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[art by @spacebitch-pidge]

Matty’s Interview with The Sunday Times Style

I wish I had a teenage daughter. Why? Because here I am with Matt Healy, the frontman of the 1975, who has just offered to take his shirt off in order to give me a tattoo tour. There’s the one dedicated to his nana; his mum, Denise “Loose Women” Welch, is on his foot; his dad, Tim “Auf Wiedersehen, Pet” Healy, is on his arm; and his brother, Louis, on the back of a calf; there’s the one dedicated to William Burroughs, the author of his favourite ever book, Queer; then there’s the one on the inside of his left wrist… of his passport number. “I got bored of being constantly woken up by a woman offering me a landing card while my tour manager, who always carries my passport, is conked out somewhere behind me. I thought it would be useful. It’s really all I need on a plane.

Welcome to the world of the 1975, whose second album, I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It (yes, really), went straight to No 1 in both America and the UK last year, and who won the best band award at the Brits in February. They have just announced that their third album, Music for Cars, will be out next year, and when we meet they are about to go on tour, kicking off in Mexico and ending in July at Latitude Festival in Suffolk, where they will headline alongside Fleet Foxes and Mumford & Sons. If you’re not familiar with their music — think Pete Doherty mixed with One Direction, maybe — it’s probably because, like me, you’re too old. That said, Mick Jagger, whom the band supported when the Stones played Hyde Park in 2013, is a huge fan — so fond of their hit single Chocolate, he has been known to put it on after dinner for guests.

Yeah, I remember that gig,” says the 28-year-old Healy, with a faint Northern accent. “It was before I had my eyes lasered and I wasn’t wearing my glasses. Pointless. There were 50,000 people there and I could only see about four of them, but out of the corner of my eye I could just make out this gyrating figure and it was Jagger dancing to Chocolate. Mick Jagger — can you f****** believe it?

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NHL Playoff Teams Ranked by Name and Logo

Washington Capitals: Their logo has a hockey stick as a “t” that’s so clever! 8/10

Toronto Maple Leafs: Plural of “leaf” is “leaves”. Bad grammar, but nice logo so 5/10

Pittsburgh Penguins: Penguins don’t play hockey, that’s silly. (but if they did, that’s for sure what they’d look like) 7/10

Columbus Blue Jackets: Reminds me of yellow jackets, the wasp. But their logo is very patriotic and I hear they have a cannon. Truly embodies the American spirit 8/10

Montreal Canadiens: What is a “hab?” Still not sure about these guys 6/10

New York Rangers: I’m not 100% sure they’re not a government agency. 2/10

Ottawa Senators: Isn’t senators a U.S. thing? The old white dudes that pass laws? Not sure what they’re going for here 3/10

Boston Bruins: Logo looks like a basketball, which is deceiving 4/10

Chicago Blackhawks: Nope. Offensive. Would have been cooler if it was a real hawk. 0/10

Nashville Predators: That tiger’s teeth are far too big for its mouth. Looks menacing though. If I were an opposing team, I’d be scared of that. 7/10

Minnesota Wild: What is their mascot? Is it wearing a hat? I can’t tell but it’s something really fucking wild-looking. 10/10

St. Louis Blues: Music note? OH BLUES MUSIC I GET IT. That’s clever 7.5/10

Anaheim Ducks: Clever “d”-as-a-duck-foot design, but would prefer to see a REAL duck 5.5/10

Calgary Flames: Did they design their logo on Microsoft Paint? Could be better 4/10

Edmonton Oilers: Logo looks more like an oil company than a hockey team. 5/10

San Jose Sharks: SHARKS!? Hell yeah. Sharks are so cool 11/10

Announcing: BetaKids Week - 2

Hello there guys!!!

I’ve seen a few good appreciation weeks already kicking in, so why leave our kids behind?
Take this as a warming up for a possible summer special appreciation! ;)


May 8th - Day one: COSPLAYS! It’s time for a Con! What would they cosplay?
May 9th - Day two: SWAP! Clothes, Gender, God-Tier, Personality You choose!
May 10st - Day three: SHIPS! Love is in the air! (more info on Rules)
May 11st - Day four: FAV CANON! Pick what you liked most from your fav kid!
May 12th - Day five: FREE SPOT/AU! Whatever you want there, baby
May 13th - Day six: EARTH C! What are they up to now in the new earth?
May 14th - Day seven: STRIFE!!! It’s time to fight guys!!!



