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Hance Week: 10th Feb: Earth/Water

(id been thinking about doing this au for a while and this was the perfect opportunity. will probably come back to it for the au/crossover day and hopefully have something more polished djkfg)

crafts club (crossover)

[for halorvic, because these ones owe so much of their adventures to you]

HARDY: ugh… i donno about this, Millerr
ELLIE: you should try, sir, it’s good fun really! anyway there’s more people coming…
[from outdoors: a strange semi-mechanical noise]

ELLIE: ah good, you made it!
TEN: hello hello, sorry we’re late, had a bit of trouble with… parking the, erm, vehicle.

[drawing noises]
HARDY [sotto voce]: Millerr, where do you find these people?!

ELLIE: well i think these turned out really nicely!  anyone for some tea?
hey, are you alright?
TEN: he’s… not had a good day… i’ll just have a quick cuppa, then we should be on our way.

HARDY [voice off]: are you sure you want to leave that suspicious one in your dining room with a box cutter?
ELLIE [voice off]: we’re not even on a case right now; you’re making it sound like a game of Cluedo!  could you just relax for once?!  

MASTER: [softly] muahahaha

HARDY: does anyone else feel like we’re in a lineup?!
ELLIE: shush… sir.
ALL [singing, probably off-key]: ….happy birthday dear Viiiiiiic…. 

your art & personality always brighten up this site
hope you have a lovely birthday and an amazing year!

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