10 Most Powerful Lines from the Fullmetal Alchemist Manga

↳ (4/10) Alphonse Elric: "How am I supposed to fight in that body!?"

My love for Alphonse grew immensely after this part. Can you imagine - he’s been searching for years and years for his body and finally, it’s right in front of him. But then he’s left with a choice; take his body and be useless in the battlefield or fight. You can see how frustrated and conflicted he is with that choice but he still chooses to reject his body and go fight. He wants to help everyone and protect them. He doesn’t want what happened to Hughes, Martel and Nina to happen again - he wants to help people, even if it means sacrificing the one thing he wants the most. Al is, by far, the most noble character in this manga. 


Sketch (any size) $10 (+ $10 per person)

Line Art (Bust: $15) (Torso: $17.50) (Full body: $20)(+ $15 per person)

Fully Colored (Bust: $25) (Torso: $35) (Full Body: $45) (+ $35 per person) (+ $10 for a semi detailed background) (+25 for fully detailed back ground)

Chibi (any size $25) (+ $20 per person) (+ $15 for a semi detailed background)

One Layer Painting ($25 to $40 depending on difficulty levels)

I will create a Monstersona/Clownsona/Gemsona/Fan Troll/whateversona for the buyer for $25 to $30 depending on difficulty. (+ $25 per person) (+ $15 for semi detailed background) (+ $25 for detailed background) (You MUST provide some sort of information when buying this. For example: For a gemsona you must have at least a color and a weapon in mind, along with a certain aesthetic of clothing style. If you have a gem already selected that would be preferable.)

Please send an ask off anon or email me at emileigh@mymelody.com if you wish to purchase a commission. If you don’t have a tumblr and have chosen to send an email please send me an anonymous ask telling me that you’ve sent an email. I rarely check my emails so you will have to tell me for me to see it asap. You must also, for every single commission option, have some sort of reference for me to go off of. I don’t need written as much as I’d need stock photos of something close to what your character is wearing and a quickly sketched picture of your oc’s face. SOMETHING VISUAL PLEASE.

I also dabble in design (which is what I am majoring in college right now) so if you need a design or logo for your youtube/tumblr/shirts/webpage/ect please contact me and I’ll see what I can do!

OK, you know what if I’m still bothering you for commissions,I’m really REALLY sorry, but this is really important

I’m still struggling to find another job since I’ve been let go of my old job about 2 months ago. I have to go through the struggle of finding a job and had to deal with my mother’s bickering, also I wanna move away for a few days to get some personal space from my family, so I hope this commission helps step my game up.

This is a sonic OC commission, but it doesn’t have to be OCs, it could be canon Sonic characters as well.

  • Sketches
    • Bust - $5
    • Full Body - $10
  • Line art
    • Bust - $10
    • Full body - 15
  • Color
    • Bust -$15
    • Full body - $20

**Adding an extra character are the same price depending on the category** 

** Sending pictures of the OC is more helpful, just in case I wont make mistakes**

**NO NSFW/FETISH** – Commissions must be PG to PG-13 and safe for work.

**Paypal only**

Email me about the commission and send the payment on paypal with this email: Kerostar1200@aol.com

  Again, sorry for bothering you. I really need some support. You may also signal boost to spread the word


10 Most Powerful Lines from the Fullmetal Alchemist Manga

↳ (3/10) Roy Mustang: "He would never subject Alphonse to it."

I’m genuinely upset that they didn’t incorporate this part in the anime (Brotherhood). I feel like it’s very important for the character development and story. It sheds a light on a different perspective of Ed. In both the manga and anime, when he performed human transmutation, Ed was seen as really brave and selfless when giving up his arm for Al’s soul. But what about before that? This is what this scene shows. That Ed was alone. He was scared. He was terrified. Which is so realistic since he was so young at the time. And Mustang’s line of, “he would never subject Alphonse to it,” shows just how much Ed cares for Al, and also shows how the people around him (re: Mustang) can see that too and understand him so well.



digital paintings: $60


no color: $15 per sec

color: $25 per sec

character art: (per character)

black and white sketch: $5

colored sketch: $10

lined and colored piece: $35

EMAIL: kelly.kirsch@aol.com

Twitter: @plantjuice

Thank you all!!! I love you and your endless support :-)



Hey all! Here’s an up-to-date commission info post as of October 2015!

Pricing Info: 

Bust - $5 | Full Body - $10

Line Drawing
Bust - $15 | Full Body - $25

Flat Colors
Bust - $20 | Full Body $20

Full Shading (Includes a solid background)
Bust - $40 | Full Body - $60

Full Color + Backgrounds start at $75, and are based on background complexity.*
(Full Body Portraits Only!)