- Any media is accepted, Art, Fanfiction, AMV, Fanmusic, anything that comes to your mind!

- No NSFW, I’d like this to be a safe zone for everyone!

- Blood is ok but please, consider that if the submission will be over the top it may not be reblogged

     - Beta ot4 is appreciated <3
     - Other characters are allowed
     - No problematic shipis, such as incest / abusive / toxic etc 
     - BE KIND WITH THE OTHERS, other people may have different                      shipping itnerest but this is NOT an excuse to be a dick, I’ll personally    
       hunt you down if you do.

     - I’ve been avoiding to reblog some ships because I got asked to do so,              BUT there will be a chance of them being reblogged during the                          apprecciation week if they’ll be done, of course they’ll be tagged properly          and with specific additional tag
       This will be reminded before and during the


- The tag for the week is #betakidsweek2, Everything under that tag will be reblogged here and tagged

- You can also @ the blog in the description of your work

- All the specific tags currently running on the blog witll be kept during the whole event, no need to worry about that :)

For any comment / imput / question, feel free to drop an ask, and I’ll be replying ASAP!!!

Can’t wait to see everything that you can do!!!

Monday Motivation (Tues Ed.)

Height for reference: 5′10, 70inches, 177.8cm

Highest known weight: 220lbs, 99.7kg, 15st 7lbs.

Current (today’s) weight: 145.6lbs, 66kg, 10st 5.6lbs.

Total loss: 74.4lbs, 33.7kg, 5 stone 1.4lbs (in 22 months + 12lb regain in the middle).

Previous measurements: size 14-16, 48-39-46, size 18-20.

Current measurements: size 4-6, 35-28-36, size 8-10.

Believe me when I tell you that your journey is possible. You are possible. You don’t have to starve. You don’t have to chain yourself to the gym. You don’t have to live in a guilt shame cloud. You just have to commit to always trying. To always getting back up when you fall down.

summary of new adidas jerseys

arizona coyotes: another point at which white was not necessary. 5/10

anaheim ducks: looks like it had a mohawk in 6th grade. 4/10

boston bruins: stripes. trendy. nice gold. 8/10

buffalo sabres: bad stripes. not trendy. 5/10

calgary flames: look at what fame does to you. they get to the playoffs ONCE and this is what happens. their hubris will catch up to them. 3/10

carolina hurricanes: interesting. there’s hope here. 7/10

chicago blackhawks: still bad as always. stripes? decent. 1/10

colorado avalanche: the absolute madman. completely unhinged. off the chain. TRIANGLES. 7/10

columbus blue jackets: basic as hell. 4/10

dallas stars: i don’t know man. they still don’t have any silver. 4/10

detroit red wings: why did you have to do them dirty like this. 2/10

edmonton oilers: i am LIVING for these stripes. 9/10

florida panthers: ew @ that weird cream border. 3/10

la kings: better but still boring. they tried. 4/10

minnesota wild: the cream border is actually working, my guy. that’s the best shade of green, my dude. a masterpiece. 9/10

montreal canadiens: it’s…… the same jersey? 5/10

nashville predators: probably eats lime jello. disgusting. i feel like somebody needs to get sued. 2/10

new jersey devils: i dunno. pretty similar to before but with less stripes. 4/10

new york islanders: hm…….. too much orange. 5/10

new york rangers: still sexy. 7/10

ottawa senators: feels bad scoob. WHAT are those color blocks. WHY are they white. isn’t gold one of your colors? are we over that yet? 3/10

philadelphia flyers: i expected better but at the end of the day orange is orange. 6/10

pittsburgh penguins: someone did the absolute most. there is so much happening there. i think i want to eat it? 5/10 (?????!!!!)

san jose sharks: no bottom hem border? i’m disappointed in y’all. 4/10

st. louis blues: two different shades of blue… i hurt. but the gold stripes make up for it. 6/10


toronto maple leafs: boring but their logo is so good now and i can’t get over it. 7/10

vancouver canucks: we should delete them and then give the seattle expansion team blue and green colors. they’d know what to do. 4/10

vegas golden knights: not sparkly? put red in the logo or take it out completely? 5/10

washington capitals: i hate color blocks so much. 4/10

winnipeg jets: what is with teams and using like three different shades of the same color. where did the lighter blue come from. why. 4/10

Blam! Blam!: A Shiro Big Bang:
5 Days Left Til April 30th And Sign Ups!!

