10th july 2013

Hi guys, I’m Jamie aka Tumblr user patientlights (left) and the girl on my right is Cassie (aka novator), we’ve been best friends for almost 2 years now and we actually met on Tumblr. She moved in with me all the way from Ohio to California on July 10th of 2013. We lived together for 7 months and on February 27th 2014 she had to go back to Ohio because of money troubles. It’s been so hard not having her here anymore and I know I wouldn’t be alive without her, but I know she’ll be back in may which keeps both of us going. So we just wanted to say hi and share our story. We both check out all new followers, so check out our blogs and maybe follow cause we’re hella rad and love making new friends xx

Mysterious Bright Object Discovered on Titan:

Scientists scouring through images from the Cassini probe discovered a bright object on (or possibly below) the surface of one of Titans oceans, which disappeared a few days later.

For those that don’t know, Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, is famous for its thick atmosphere and oceans of methane and ethane. Scientists are so interested in it because it provides such an alien environment to earth’s, and yet is remarkably similar. It is also a likely place to find life.

The object covered an area of about 200 km squared, (20,000 hectares) and was captured by Cassini on the 10th of July 2013, but had vanished by the 26th. Any possible error in equipment/computation was quickly ruled out leaving the astronomers puzzled. Right now many theories are being investigated, from seasonal winds causing waves to geothermal events.

But my personal theory (or rather more of a dream, really) is that it is some kind of bio-luminescent alien bacteria, but that’s ridiculous, right? its not at all possible that bacteria could be seen from space, is it?…

External image
 Looks remarkably similar, doesn’t it? (you know, besides the color and the swirly bits, but they are caused by ocean currents and we don’t know if Titan has any strong currents)

Anyway that’s just my personal hope…

anonymous asked:

Why did you choose Islam?

In a nutshell, Islam answered all my questions I had about: what are we doing here? and where we will go?

And since becoming a Muslim on the 10th July 2013, I have become a better person for it and the peace I have at heart and soul is something words cannot describe. I’ve become a happier person.

If you just look at the Pillars of Islam and what each one means, how can anyone say anything bad about Islam.
It’s just so beautiful.

I’ve become a MUCH better Son and a much better friend.
May Allah allow me to remain a Muslim and forgive us all for our sins and shortcomings, ameen.

Thank you for your question and I hoped I answered it sufficiently.

Barak Allahu Feek (May Allah bless you)