently causing everyone to chuckle. 

“Hell yeah, i want to be in your music video.”


Enjoy! Requested by @normaniheaux

Stay tuned for part 2!

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Could you please do some headcanons about dragon!Mal and beast!ben??

- Mal is always cold and Ben is always hot. So Mal likes to cuddle when she can.

- Ben has super strength. It always comes in handy when he wants to hug Mal tightly, but for Mal its like she’s dying

- Ben learning the history of dragons for Mal. He can spout information about dragons even when he’s not asked

- “Did you know that dragons can fly as fast as 20 miles per hour”

- Mal buying Ben a dog that she thinks would look like him if he had a beast form

- Mal using fire to light up their fireplace. Ben loves how she’s so comfortable using her powers around him

- Ben’s hair grows 10x faster than the average human. Mal has fun cutting his hair and giving him crazy haircuts 

- “could I ever ride on your back for once?” “no Ben!” “you let Evie do it!”

- Mal always carrying a lint roller because Ben sheds and likes to hug her

- Ben telling her he doesn’t care if she’s a dragon or human. He loves her for her always and forever.

Avian’s Graphics Fix (1.69)

After reinstalling and discovering that Misty’s graphics fix no longer worked in my game (*cries*) I looked up a bunch of tutorials and edited my GraphicsRules.sgr. And yes, I included links in the download for anyone who wants them. 

What I changed:

  • Sims now change clothes 10x faster (yay!)
  • That weird glow is gone 
  • The RenderSimTextureSizes was changed from x1024 to x3328

Make sure your Sim Detail is set to Very High if you want the HD effects to take place. 


(unedited preview, click for full HD)

Med students, missing in action

The team’s been without med students lately. 
Sometimes we have too many.
It’s hard to get in and out of the patient rooms. 

Now we have too few (as in 0).

No one on the rounds, no pre-rounding ones.
No one pestering us for jobs or sucking up.

Or asking me to tell them ‘everything’ about this one particular patient that’s lived on the ward for like a month, while I have 5 referrals, a cannula and 10 different imaging and blood requests to do before noon. When they can read the file themselves.

No one slowing me down.
it’s 10x faster for me to do my own jobs, than say to teach them how to do them and then supervise. (obviously excepting the experienced final years, quite capable of helping me do jobs and make my life easier - like you have no idea how much we appreciate it. of course everyone has to start somewhere).

No eager, bushy tailed clinical years, telling me they’re interested in all the medical fields. Just all of medicine.

Then suddenly. It’s really freaking weird when they’re not around at all.
Something is missing.

On my bad days, I really miss having them around.
Not on extremely busy days mind you, but the emotionally draining ones.
A patient’s really sick, they’re depressed, their family’s torn apart, I need to sit and talk about the hard, heavy things with them like how they want to die - do they want CPR or to be left a lone etc. etc.

There’s something to be said about their awe, their wonder and excitement.
That eagerness to learn and do things. Like hope in this world. This job drains and jades you so quickly once you become a resident. The junior doctor that lives on the ward. Can’t go away to class or tutorial for a coupla hours.

It’s also a massive sense of moral support in some ways.
When I debrief with them on some experience like breaking bad news, to see how they are. It’s helpful for me to. To be able to pause and reflect.

When I was a student, I felt useless. Like I was in the way.
Like I had nothing to offer.

Then I remember over hearing in the elevator, when the clinicians in there had seen my ‘student tag”, they sort of looked at each other. One asked the other, “when are we getting a student? They’re fun.” I remember wondering if they were nuts, they were actually genuine about it. That memory stuck with me. Because it was puzzling to me back then. 

I kinda understand it now.
There’s a lot of variability in this line of work in terms of who you end up working with. Lot of different personalities. So, it’s miraculous almost, the moments when things line up. The teams that want to teach students and the students who are wanting to learn, somehow align. It doesn’t actually happen all the time.

