10th sfg

U.S. Soldiers assigned to 1st Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) practice a variety of shooting techniques with their M4A1 rifles at Panzer Range Complex in Boebligen, Germany, Jan. 23, 2015.(U.S. Army photo by Visual Information Specialist Adam Sanders/Released)

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Hey so a while back i saw something on your blog. It was some 70-YO ex green beret whovwas like one of the first guys on the ground in afghanistan after 9/11. Do you have the post or remember who it was by any chance?

SGM Waugh, William

A United States Special Operations, CIA and American Legend.

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He’s basically the most bad-ass man on the planet.

He enlisted just before Korea with the 187th Airborne.

 After Korea he went to 10th SFG. Served in Vietnam training Vietnamese troops and conducting counter-insurgency in operations in Vietnam with MACV-SOG.

Pioneers the HALO jump.

“Retired” from the service in 1972 after being shot 5 times in Vietnam.

This is where he starts conducting highly secretive, deniable operations with the CIA’s Special Activities Division.

Stops Russian teams from stealing US guidance systems on the Kwajlein Missile Range.

He conducted intel gathering operation son Carlos the Jackal and Usama Bin Laden.

After 9/11, at the age of 71, he helped invade Afghanistan to kick off OEF.

and according to his Bio…

Continuing his badassery to this day.