Japril Meme

10 Looks Part 8 - She’s the One (10x16)

Mama Avery: You’re supposed to be my sweet baby boy. How could you do this to me?

Jackson: I’m not a little kid anymore, mom. I’ve found a wife and I plan to keep her.

Mama Avery: I don’t like that I didn’t get to interrogate her beforehand. It’s my duty as your mom, you know?

Jackson: Not neccessary. I know she’s the one that I want. She’s the only one for me.

Japril Meme

10 Scenes Part 9 - Jackson consoles April (9x19)

April: I’m so sad. Not just about my patient dying but about what we could have been. I’m not ready to talk to the patient yet and I don’t want to go to Matthew. I just want you to hold me.

Jackson: Will do. I’m always here for you. When life gets rough, I’ll always be your anchor.