Additional characters are +50% each*

Digital Commissions come with a copyright release form for printing if you want to get it professionally printed! 

More Info under the cut! 

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Gonna start small with commissions and see how it goes!

Bust commissions 

sketches are $5 

sketch with flat color is $10

lined and color is $15

+$2 per additional character

cant draw furries sorry (simple animal ears are ok though)

can do simple background (color or pattern for ex) its free

heres my art blog if ya wanna see more

paypal & usd only sorry  (be sure to click “Goods and Services”)

i’ll send you progress pics if you want them

payment first is preferred but if that makes u uncomfy we will work something else out 

5 slots open for now !!



So I decided to make an updated commission post bc my prices have changed since the last one, so here we go!
All comms come with a simple white, transparent, or colored background of your choosing!
If interested, just shoot me an email at onstamon@gmail.com!

CG (celshaded) coloring:
Bust: $25
Waist up: $45
Fullbody: $65
Additional character: +50% orig price
Detailed BG: + 25%

Bust: $35
Waist up: $60
Fullbody: $80
Additional character: +50% orig price
Detailed BG: + 25%

Sketch: $10
Lined: $15
CGed: $20

600x600 icons are $15 each!

For any inquiries about anything else like headers or t-shirts, don’t be afraid to ask! I’ll price them according to the price breakdown up there. I may charge a bit extra for t-shirt designs however!

Thanks for reading guys! \ O /


10 Most Powerful Lines from the Fullmetal Alchemist Manga

↳ (6/10) Trisha Elric: "Don't call yourself a monster."

I love this line so much mostly for the fact that it had such an impact on Hohenheim. For all those years he had been alive, suffering, he had always thought that he was a monster for what happened with Father. But then Trisha comes along and tells him, no, you are not a monster. And he’s so surprised, because she was a human, just like all the souls in his body were, and she doesn’t degrade him or hate him, she accepts him. It’s almost like she forgives him, and that he was forgiven for all his indirect sins that he’s so guilty of. 


10 Most Powerful Lines from the Fullmetal Alchemist Manga

↳ (1/10) Edward Elric: "After all, you have perfect legs to stand on."

This line was one of my favorites when I was first reading the manga. You can obviously tell that Ed sees himself in Rose - how when she lost everything after the false religion was exposed and how she had no idea what to do next. When she’s asking Ed “what am I supposed to do now” I honestly thought, the first time I read it, that he would tell her to come with him so she would become that female supporting character/love interest/companion like in most mangas. But his answer was just perfect. "Move on. After all you have perfect legs to stand on.“ He’s telling her that, no. You haven’t lost everything. Look at those legs you have. Now look at mine. I was in your position - even worse, but I still managed to get back on my feet. You should be able to, too. It’s a beautiful parallel of when Mustang first met Edward. Perfect.



10 Most Powerful Lines from the Fullmetal Alchemist Manga

↳ (2/10) Ling Yao: "It was supposed to make us all immortal."

The fact that Ling said “us” speaks lengths. It can be so easily assumed that the only reason Ling searched for the Philosopher’s Stone was for selfish reasons since he was so keen on becoming the new emperor of Xing. However, in this part, when he cries over the death of Fuu - one of his servants - you can see that he wasn’t just looking out for himself. It reinforces what he said to Bradley (“You will never be a true king.”). Nobles like him wouldn’t even bat a lash if one of their servants died. But Ling is different. You can see how selfless he is. He wanted to use the Stone, not just for him, but for everyone. He wanted go back to Xing with both Lan Fan and Fuu by his side. He thought they would all be immortal with the stone. You can see clearly that in this part, when he says us, that he was never doing anything for himself and he cares deeply for all his people. 


I’m starting commissions to help out with bills and loan payments while I find work for myself in the real world! I don’t want to put it in too much detail, but the skinny is that I’m putting all my energy into making things better for myself this year. I want to be able to take care of my adult responsibilities on top of making art my career (an animator a.k.a. professional child).

Contact my email, saltycardinal@gmail.com , or my ask box, which is always open to request a commission! Please read the guidelines before contacting me!


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[10LINE] Shinhwa

Shinhwa: Instead of “Korea’s longest running idol” how about we describe them as “an idol that makes history”. Shinhwa released their 12th full album “WE” on the 26th last month, and once again made history with title track “Sniper”. Already, every step Shinhwa takes is the first, and through “Sniper” they won 10 times on music shows, rewriting their own highest record. Simultaneously making history while breaking their best record, Shinhwa is indeed a legendary existence.

