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Tagged by: @jindongdongie Thank you so much for tagging me again! Ik you have tagged me a lot, and I’m sorry I haven’t been able to answer all tags, I would if I could and I appreciate it very much! I hope you’re well and doing good ꒰⌯͒•ɷ•⌯͒꒱ฅ 🎀💕

What is a song (kpop or non kpop) that gets you through the day these days? Link it, please?

♡ I like this question, It’s interesting. Hmmm what song gets me through my day that’s so tough I think that’s why I like it! What’s a favourite song that gets me through my day? Well, my favourite BTS song is Spring Day BTS, but that makes me emotional, so I wouldn’t class that as one that would ‘get me through the day’ necessarily. If it’s a case of getting me through my day, It would have to be beaty and joyful to keep me positive. So I might link a few songs that cheer me up, getting me through the day…. recently?

♡ I love As If It’s Your Last ~ BLΛƆKPIИK. Like, It never fails to make me smile and the MV is super cute too. They are my favourite girl group, and it’s super beaty and joyful! I am even learning the choreography and getting quite far with it so I am pleased: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Amq-qlqbjYA The comeback stages are worth a look too, how do they sing so well whilst performing the choreography in those cute colourful outfits keeping their voice steady is unreal!

♡ I also recommend for a song that gets me through the day from a kpop aspect, 365 FRESH by Triple H. I feel like it doesn’t get noticed enough and it’s fairly new too. It makes me so happy, although the actual MV could be seen as morbid, but follows an interesting storyline. It’s worth a listen. Triple H is in fact made up of singer Hyuna, and two members from the boy band Pentagon. It’s a pretty lit song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gPQenyj1nI

♡ Lastly, from a kpop aspect, just only recently I’ve discovered OK by Crayon Pop sub-unit Strawberry Milk. (Yes, I know I’m behind the times ahaha.) It was released in 2014. I love the MV it’s so pink and poppy and bright. The chore is simple yet adorable and it always lifts my spirits getting me through the day! If you pay attention to the English lyrics, you will see that they perfectly fit the description of Jin of BTS and that simultaneously makes me happy and also makes me laugh it’s just too cute! Please listen it’s cute af: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VQ-OJ3vCn0

♡ What kind of? Gets me through the day that is non kpop for now recently anyway is Moonlight by Ariana Grande. It’s off her Dangerous Woman album and sometimes I listen to it before I go to sleep. It’s so gentle and I love the sweet lyrics, it’s all very mellow and I imagine fluffy clouds and shimmering galaxies when I listen to it. It’s soothing and I feel like it’s under-appreciated: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LN3UOb3iiTE
I could probably go on, but it’s long already lmao It kind of turned into my favourite songs rn but ay ahaha

What is your favorite scent?

♡ This is hard too ahhh ahaha. I like anything super sweet smelling and feminine like vanilla, marshmallow or anything that smells like sugar cookies, candy or even chocolate! (Perfume wise)

But in general, um, I like the smell of petrichor - (a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.)

Do you send in anon messages? 👀

Rarely  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Favorite hand lotion?

♡ Mmmm I don’t really use hand lotion that often really, since my skin is sensitive to fragranced things, I have a Cath Kidston hand cream however which is scented bluebell and jasmine which smells vv good.
Your go-to emoji?

♡ My probably most used emoji is: 😂 but I like any pink emoji really, I use the tiger emoji often as that is my nickname and what I use a lot in my social media profiles. 🐯🌸🎀💘🍥🌙✨

The color of your nails right now?

♡ They currently aren’t painted ahahah >.< but I wish rn that they were black holographic hehe :3

Which Idol’s crazy hair color would you want to try?

♡ Eh, idk if it’s that crazy, but I’ve wanted to dye my hair the same pink tone as Jimin from the Spring Day era ever since I saw it, but idk if it would suit me. I’ve never dyed my hair an unnatural colour as of yet, but I recently dyed it a slightly lighter shade of blonde and I like it.

3 words that describe you?

♡ Um, introverted, laugh-a-lot (ik that isn’t really a word but I do laugh quite a lot), and daydreamer I guess.
Your current favorite quote?

♡ Oh I love this question too! I like a lot of quotes, however the one that just popped into my head randomly is from AGUST D (Suga) of BTS’ Give It To Me:
‘I can’t live like a dog when I’m born to be a tiger’ I love that a lot, it resonates with me.

Your wallpaper background?

♡ By wallpaper, I guess you mean my home screen wallpaper on my phone. It’s Sope from Festa 2016. And I love it. They are so in love it’s just beautiful.

