10th anniversary of mean girls

Mean Girls is 10 years old! This is, hands down, my favorite movie of all time. I think life is a dramedy, and Mean Girls perfectly captures the dramatic and comedic moments of high school that we all can identify with, one way or another (remember this song in the movie?! haha)

While all the quotes are literally the freaking best, this one has to be one of my faves. It comes out of nowhere in the movie, so warm and sweet, and then it ends with a comedic twist. Just how I want my life to be :)

I made a tshirt for it too! You can get one from here: http://society6.com/transgirlnextdoor/Cake-made-out-of-Rainbows-and-Smiles-white-fonts_T-shirt#11=50&4=75


As this week has been the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls, and the 25th anniversary of the Great Movie Ride, I feel compelled to share this skit