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And I would walk 500 miles…  | David Tennant & DW Company (x)

So I’ve been thinking about the Woman in the End of Time

I never really followed the whole “Doctor’s Mum” “headcannon”

But what if it was Romana. What if the last the Dr heard of her before the war was her as Lady President. What if neither had actually really talked to each other since she knew him as Four. 

And the first time they lay eyes on each other in hundreds of years, Romana, the one companion he might have actually had a real romantic relationship with, the Romana he first resented as cocky, book-smart, and superior, the Romana he squabbled with and then mentored, who he saw go on to lead Gallifrey, he finally meets again here, in the ultimate fall from grace. 

They recognize each other, but they don’t. Romana is no longer the bright-eyed idealist she once was. The Dr is so much older, war-hardened, cynical, different from the jelly-baby eating buffoon she loved. 

Their faces are shocked, horrified, sad. I love Tennant’s ability to quickly sift through about five different emotions on his face in a matter of seconds. You see that here. I don’t think that the Dr would have the same emotions with his mum. He left Gallifrey as an old man, with children and grandchildren of his own. He was something of a pariah even before he left, and never seemed to be tied to his home or family (except Susan). 

Seeing his Mum in such a state of punishment probably wouldn’t upset him much more than seeing any other Time Lord in that state. Except Romana. Seeing Romana there would break his hearts. 


You know what I miss?

When The Doctor was undoubtably good.

Not perfect.

But aware of his mistakes. 

When The Doctor didn’t constantly belittle his companions about their physical appearance. 

When he told them they were beautiful.

When he saw the worth in humankind…in everyone. 

When he didn’t do this:

When he didn’t disrespect his companions.

When The Doctor wasn’t so damn afraid of hugs.

You know what I miss?