There’s a good a deal of variation in teachers and instructors, which students painfully come up against. Because their whole existence in the ward is centred around on teaching/learning (they don’t carry the responsibilities, scut work of junior doctors let’s say, where the centre of focus becomes the patients). And no doctor is ever formally taught how to teach, so you can imagine what that’s like. I see and hear about it all the time. students talking about the good and the bad. And the just plain awful. I used to feel that pain as a student. I remember that feeling so well.

As a resident, it’s this weird perspective.
Being a student was so recent for me, I know how they feel.
Except that now I’m also kinda left sometimes with a range of students. Roles have flipped. If I found it hard to find good teachers as a student sometimes, I’m realizing now it’s not always easy to find good students too.

I’m not saying ones who are knowledgeable, rather the ones who genuinely want to learn.

Not gunners wanting to prove their egos. Or show up the other students and residents. 
(to note, I’m still terrified of gunners as a resident, I feel a bit violated..every time I interact with one. still scarred from needing to flee and hide from a couple in med school) 

Not the ones that show up to do the bare minimum, or never really show up at all. they exist too, far more often than you would think, in spite of the fact that medicine is challenging to get into and the pre-clinical years are hard to survive. We used to talk about that. Why work so hard, to throw it all away later? Unless of course, they’d given up..

We do notice students of all kinds. 

One resident (back when I was a student on their team) told me, all the doctors on the team notice the students. They know when you show up (generally), they know when you leave. They notice when you’re able to help out and behaviours in general. It’s whether they care. Some do, some don’t. or whether they care to show that they notice. 

Prove it // Conor Maynard

Requested by @maynardmaniac07 - *smut warning*

You were walking down the hall in the Maynard apartment past Conor’s bedroom when a hand reached through the open doorway and pulled you into the room. The bedroom door closed and you were pinned against the wall by another warm body. Your eyes travelled up the bare chest that was in front of you until they met the beautiful blue ones that you’d become all too familiar with over the past few months.

You stared at each other for a few moments before Conor spoke up, “so, a little birdie told me, in Jack’s latest video you were getting a little flirty with him”

“And, so what if I was?” you replied coolly while in reality your heart was beating 10x faster than it normally did, but you weren’t going to let Conor know that he was having this effect on you.

“So, if you were you need to stop.” He told you sternly.

“What would I need to do that for?” you asked and you could see Conor start to become frustrated.

He narrowed his eyes at you, “because you shouldn’t be flirting with my brother.”

“Well last time I checked I was single,” you told him, loving how his frustration grew each time.

Suddenly his whole demeanour changed, the frustration disappeared and a cheeky look appeared in its place. He leaned his head down so that his mouth was next to your ear, his breath tickling your skin. “well I can help you change that if you want,” he whispered in your ear.

A shiver ran down your spine and you hummed in response. His lips came into contact with your neck and you hooked your fingers through the belt loops of his jeans to pull his body closer to yours. “How do you know that you’re the Maynard brother that I want,” you breathed out as he placed soft, butterfly kisses all the way down your neck.

His lips stopped moving then they broke contact with your skin and moved to hover over your ear again “because you’re mine and only mine,” he mumbled nibbling softly on your ear.

“prove it,” you challenged breathing shakily. His warm breath was making your skin tingle and his hands that had moved to rest on your waist were making your whole body feel as if it was on fire.

“oh, babe I’ll prove it,” he replied and bit your ear a bit harder before pulling away and smashing your lips together. You didn’t hesitate and instantly responded to the kiss, an intense feeling rushed through your whole body and the situation just seemed right.

You felt Conor’s tongue flick against your bottom lip asking for entrance which you immediately granted.

You tugged on his belt loops even harder to bring his body impossibly closer to yours and the pressure you had created between your crotches caused Conor to let out a small grunt.