For more information please check out our About page!


April 30th – May 15th: Sign Ups for Writers
May 16th – Oct. 30th: Creation Period
June 1st: Check in #1 (M)
June 15th – August 10: Sign up for Artists
July 1st: Check in #2
August 1st: Check in #3 / Dropout Date for Writers
August 10st – 14th: Rough Draft for Writers Due (60%) (M)
August 15th: Artist Claims
August 20th: 2nd Artist Claims (Optional)
September 1st: Check in #4 / Dropout Date for Artists
October 1st: Check in #5 (M)
October 10st – 14th: 2nd Rough Draft for Writers Due (90%) (M)
October 29th: Check in #6 (M)
October 31st: Work is Due
November 1st: Posting Starts

*(M) = Mandatory Check-In

[art by @spacebitch-pidge]

Originally posted by the-reinthirs


So I thought I would post this, to remind myself how far I’ve come ^_^
I never posted a before picture, as I was too embarassed in the past. But finally I’m at that point, where I’m proud of his far I’ve come :D
Before picture is me at over 14st I would say more 14 and a half. And current picture is at 10st 13lb :) my goal is to be about 8st 8lb to 9st, I have a way to go but I’m getting there! :D

Canon ages, heights and weights for each berserk charatcer

Source here

Romanized name: Guts

Age: 24

Height: 204cm - 6'8"

Weight: 115kg - 18st.2lb

Romanized name: Puck

Age: Unknown (c'moon…)

Height: 15cm - 0'6"

Weight: 20g - 0.04lb

Romanized name: Casca

Age: 24

Height: 165cm - 5'5"

Weight: 50kg - 7st.12lb

Romanized name: Farnese

Age: 19

Height: 162cm - 5'4"

Weight: 48kg - 7st.8lb

Romanized name: Serpico

Age: 20

Height: 175cm - 5'9"

Weight: 63kg - 9st.13lb

Romanized name: Isidro

Age: 14

Height: 130cm - 4'3"

Weight: 42kg - 6st.9lb

Romanized name: Schierke

Age: 13

Height: 120cm - 3'11"

Weight: 31kg - 4st.12lb

Romanized name: Ivalera

Age: Unknown

Height: 17cm - 0'7"

Weight: 18g - 0.04lb

Romanized name: Azan

Age: 46

Height: 157cm - 5'2"

Weight: 95kg - 14st.13lb

Romanized name: Roderick

Age: 27

Height: 188cm - 6'2"

Weight: 77kg - 12st.2lb

Romanized name: Magnifico

Age: 28

Height: 174cm - 5'9"

Weight: 69kg - 10st.12lb

Romanized name: Isma

Age: 15

Height: 152cm - 4'12"

Weight: 44kg - 6st.13lb

Romanized name: Griffith

Age: 24

Height: 178cm - 5'10"

Weight: 66kg - 10st.6lb

Romanized name: Zodd

Age: Unknown

Height: 220cm - apostle form 350cm | 7'3" - apostle form 11'6" (seems a little short in his apostle form - possibly referring to when he’s on all fours?)

Weight: 165kg - apostle form 1001kg | 26st - apostle form 157st.9lb (just 1 over 1000kg - Zodd goes above and beyond!)

Romanized name: Sonia

Age: 15

Height: 140cm - 4'7"

Weight: 42kg - 6st.9lb

Romanized name: Locks

Age: Unknown

Height: 200cm - apostle form 300cm | 6'7" - apostle form 9'10"

Weight: 100kg - apostle form 520kg | 15st.10lb - apostle form 81st.12lb

Romanized name: Irvine

Age: Unknown

Height/length: 175cm - apostle form 531cm from nose to tail | 5'9" - apostle form 17'5" from nose to tail

Weight: 63kg - apostle form 446kg | 9st.13lb - apostle form 70st.3lb

Romanized name: Gurunberd

Age: Unknown

Height: 270cm - apostle form 600cm | 8'10" - apostle form 19'8"

Weight: 303kg - apostle form 1644kg | 47st.10lb - apostle form 258st.12lb

Romanized name: Raksas (with extra sass)

Age: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Mule (Wolflame):
Romanized name: Mule

Age: 17

Height: 150cm - 4'11" (he’s tiny!)

