Vera Bar @FrankRestaurant. Vera is my dads mom.
When we opened Frank we all had a feeling we would do well but what ensued was just surreal. With 23 seats I was topping out at around 200 covers on a Saturday night so we desperately needed more space. Vera was a candy store and they had no lease so a year later I got it and Vera was born. Wait times went down to about 1-½ hours from over 2 hours and we were routinely breaking 300 covers with now just 60 seats. I was the only cook back then and there were a few nights where I almost collapsed from exhaustion. One Sunday night after I had just about run out of everything I went outside apologized to all the people still waiting and just left. I couldn’t cook another pasta, I was about to collapse after 180 covers Friday, over 200 Saturday and already 120 that night basically solo with one dishwasher helping me. #15yearsofFrank #history #community #chef #10turns #insanity #surreal #memories #eastvillage #nyc #italian #italianamerican #pasta #vera #nonna #bar #design (at Frank Restaurant)