The kiss felt so good and you let out a small whimper of protest when Conor broke contact between your lips so you could catch your breath. However, the pout that had appeared soon disappeared when a moan escaped your lips as his lips slowly made their way across your jaw, leaving sloppy kisses on their descent.

His lips moved down your neck and you moved your arms to wrap around his neck, you ran your hands through his hair and tangled your fingers in the curls that had formed after not styling it for a few days. His lips paused when they reached the crook of your neck and he started to suck hard, hard enough that it was definitely going to leave a mark.

“Conor?” you panted out.

He hummed against your neck in response, the vibrations travelled through your whole body.

“I was just teasing you earlier, it’s not Jack I want… it’s you,” you felt the contact on your neck disappear and your top was suddenly dragged from your body.

“I want you too,” Conor whispered staring into your eyes as his hands stroked up and down your sides softly.

Not wanting to waste any more time you shoved his body away from yours and onto the bed that was behind him. You climbed onto his lap, straddling his hips and his hands immediately found their way to your waist keeping a firm grip on you.

You looked down at him and saw him smiling up at you, waiting patiently for you to make a move. You ran your hands across his toned chest, a sense of satisfaction washed over you as you saw a trail of goose bumps following your hands showing that you were having the same effect on him as he was having on you.

Being unable to resist any longer you moved your hands to his shoulders and leant down to connect your lips again. Your lips moved in synch, fitting perfectly together and the kiss soon became heated, you grinded your hips against his in an attempt to feel some kind of pleasure where you needed it most.

Your hips pushed into his crotch and the pressure forced a moan to escape Conor’s lips, his body overpowered yours and he flipped you over so he was now on top. He pulled away from your kiss and started to place short but passionate kisses on your lips instead, “I can’t take it much longer, I need you,” he mumbled against your lips between kisses.

“I need you too Con, I need you now,” you whimpered back, your legs wound around his waist and you pulled his body closer to yours.

“Okay baby,” he hummed against your lips. His hands reached behind your body and unclipped your bra, he pulled it from your body and threw it across the room.

He kissed his way down your stomach, his hands following the same path making your skin tingle, until he reached the waistband of your joggers. He glanced up at you before pulling them down along with your pants in one swift motion.

“I don’t think it’s very fair that you’ve still got clothes on,” you pouted at him and started to push the material further down his hips.

Conor stood from the bed and quickly removed his clothing, your eyes scanned up and down his body taking in each flawless feature of him. His body covered yours again and your lips crashed together in a desperate and passionate kiss.

You felt Conor’s member at your entrance and allowed a loud moan to spill from your lips as he finally slipped inside you.

His forehead moved to rest against your shoulder and he buried his face in your neck as he thrusted in and out of you quickly.

A trail of moans escaped both of you and they mixed together in perfect harmony as you got closer to your release.

“Conor,” you groaned, the hand that was tangled in his hair tugged it softly. “I’m so close.”

“Me too baby, fuck this feels so good,” he mumbled into your neck, kissing and sucking the skin there every so often.

His hand reached in between your bodies and his fingers started to rub against your clit to aid you in reaching your high.

A whimper then a practically pornographic moan left your moth as you finally reached your high. The intense pleasure causing your back to arch and toes to curl.

Your release triggered his own and he moaned your name as he reached his own high.

As he pulled out he rolled onto his back and brought you with him so you were now resting against his chest, both of you breathing dramatically.

You led cuddled together in a comfortable silence while you regained your breath. Conor’s arm was wrapped around your waist tightly and he was absentmindedly drawing shapes on you bare skin. The slight chill in the room was blocked from the warmth radiating from Conor’s body and you felt a content feeling that you’d never had before.

“was that enough proof?” Conor asked breaking the silence a few minutes later.

“Proof?” you question tilting your head to look up at him.

“mhmm, you told me to prove that you’re mine,” he replied running his fingers gently though your hair.

“oh babe you never really needed to prove it, I’ve been yours ever since we met,” you told him honestly and leaned up to kiss his lips softly.