Weight: 48kg - 7st.8lb

Romanized name: Rickert

Age: 19 (holy shit!)

Height: 166cm - 5'5"

Weight: 61kg - 9st.8lb

Romanized name: Judo

Age: 18

Height: 159cm - 5'3"

Weight: 49kg - 7st.10lb

Romanized name: Pippin

Age: 19

Height: 190cm - 6'3"

Weight: 133kg - 20st.13lb

Romanized name: Carcus

Age: 20

Height: 173cm - 5'8"

Weight: 66kg - 10st.6lb

Romanized name: Charlotte

Age: 20

Height: 162cm - 5'4"

Weight: 50kg - 7st.12lb

Romanized name: Mozguz

Age: 42

Height: 222cm - apostle spawn form 280cm | 7'3" - apostle spawn form 9'2"

Weight: 145kg - apostle spawn form 299kg | 22st.12lb - apostle spawn form

Romanized name: Ganishka

Age: Unknown

Height: 180cm - apostle form “measurement is impossible” | 5'11" - apostle form “y'all can’t measure this”

Weight: 92kg - apostle form “measurement is impossible” | 14st.7lb - apostle form “y'all can’t measure this”

Romanized name: Master Daiba

Age: Unknown

Height: 165cm - 5'5"

Weight: 44kg - 6st.13lb

Romanized name: Silat

Age: 25

Height: 182cm - 5'12"

Weight: 75kg - 11st.11lb

Romanized name: Erica

Age: 11

Height: 139cm (she’s taller than Schierke, ha) - 4'7"

Weight: 43kg - 6st.11lb

Romanized name: Godo

Age: 68

Height: 155cm - 5'1"

Weight: 51kg - 8st

Romanized name: Luka

Age: 27 (older than I expected)

Height: 174cm - 5'9"

Weight: 63kg - 9st.13lb

More at the source link at the top

misfit-6uardian  asked:

"Yeah, I know I don't know you very well. But you seem more stressed out than you usually do." Scarlet lightly jabbed at the hooded hedgehog. "Maybe you could use a drink"

 Truth be told: he was always stressed. But at the moment, some time to wind down and drink did sound good-even if it was with a complete stranger. The other looked like a prime zoner,but their aura was much different. This guy he could like.

 “Yes, I suppose I could go for a round or two.”


My name is charmian. I am a 16 year old girl from England. I am 5'5 and weigh 10st 12pounds.

Puberty hit when I was 12. I went from being a flat chested, straight up straight down little girl to a 34C/D with hips. In what seemed overnight
I began to be bullied by girls, them saying that I was fat. I was also being sexualised by boys and men. I want to repeat, I was 12-13 years old and grown men were saying they would love to ‘smash my back doors in’ when I was walking down the street

My mom said not to worry, that girls will soon catch up with me, and I will love my body shape when I’m older. Except I never did learn to love my body.

In high school I got a skirt ban as my skirt was a little over my knees when my friends skirts were even shorter.

I began to hate myself, planning to starve so I could be skinny, so I wouldn’t get bullied or ridiculed anymore. But that didn’t work.

But now, I don’t care anymore, I know that I will always have boobs and hips and thunder thighs as I call them. Any amount of starving or dieting isn’t going to help me.

My name is charmian. I am a 16 year girl from England. I am 5'5 and weigh 10st 12 pounds.
And I am beautiful.

I’m 5'5, I weigh 10st 11lbs now and used to weigh 14st 7lbs.

It’s taken me just over a year to get this shape, by eating 3 meals a day with fruit in between, switching from white to brown (bread, pasta, rice), cutting out as much processed food I could, drinking  water and green tea as they’re all I really like, exercising regularly, cycling, walking, jogging, jillian michaels dvds, blogilates, and I would treat myself every 2 weeks with pizza, nandos, cookies, haribo - the lot! And not feel guilty, but just keep on going…