This is FNC Entertainment.

This June 7, 2017 is FTISLAND’s 10th anniversary.

We are holding [THE 10TEN PROJECT]  for FTISLAND and PRIMADONNA.

*What is [THE 10TEN PROJECT]?

This is a project of 10 that FTISLAND makes together with PRIMADONNA!

Through this [THE 10TEN PROJECT] PLAN POSTER, the stories that FTISLAND will make together with PRIMADONNA to commemorate their 10th anniversary will be added one by one.

These 10 treasure boxes will be opened to reveal a variety of events.

PRIMADONNA, please look forward a lot to it.

Thank you.

Statistics of Luhan - The Luhan Effect

King of Statistics - Endorsement

Endorsements: One Leaf, Baidu Map, Daling, YiLi Weikezi, PUMA, Cavy Tech, Meilishuo, OPPO, L’oreal

  • Became the myth of the cosmetics world in 10 hours; Made a new record on DaLing 420 Shopping Party; During 6.1 Event, the total sales number surpassed the total full-day sales number on 420 event in 5 hours.
  • Baidu map: Origins, Value 
  • Wu Xiaobo ( A Famous Financial Writer in China) : Please raise up your hand if you know Luhan.
  • Goods sold out on the official online shop right after Weikezi announced their endorser; He helped YiLi to increase their shares rapidly
  • YiLi Weikezi’s Luhan birthday limited set orders exceeded 162% and broke the Jingdong record.
  • PUMA’s first Asian endorser
  • Meilishuo support Luhan; Light up Endorser’s Image in 24 hours:

Central, Hong Kong at 09:56
Tokyo, Japan at 11:25
Paris, France at 16:35
Beijing World Trade Centre at 17:00
Shanghai at 19.30
London  at 21:14
New York at 00:19 the next day

  • L’oreal: On 29th April, Luhan’s BTS Video reached 100k views; New video was released one day earlier
  • On 5th May, 10000 vouchers on Tmall were all redeemed; Second video was released
  • OPPO R7 PLUS: 2729 were sold in the first 54 minutes after released; Highest sales number among online shops.

King of Statistics - Video & Music

  • ‘Last Victory’ MV reached 300k views in 23 hours
  • ‘Our Tomorrow’ online streaming reached 1 million in 40 minutes; 1.6 million in one hour; ‘Our Tomorrow’ MV: 150k views in 30 minutes; 1 million in 47 minutes; 8 consecutive first places on Baidu King Chart; Received first places on several music charts ; MV broke 5 records on YinYueTai
  • ‘Back to 20′: Box office reached one hundred million in 3 days; two hundred million in 8 days; three hundred million in 17 days
  • Top 10 movie among Chinese New Year movies
  • Grading from several famous movie sites: 
    Douban: 7.3/10
    Gewala: 9.1/10
    Meituan: 9.1/10
    Mtime: 7.3/10
    Weibo Movie: 9.5/10
  • Ten millions views on famous video streaming sites; #重返20岁# topic on Weibo reached 2.57 billion mentions.
  • “Tian Mi Mi” : Surpassed thousands of reposts in less than one minute; MV surpassed one million views in 2 hours and 22 minutes; 8 millions views in 24 hours; Broke 2 records on YinYueTai; On YinYueTai Chart on 6 weeks and got 4 first places; First places on several music charts as well
  • “Please Come to The Great Wall to Ski” : 7.91 millions streaming counts in 48 hours 22 minutes; Surpassed 10 millions streaming counts on QQ Music Streaming on 17th June; 14 millions streaming counts in 56 hours; MV surpassed 1 million views in 7 hours

King of Statistics - Others

  • 红魔 十年相依·终身红魔 Weibo Post ( Also known as the Red Devil Chatroom)

20/4/2014 Comment Count: 4.2 million
20/7/2014 Comment Count: 10 million
02/8/2014 Comment Count: 13.14 million
20/4/2015 Comment Count: 42 million
19/6/2015 Comment Count: 52 million
17/8/2015 Comment Count: 100 million

  • Received Guinness records for having the highest number of comments on a single Weibo post
  • First China SNS record in the World
  • #鹿晗# topic reading count:

12/8/2014 Reading Count: 10 Billion
13/12/2014 Reading Count: 20 Billion
13/7/2015 Reading Count: 30 Billion