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more derma tips 💕

try benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin cream (prescribed by a doctor). this works super well clearing up acne and healing cuts and scars. otherwise, just use benzoyl peroxide ($6-10 at most drugstores). 

buy a fidget/stim toy (or make your own), and play with it when you’re feeling the urge to pick.

ask someone in your house to hide sharp objects that you tend to use for picking, like tweezers or comedone extractors.

choose a mantra, and write it down everywhere. repeat it to yourself.  examples incude “i choose not to pick today” or “i am in control, and i’m not going to pick my skin”

if you choose to wear concealer, use it as a spot treatment instead of slathering your face. let your skin breathe. 

do a soothing facemask twice a month. no drying or harsh ingredients. only things like raw honey, yogurt, fresh aloe, or avocado.

drink lots of green tea. 

if you’re trying to heal a cut, a bandaid will heal it 10x faster.  


-is literally THE best

-when you first meet him at a random train station in Japan you’re a little thrown off by just how confident coughgreasycough he is

-”oppa is here!”

-doesn’t stop you from falling HArD though

-have you seen that smile??? yes. yes you have.

-you exchange numbers and start talking non-stop from then on(well whenever he gets the chance with his busy schedules)

-he always makes time to at least text you good morning or good night for the day though

-you guys become extremely close over the next couple months via messages alone, which is fine by you since you’re extremely busy with college as well

-yuta is hella spontaneous and always up for anything fun, especially the amusement park

-which is exactly where he takes you on your first date a few months later

-you guys spend the entire evening until it’s dark out at the park riding all the fun rollercoasters and playing those little games

-where he wins you a stuffed bunny that you blush and thank him for

-you’re about to slap yourself because WHY are you stuttering??? i mean you guys are pretty close already and this is SoOoO not like you

-the bright lights catch your eye and you grab his hand and drag him over to the main attraction excitedly, tOtally missing the surprised look on his face (it was priceless)

-you bet he blushes like a schoolgirl when you both get into the cart of the ferris wheel

-he might talk big but he’s a big puddle of mush at just the thought of you two being so close in a confined space

-see the thing is, yuta didn’t think he’d fall so hard for someone so quickly

-he realized quite fast that he’s grown attached to you even though your relationship was long distance

-it scares him (and you)

-because little does he know, you feel the exact same way and ohgod the doors are closing to the cart, and you can feel your heart beating 10x faster, and you try to swallow but your throat is dry

-and you lick your lips in an attempt at getting some moisture back into your mouth

-that small flick of your tongue has him adverting his eyes and taking a deep breath to calm himself down

-”are you okay?” you ask noting his reaction

-yuta just nods but still doesn’t turn to face you, you frown at this and touch his cheek gently making him look up at you

-the city lights are bright below you and becoming smaller as the cart ascends

-you decide to make the first move anyway despite your raging nerves, your eyes dart to his lips then back up to his eyes and…you chicken out

-but before your hand could leave his cheek, a warm hand grasps yours and soft lips are moulding against yours

-your brain kicks into restart rather fast from the momentary lapse beforehand and you find yourself kissing back

-and it is PeRFeCt

-when you pull back for air you’re both flushed and you’re like WOW

-”i’m definitely keeping you”

-he bursts into laughter at this telling you he’s glad because he had no intention of letting you go either

-and this is the first of many more dates

-you even accompany your ‘manly mountain man’ boyfriend on his mountain climbing adventures and you’re surprised at how much you love it

-you move to be closer to him and you both have the cutest apartment where the balcony has the most beautiful view of the sunrise/sunset 

-also, manly man yuta looovesss to cuddle, but don’t tell the others

-he also loves kisses, lots of kisses, luckily so do you ;)

I keep getting these random bouts of anxiety like my heart will just suddenly start beating 10x faster and a feeling of apprehension and dread will just wash over me… like chill out me.. nothing is happening