How good are the 2p at kissing

Jason J, Jones/ 2p America: Hot and passionate, there will be some saliva afterwards but it is worth it 7/10

James Williams/ 2p Canada: OK it can go two ways, no tongue or way to much, he dose not know how to kill, he may lick you instead since well, he cant human 1/10

Louis Boneyfoy/ 2p France:kinda of sloppy, and lots of tongue, it woudl be somewhere between a 4 and 6/10

Oliver Kirkland/ 2p England:little tiny pecks on the lips,always leaving the other for more :3

Sergei Braninsky/ 2p Russia: He is not a good kisser, he barley even kisses his s/o and when his s/o dose want a kiss, he usually just kinda of back up a bit, and light peck is what is it like a 2/10

Yang Wang / 2p china:  dose this guy now how to use his tongue,usually 75% will usually turn someone on, and not to much slobber,it is just right, kiss him 9/10

Siegfried Beilschmidt./ 2p Germany:ever hear of tonsils kiss….yeah 3/10,endless your into that stuff

Luciano Vargas/ 2p Italy: passion!!!, greatness!!, 10/10

Flavio Vargas/ 2p Romano: OH BOY KISS THIS MAN HE KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING 11/10!!!!!!!

Klaus Beilschmidt./ 2p Prussia:His kisses are sweet,nice and warm kiss him you will not regret it 7/10

Kuro Honda/ 2p Japan: Don’t kiss him you will probably get laid…in a coffin, don’t kiss him endless he kisses you, not the other way around , but when he dose kiss you… 8/10

Ryszard Edelstein/ 2p Austria: Good luck trying to breath with this guy and kiss kisses, and it kinda of makes people slightly turned on….wonder why 6/10

Santiago Fernández Carriedo/ 2p Spain: You know how sometimes he rolls his r’s, well he dose that when kissing you so have fun. 7/10

Anastasia Braninsky/ 2p Belarus: she will never give you a kiss, no you have to give her a kiss and you better catch her on a good day other ways she will be pissed, but her kisses are sweet and gentle  7.5/10

Maryska Braninsky/2p Ukraine: she knows what she is doing, that is all i will say since this can easily get r-rated 11/10

Box of Rain
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

by indirection

Length: 26k

Rating: 8/10

Louis is definitely not the next Muhammad Ali, just an illegal boxer with no prospects for the future. Harry is a hippie Uni student that in his free time informally works as a ring boy. Somehow he manages to always get tangled on the ropes and at the same time charm the pants off of all the fighters and patrons. They meet in Manchester in 1977 and, even though they don’t seem to have much in common, they… Well, they just sort of click, really.


The one with a friendship ruiner game of Monopoly, Harry always ending up in jail for wanting to save the world, Louis face to face with his archenemy and way too many references to 70s music.

Also staring Zayn as a brooding anarchist punk rocker, Liam as the nerdiest and nicest boxer in all Britain and Niall as a bookmarker that can easily convince people to bet fortunes, but can’t make his friends realise their mutual crush on each other.

Ao3, One-Shot

Salt and Vinegar

by elsi_bee

Length: 77k

Rating: 9/10

Louis is ready to experience the local flavour during his next few weeks in beautiful Costa Rica. So why does the same British boy keep pulling him in?

Ao3, Chaptered, Completed

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What We’re Reading

All the Right Moves by cherrystreet -

(university!au, basketball player harry, explicit, 17k)

Rating: 8/10

This is the third game in a row that Harry has been distracted by the noisy boy in the stands, five rows back.

There’s really no reason that he should feel compelled to stare into the audience as frequently as he is, but he can’t help it. This boy is a nuisance. And he’s loud. Even from basketball court with nine other players running by him, shoes squeaking on the shiny hardwood floor, and thousands of cheering college students, Harry can hear this boy nearly shrieking, his laugh more like a cackle than anything.

It’s seriously obnoxious.

Dust on the Road by velvetoscar

(teacher!harry, pining, 18k)

Rating: 8/10

Louis is definitely fine and Lottie is definitely crushing on her French teacher, and these two things have nothing to do with each other. Except they do. And Louis is not fine.

7 Up by cherrystreet

(growing up together, break-up, ANGST, explicit, 51k)

Rating: 10/10

Very loosely based on the British TV show “The Up Series” and somewhat inspired by the song “Something I Need” by Onerepublic, we follow the lives of Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson in an interview setting every seven years. They fall apart and come together, their lives and emotions recorded. Harry calls it a time capsule. Louis calls it a pain in the arse.

Needing You More and More, Let’s Give Love a Try by supernope

(mpreg!harry, friends to lovers, fluff, 33k)

Rating: 7/10

When Harry gets pregnant after a one night stand, Louis helps him get everything together, from buying pregnancy clothes to taking him on a babymoon. Somewhere along the way, they realize that their feelings for each other are more than platonic.

You Take Me Higher by ysl_harrie -

(fluff, funny/crack, explicit 8k)

Rating: 8/10

The one where Louis enters into a passionate fake elevator relationship with a strange boy whose name he doesn’t know.

2p playing video games

Jason J, Jones/ 2p America: “I am winning i am winning come you guys try to catch up to me” 10/10

James Williams/ 2p Canada: “How do i remote” -2/10

Louis Boneyfoy/ 2p France: ….i quit” 0/10

Oliver Kirkland/ 2p England: *is smiling while stabbing a video game charter* “This is one way to get the anger out of system”  6/10

Sergei Braninsky/ 2p Russia: “this seem like a waste of time,once i master all the moves it so simple to beat why you pay sixty dollars for this” 8/10


Siegfried Beilschmidt./ 2p Germany: “DIE YOU MOTHERFUCKER KILL EM” 7/10

Luciano Vargas/ 2p Italy: “This fucing stinks!” 0/10

Flavio Vargas/ 2p Romano: “I am bored!!!!!!!!!!!!,can we at least play something fun!” 3/10

Klaus Beilschmidt./ 2p Prussia: “This is fun” :) 8/10

Kuro Honda/ 2p Japan: “concentration to the max will hit you if you try to take the controller away” 10/10 

Ryszard Edelstein/ 2p Austria: “are you kidding me, i could cause even more mass destruction in the real world” 4/10

Santiago Fernández Carriedo/ 2p Spain: “I hate this” 1/10

Anastasia Braninsky/ 2p Belarus: “why should i play such silly games, this is boring and to many buttons!” 2/10

Maryska Braninsky/2p Ukraine: “….i have no idea what i am doing,but i am winning” 7/10

Behavioural Ecology
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

by turtlekz

Length: 81k

Rating: 8/10

Louis Tomlinson is a primatologist working with the Jane Goodall Institute for primate conservation; and Harry Styles is the photojournalist sent from National Geographic to write a piece promoting awareness about the endangered species. They meet, and love is never, ever simple, as we know.

Featuring Eli the chimpanzee, bickering humans, storytelling, and five men who come to gain an understanding of what it means to be human; all stationed in the Republic of the Congo.

Ao3, Chaptered, Completed

shakespeare: Poor naked wretches, wheresoe'er you are, that bide the pelting of this pitiless storm, how shall your houseless heads and unfed sides, your looped and windowed raggedness, defend you from seasons such as these? 

me: 3/10


me: what the fuck this is fucking beautifulgjnk