Twitter Trending Hashtags

20131217 #Getwellsoonluhan
20140321 #140321 Luhan
20140325 #140325 Luhan
20140328 #Bye Luhan
20140405 #140405 Luhan
20140408 #140408 Luhan
20140420 #Happy Birthday Luhan
20140423 #Gantengan
20140430 #Luhan’s Fanboy 
20140501 #140501 Luhan
20140503 #Yo Yo Yo Man
20140506 #Luhan’s IG
20140508 #20140508Luhan
#luhan’s instagram update
20140511 #20140511 Luhan
20140524 #Luhan Abs
20140526 #140526 Luhan
20140603 #140603 Luhan
20140610 #140610 Luhan
20140911 #GetWellSoonLuan
20140920 #luhan 
20141010 #alwayssupportluhan
20141102 #magican lu
20141106 #20141106Luhan
20141213 #20141213Luhan
20150110 #루한사랑해 
20150208 #luhanCCTVspringfestival
20150312 #luhangreatwall
20150313 #luhangreatwall
20150404 #luhanfanworldreply
20150407 #luhanfanworldreply
20150415 #luhanfanworldreply
20150420 #HappyLuhanDay
20150421 로레알 (L’oreal) on Twitter Korea
20150601 #luhanchildrenday
20150625 #Luhan (Malaysia)
#GetWellSoonLuhan (Thailand)
20150702 #LuhanGreatWall (First place in several countries)

13/6/2015 Instagram reached 1 million likes

Magazine Sales

  • ELLE Magazine February Edition: 10,000 pcs sold in 5 hours
  • GQ 2015 S/S: 2867 pcs sold in 30 minutes during preorder; Sold out in 1 hour 10 minutes!; 3700 pcs sold in 1 minute during second batch preorder, 4600 pcs in almost 3 minutes and 10,000 pcs sold out in 33 minutes

Luhan Baidu Bar “Millions Posts, Support Luhan (百万回帖 力挺鹿晗)”

  • 07:00~08:00 377,853 posts broke the total number of posts in one hour record of Baidu Bar 
  • 08:00~09:00 410,976 posts broke the record again
  • In 2 hours and 38 minutes after the event started, the target of 10 millions posts was reached.

Hi! Brian here! I played Loopin and I also wrote and directed (My) Immortal: The Web Series!

I just wanted to grab your attention and break down the amazing and awesome Rewards for donating to our No Boys Dorm Kickstarter!

No Boys Dorm is the new web series that we (the people who made (My) Immortal : The Web Series) are wanting to film. It’s a romantic comedy heavily inspired by / a parody of shoujo anime, set in a fairy tale version of Toronto, about a girl whose apartment burns down and has to live in her brother’s all-boys dorm.

To film it, we need to raise $10000 by April 6th, and we’re giving stuff in exchange! Although even just pledging $1 helps! But getting stuff is EVEN BETTER:


Ten bucks is the price of a cheap paperback, two lattes, or juuust not enough to cover a movie ticket. But with us, $10 gets you five eerie, exciting ebooks of the gothic adventure series New Wave Detectives. AND a digital art print of the No Boys Dorm characters! AND it helps No Boys Dorm get made!


Twenty-five dollars gets you a digital download of the full 1st season of No Boys Dorm in HD! PLUS you get all five ebooks of New Wave Detectives. And a digital art print! ALSO It helps No Boys Dorm get made!


A DVD! Good old physical media. And that DVD contains the 1st season of No Boys Dorm. But included in this tier is all of the above rewards: five ebooks, the first season sent you to digitally and a digital print! AND we’ll be so much closer to making the web series!


Fifty dollars is only ten dollar more than the last tier, and it includes everything above, plus the first two seasons of (My) Immortal : The Web Series in HD sent to you digitally, preps!


You need something to carry that DVD in! So why not cart it around in a stylish No Boys Dorm tote bag? Oh yeah, and you get everything else above!


T-SHIRT TIME! This tier gets you everything above, plus a No Boys Dorm t-shirt!


This is basically the tier where we laden you down with No Boys Dorm merchandise: A No Boys Dorm poster, a t-shirt, a tote bag, a DVD and everything else in the above tiers!


Sometimes it’s just nice to carry around an entire series in your pocket: and now you can! In this tier, you receive everything above, plus a USB stick filled with No Boys Dorm material: the season 1 episodes, the scripts, pictures, blooper reels, a thank you video and more! Now you’re playing with power!

$250 (limited)

For those of us who didn’t get our letters (AND I’M STILL SMARTING OVER THIS, DUMBLEDORE), this tier lets you live the wizard dream by obtaining one of the prop wands used in the filming of (My) Immortal : The Web Series. Oh, and you get allll the stuff above.

$250 (not limited)

SNAP & LOOPIN PILLOW!!! Also all of the non-limited rewards above.

Snap & Loopin pillow guys. Now they can cuddle with you at night like you’re their waiter.


Have a character in the web series named after you! Also a SNAP & LOOPIN PILLOW!!! And of course everything else in the non-limited rewards.


The big one – you receive an Executive Producer credit, and allll the non-limited rewards. And you help us make an amazing web series!!!

You need a link to donate? HERE IT IS

Also please watch, like and share the No Boys Dorm Proof Of Concept trailer!