10th doctor and rose kiss

“Draw the background” they said, "It will be fun” they said. Oh god, it wasn’t fun at all, I’m so so tired of this, but I just had to draw the Tardis interior by myself. Doctor and Rose deserve the best.

Oh savallah, the days I’ve spent with this image, floating in my mind, because of You and this damn rpg. You have no idea. It belongs to You, along with my heart and soul.

If anyone was wondering, which galaxy is behind the Tardis, it’s this one, obviously. Is there any other?


Doctor Who Fest : Week 1 Day 4

Favorite Pairing/Hugs and Kisses

Well, kind of one and the same…. it’s Ten and Rose. It will always be Ten and Rose for me. I ship them so hard! And he just doesn’t hug anybody else the way he does Rose. There is everything he can’t say packed into those looks, hugs and touches.

OK, thedoctorandrosefanfics recently reached 500 followers and as a thank you gift I made a playlist with some amazing Doctor x Rose fanvids. You can watch the playlist here or you can select a fanvid from the list below. And, please, you may support the fanvid authors by hitting the like button when finishing the video. Let’s keep spreading the love, guys!

  1. Doctor/Rose - “and his love will conquer” by Rainb0www
  2. The Doctor & Rose • My Immortal HD (by seduff) by seduffproductions
  3. Doctor Who - Kiss From a Rose - 10th Doctor/Rose by UhJesusFREAK
  4. Doctor & Rose | I miss everything about you by InThereTriumphDie
  5. the doctor + rose | start of time by xmywickedlovely
  6. doctor + rose | don’t deserve you by TheSerialLove
  7. Doctor Who // Map of the Problematique by punkocarp
  8. Ten/Rose • “tell them I was happy” [REQUESTED] by SappySoapChick07
  9. The Doctor & Rose – Doctor Who – Long Distance by Silver Vintage Videos
  10. Crawl: Ninth Doctor & Rose by BabyBint23’s channel
  11. Doctor&Rose || losing your memory by leyton88
  12. Doctor Who - Doctor/Rose - Dare You to Move by geekchick1013
  13. Doctor and Rose | Raise Your Glass by pinkperel