TOP TEN FAVOURITE COUPLES  | 04. mark sloan & lexie grey

“i love you. oh god— oh, my god, that just came flying out of my face like some sort of… i love you. i just— i did it again. i love you. i do. i just, I love you. and i have been trying not to say it. i have been trying so hard to just mash it down and ignore it and not say it and… jackson is a great guy. he is. he’s gorgeous and he’s younger than you, he doesn’t have any grandkids, or babies with his lesbian bffs, and he’s an avery, and he liked me, you know? he really liked me. but it was never gonna work out, because i love you. i am so in love with you. you’re in me. you’re like— it’s like you’re a disease. it’s like i am infected by mark sloan! and i just can’t think about anything or anybody and i can’t sleep. i can’t breathe. i can’t eat. and I love you. i love you all the time. every minute of every day. i love you. god, that feels good to just say that. i feel so much better. i love you.“

Four Leaf Clover Items For Sale

Hello everyone! Many of you may know that I have a rather strange ability to find four leaf clovers pretty much anywhere I go, I even annoyed a few studio friends when I found five in the time it took them to find one! Because of this good fortune I have with clovers I decided to spread that luck to all of you! 

For your enjoyment I have laminated clovers as a small sheet, ones turned into two types of keychains, and even some done up in resin blocks! 

Laminated Four Leaf Clover-$5

Cord Keychain Four Leaf- $7

Chain Keychain Four Leaf-$9

One Inch Resin Block-$10

I have the ability to make two inch blocks but none of the prototypes have come out well (If you want a discounted messed up prototype message me and I can work with you on getting that)

All include free shipping to the USA, and depending on costs out of country it could even be free for that as well! (If shipping exceeds half the cost of the product you will have to pay it).

*All items pictured are prototypes, finished products will be of similar or greater quality but never below*

*all clovers are found in the wild so some have defects and strange ways the leafs formed, all happen naturally and you may end up with one of these “broken” clovers because they aren’t actually broken*

So to break that down in one space:

Laminated- $5




Shipping-Probably free

I also have some 5 leaf clovers that will cost about $3-$5 more depending on which product you want, if you so desire! 

I accept payments through Paypal, please message me for any orders and details and enjoy your clovers!

Also if you could signal booting this it would be appreciated!

hi guys its miles here, i’m opening commissions for money in the time this paycheck hits && my next paycheck after training at my new job. my main concern is june’s rent which is about 220$ USD. non mutuals can request commissions, its not just mutuals that can request from me.

i’m willing to make 

icons ( with or without psd )

graphics ( promos, mobile headers, etc )

aesthetics ( ship aesthetics, single character, etc )

pricing is as follows 


  • pack of 50 icons - $3
  • pack of 100 icons - $5
  • pack of 300 icons - $10


  • promos && mobile headers - $5


  • single character - $10
  • ship / 2 character - $15

for questions, examples && if you’d wish to commission me please feel free im or message me over tumblr. for donations && my paypal to send me payment the email will be megatronofficial@hotmail.com. 

cheers guys, i don’t really like begging for money but i wasn’t paid much this check && im worried about cash right now. if you can’t donate or aren’t interested in a commission please at least reblog && boost this c:  



Just need to get rid of some stuff I never wear before I move in a year! Included items listed in the caption. Or send me an ask if you’re interested!




Reblogs super appreciated!!

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TOP TEN FAVOURITE COUPLES  | 08. richard castle & kate beckett

“just waiting for my partner. maybe you’ve seen her: pretty girl, think she can leap tall buildings in a single bound, carries the weight of the world on her shoulders, yet… still manages to laugh at some of my jokes. anyway, if you do see her, tell her she owes me about a hundred coffees.”