How can you post weight loss and give tips if you aren't losing weight.?

I have gotten this question a lot, so here it is.

I have lost weight I’ve lost 10lbs in fat. But I have bigger bones, some people have tiny bones. I’m also built athletically.

So when I’m eating clean and exercising. I am burning fat, but gaining muscle. Muscle weighs more then fat.

I’m losing fat but gaining muscle. It takes a lot for me and is a long process of getting that slim look.

I’ll post a before picture and current picture here soon. I’m not all the way there, but it’s journey and I’m closer.

anonymous asked:

did you ever fast? how long and how much did you lose? i'm fasting right now and trying to keep my mind busy :) (i'm not going for an unhealthy weight and i am drinking lots of water and taking vitamins so dont worry) thank you!

Hi lovely!! Yes I do fast every now and then and I have lost up to 5kg (10lbs) before. You must make sure never to go over 72 hours because your body then starts to eat at your muscle including your heart which can lead to a heart attack. Also don’t fast too often. If you’re drinking plenty of water and taking lots of vitamins that’s so good. :) be careful though, don’t drive because your reaction time is slower and you will feel weak and tired so more sleep (which is also the best distraction) and don’t be afraid to break the fast if you need to. Don’t put yourself at risk. Good luck and be safe xxxx

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10lbs and counting

And soooooo I weighted myself today and I’m pretty happy with my weight right now, 179. At the end of the summer I was at 187-9 so I’m pretty happy that I’ve lost a couple of pounds without working out as much as I’d like to, so for the next few weeks I have before I start to work (a little less once I start) i’m going to start working out everyday.

I’m not going to wait til new years and make some fake resolution i’m probably not going to keep, so I’m going to do this for myself, so that I can run more then 3 blocks and not get tired, so I can feel positive and better in my life. so good luck to me :)

Feb 2015 — July 2016. Difference of 102lbs. Sometimes I look at myself and don’t see a change. Then today I really was able to appreciate how far Ive come. I still have a long way to go, but this progress is with 5 consecutive months of plateau, plus 2 months of yo-yoing 10lbs. Hitting 100lb weight loss (naturally) was surreal for me, and really motivated me to lose the next 60lbs I want to. Thanks to everyone who has cheered me on. I love you all. 😘
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Weekly Weigh In - 09/10/11.

Starting weight: 216.44lbs
Last week: 207.90lbs
This week: 206.08lbs
This week’s lose: 1.82lbs
Total Loss: 10.36lbs

I know, I know. I’m a day late posting. I did weigh in yesterday though! To be honest, I don’t really believe what the scale is telling me this week. I suppose I just don’t feel like I’ve lost one or anything. It’s one of those days, I guess.

However, if it is true, fuck yeah. 10lbs lost! :)