The Top Ten Reasons You Should Be Watching The Good Wife (If You’re Not Already) (in no particular order)

    —> #1 The Friendships

This is a show that writes the little things well. The writers have created several interesting dynamics using combinations of main cast members, and, while these relationships aren't necessarily the focus of the show and don’t appear in every episode, they’re consistent, wonderful, and great to watch. For example, there’s the relationship between the political “good wife” and the campaign manager who comes to respect her (Alicia and Eli). There’s the relationship between the two name partners of a law firm who describe themselves as the perfect couple— without the sex (Diane and Will). There’s the terrific portrayal* of a female friendship (anyone who’s watched the show can probably guess why I’ve included an asterisk here, but I won’t spoil anything for any potential viewers) (Alicia and Kalinda). The list goes on, and on, and on.  If you’re looking for a show that makes the most of its characters and crafts a wide range of unique friendships, The Good Wife is the show for you.