Lee Sooman: Shinhwa’s creator. As the CEO of SM Entertainment, which made Shinhwa, he is considered to have the midas touch, having created top level idol groups like Shinhwa, H.O.T, Dongbang Shinki, S.E.S, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, Shinee, EXO. You could feel the source of Shinhwa’s hard work through “Lee Sooman’s biography”, which contains stories about Lee Sooman. In “Lee Sooman’s biography”, Shinhwa is described as an existence one does not want to give up on, despite it having been a situation where Shinhwa’s 1st album “Resolver” failed and the album market took a direct hit due to IMF. Preparing for their 2nd album “T.O.P”, Shinhwa was described as “6 young men who paid no heed to the one failure, saying they cannot waver and immersed themselves in dance and singing practice, with their teeth gritted.” Shinhwa won their first number 1 on a music show with 2nd album “T.O.P” and started to write a legend in earnest.

Brand New”: The title track of Shinhwa’s 7th full album. Shinhwa received the Daesang with “Brand New” at “The 15th Seoul Music Awards” and SBS “Gayo Daejun”, winning their first Daesang 7 years after debut. This is an extraordinary feat as it was the first album Shinhwa released through their new agency after leaving SM Entertainment. Shinhwa left SM Entertainment in 2003 and went into Good Entertainment, which had them facing an important turning point in the group’s career. While receiving the glory of a Daesang through “Brand New”, it also built up on the foundation for them becoming longest running idols. “Brand New” left a strong impression with the members’ individual performance and its grand melody and is also a song that Shinhwa feels exceptionally affectionate about. Shinhwa even called their new album’s title track “Sniper” the 2015 version of “Brand New”. In an interview with 10Asia, composer Park Geuntae said, “I pondered over how masculinity and sexiness could exist together for ‘Brand New’. It didn’t take me more than 10 minutes to write the melody once the song’s theme was out.” ‘Brand New’ is a song that is full of Shinhwa’s masculinity and sexiness.

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Hello Everyone! I am really starting to hurt for some money, as I can’t currently work and go to school due to my depression I am running out and still need to be able to afford my $200 pills and gas as I drive to school. 


  • sketch- $10
  • line- $13
  • color- $18


  • sketch- $15
  • line- $18
  • color- $25


  • sketch- $20
  • line- $25
  • color- $30


  • headshot-$30
  • halfbody- $40
  • fullbody- $50

Now all prices are subject to change depending on complexity of the character being drawn or the number of people in the picture, these are just base prices. Generally an additional character will be 50% the price of the original amount.

I will draw almost anything, except furries, mecha, or nsfw. I’m not good at those things and wouldn’t want to charge someone for something I’m not happy with.

References are also always helpful and necessary for OC’s. The reference can be either a picture or a physical description, just gotta have something to work off of.

All payments will be through paypal, my email for that or to contact me if you don’t want to send an ask is thecherry95@hotmail.com


‘Sup everybody! Rolling out the commission post again :D Above are some examples of my different styles and drawings, just so you get an idea of what I draw like, and you can see more if you check out my art tag here


- When it comes down to it, it all depends on what you want, but here are some guidelines:

  • Character sketches, from rough drawings to fully inked: £5-8
  • Flat colour is £10, and single-shaded (like the top right group) is £12
  • Full colour like the other groups is £15
  • Backgrounds of any detail are an extra £3
  • Additional characters are £5 each

The pricing above is just a starter guide - if there’s any particular style or drawing you want me to attempt that’s a bit more than this we can work out details and additional costs after you contact me :) Also remember to have visual references ready for the characters you’d like me to draw! All payments will be accepted through Paypal only.

So yeah, there we go - if any of you fancy a commission just contact me on my email (aurayafrost@outlook.com) or message me here on tumblr - and if you’re not interested in that then I’d appreciate you reblogging this anyway to get it out to more people :)

Thank you!

EDIT: Just wanted to add a link to my society6, where you can buy prints!



Hey people! My good friend rabbiedee is needing help to raise funds to cover bills and some medical things! 

What that means is that you can snag some artwork at some special pricing! 

Sketch Portraits = $5
Sketch Full-Body = $10

Line Drawing Portraits = $7
Line Drawing Full-Body = $15

Flat Color Portraits = $15
Flat Color Full-Body = $25

Fully Shaded Portraits = $25
Fully Shaded Full-Body = $40

Things I will draw: 

LGBTQIA+ characters!

Things I will NOT draw: 

anything NSFW. Really beyond that everything is fair! If you’re not sure, send me an ask first and I’ll tell you whether or not it’s okay! :)

Please signal boost and share this along with rabbiedee‘s info. They have a donate button available on their blog (and also accept commissions!)

As of right now, the target goal to raise is still $400, so please help if you can!