Thanks again for the tag, and I’m sorry It’s so long! I tag: @veronaprincess @pinkfluffyllama @danhowellspancakes @loudunspoken @amazing-phil-is-not-on-fire @tardisdemigodexo @ichoseescapingmemories @bumblebeesaredemons @crystallsoulls @teamhellyeah

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Here are my 10 questions for those tagged to answer:

1. Do you have any ships in your bias group? If so, what’s your favourite picture of them? If you don’t ship, what’s your favourite picture of all time of your bias?

2. Explain one of your dreams/nightmares?

3. If you had a chance to meet your bias, and maybe go for a date somewhere, what would you wear? (Outfit pictures?) and what would be your flirting techniques?

4. What’s a song your in love with at the moment and can’t stop listening to? Kpop or non-kpop? Link?

5. Are you missing something/someone right now?

6. If you could watch the trailer for your whole life, would you choose to watch it? Or be left uncertain of your future?

7. Do you have a night-time/bedtime routine? 🌙

8. Your favourite meme rn? Picture? Link?

9. If you could change one thing about the world rn, what would it be?

10. Do you write fan fiction? Or do you enjoy reading it? Please send me links to your fan fiction I would love to give it a read!  

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Day 10 - Fairy Tail couples that you support






Ma anche: Nalu, Gerza, Elfever, Bacchana, Stingyu, Rounerva, Lyredy, Zervis, Silvur, Gildeen (GildartsxEileen), ScorpiusxAquarius, Lories….




10 Day YOI Challenge
Day 2: favorite scene (“Yuri on Ice” + first kiss)

Such a relieving scene after everything that’d built up to it. One of the sweetest moments in my opinion is how Yuri’s eyes widen when he realizes what’s happening.

10 Day Self Sim Cas Challenge

  1. Everyday wear
  2. Formal wear
  3. Athletic wear
  4. You at another age (so if you are young adult make yourself younger or older)
  5. An outfit you would never wear in real life
  6. Dream job 
  7. Date night outfit
  8. Dress up/costume
  9. Another time period
  10. Dressed in your favourite colours 

Enjoy and maybe tag me in your posts or tag it as #selfsimcaschallenge 

Use whatever game you prefer :)

drawing commission for Brittany

ten days of minimalistic living

have you ever wanted to add something to improve your life? like consistent exercise or clean eating? if you have, that’s great! you’re already 50% there.

however, have you ever thought about removing elements of your life instead of adding elements? if you have, you’re now 75% there.

if you haven’t, don’t worry, let me explain.

instead of adding elements to improve your life, minimalistic living aims at subtracting elements to improve your life. it targets areas in which you can simplify your life in the most easiest and effective fashion.

so with that being said, i’ve compiled 10 one-day assignments to help you begin your journey into minimalist living.

1. designate an hour for “you time”

choose a secluded place where you can disconnect from the virtual world. focus on what it feels like to be at peace and, if you feel inclined, jot down your intimate thoughts and feelings in a journal.

2. no complaints, no not today

complaining can easily become a habit. however, today try your best to not get frustrated at the man who is taking forever to order in front of you at starbucks or the woman who is walking too slowly in front of you.

3. clear out your email inbox

you know that email subscription you signed up for? the one that sends you emails all the time, but you forget to delete the emails or unsubscribe yourself from receiving future emails? yeah, you know the one. well, take time today to make your inbox spick and span.

4. disconnect and dream

instead of taking your phone to bed with you to check social media posts from besties and celebrities, leave your phone on your desk. your body needs sleep. social media will be there tomorrow morning.

5. remove one item from your to do list

you could probably complete everything on your to do list, but doing so may leave you burned out by the end of the day. so instead, choose the most important assignments and leave out the last one.

6. listen instead of waiting for your turn to speak

when talking to a friend, a family member, or a colleague, actually listen to what he/she is saying, then respond.

7. eat a meal without watching a movie or show

it’s easy to make dinner then plop on a couch with a plate full of food to watch your favorite netflix show. however, watching a show takes away from the eating experience. instead, sit and eat while paying attention to how the food actually tastes.

8. turn off notifications

notifications can easily interfere with your day. so for today, only check your social media accounts when necessary.

9. make two lists

make one list of things that make you happy. then make another list of things you do every day. adjust accordingly.

10. wake up an hour earlier

although you may classify yourself as a night owl, try becoming a morning person for one day. hop out of bed, make yourself a cup of coffee, and begin to conquer the day. you’ll be amazed at how much work you can complete with waking up one hour earlier.

if you try out any of these assignments and you show progress, feel free to individually message me. i would love to hear your story.

do have a lovely week ♥