10lb weights

The first picture was taken a little over a year ago, I wasn’t quite at my biggest here as I was too embarrassed with myself to take a before pic. My starting weight was about 224 pounds and the second pic that I took last week on vacation I am 178lbs. I’ve lost 46lbs in total and gained about 6lbs in muscle but still have more to go. At first it was unbelievably tough but now I have made a lifestyle change and feel so much better about myself physically and mentally. Just figured I would post my progress here as I remember going through other people’s post of their weight loss and fitness journey’s and it really inspired me!

OH HOW I HATE RUNNING. :D Nevertheless I had a pretty good morning. I went in a little later than usual so the regular cranky rude lady wasn’t there, which was kind of a nice break. 

Weights, three sets, 10 reps: 
Standing Bicep Curl, left and right (15lb weight)
Shoulder Raise, left and right (10lb weight) 
Standing Side Bend, left and right (20lb weight) 


So I just got back from a week away and during that time my stepmom and dad were taking care of Cassie for me
During the weekend they went away though and had a dog sitter take care of both Cassie and Cooper. I got back late last night and talked to my stepmom this morning about how Cassie was while I was away. She told me that the dog sitter said that she was way too skinny and was extremely malnourished and needs to gain 5-10 lbs. they started feeding her 2 cups 3 times a day and it looks like she gained maybe a pound or 2 (which she probably needed since when I switched her back to raw and traveled back home she dropped probably that much)
So these pictures are from right before I left and I really wanna know opinions on if you guys think she looks starved?

The run is so much nicer when the rude morning gym lady isn’t there. And just think, when it gets a little warmer, I will have all of Chicago to run away from her in…

Weights! Two sets 10 reps, one set 15 reps: 
Standing Bicep Curl, left and right (15lb weight)
Dumbbell Extension, two-handed (15lb weight)
Shoulder Raise, left and right (10lb weight)
Standing Side Bend, left and right (20lb weight)

Why I Have a Problem With Fitspo

The transition from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one comes with a lot of benefits; likelihood of future health problems decreases, stress-related mental health problems often improve, and physical activity provides opportunities to spend time with like-minded people at fun events. But pictures of lean, presumably strong people don’t show off these benefits. Fitspo focuses on the aesthetics of the human body, rather than what it’s capable of; fitspo showcases the appearance of strength without ever recognizing the evolution of strength.

Fitness is inspirational, but the obsessive media focus on physical appearance is damaging. Instead of sharing pictures of lean bodies, consider sharing the actual stories of progress – an improved pace for a run, progress from 10lb weights to 50lb weights, a decrease in blood pressure, a healthier heartbeat. Share the message that the goal of fitness is health, not the appearance of strength.

anonymous asked:

Hiya, same anon as before, I should clarify something. I'm out of shape in the sense that I'm skinny and pretty weak, but should I still do the fat trimming exercises you suggested?

If you don’t think you need to lose any weight, don’t do any slimming exercises.

If you want to bulk up, do regular lifting. Find out what your current threshold is and then get a set of weights. 5lbs, 10lbs, 15 lbs, work your way up. Do regular workouts with the weights, like lunges and whatnot, and dedicate some time to a gym that has weightlifting machines.

The burn means it’s working.

If I keep up my 10lbs weight loss per week I’ll be at my goal weight by end of April tbh. I know I’ll peak at some point but I need to stay positive.


This is what happens when you get up at 4am to go running, you forget you ran until you’re checking your photos for the Team Glitch screengrab of an invisible Pokémon you just took. 

Weights! Three sets of 12:
Standing Bicep Curl, left and right (15lb weight)
Dumbbell Extension, two-handed (15lb weight)
Shoulder Raise, left and right (10lb weight)
 Overhead Shoulder Press (10lb weight)
Standing Side Bend, left and right (20lb weight)

Tracking: Since October 2nd, I have run 110.5 miles.

Datestamp 3.22.2017

So I know this might not be a big deal but I’ve lost 10lbs so far. I don’t say this a lot but I’m pretty proud of myself. At meetings I hear all the time how Weight Watchers is a lifestyle not a diet and I have really committed to this lifestyle. I’m not just trying to 30 or even 50lbs, my weight loss goals is significant and I won’t get there with fad diets or things I won’t keep up with. I am dedicated to this and while 10lbs in a month and a half may not seem remarkable this is a marathon not a sprint. There will be bad days, there will be times when I don’t lose anything or even gain weight but this time I will not fail, I will not give up. I can do this.

@seruleansunshine but wizzy :o i shaved all my facial hair off, how am i still a lumberjack??
though that did make me laugh&feel better, which i’m sure was your intended purpose XD

and ya @mayor-gear-solid you have a good point, that’s not a lot of weight. i am probably just being paranoid and self conscious tbh.

also @titanic-shoe raises a good point, i’m honestly only 20-10lbs over weight for most BMI scales, so i might be at the plato point where i stop having significant weight loss and the muscle gain levels out.


Sorry I skipped yesterday’s update:

Back & Biceps

ISO rows 3x10
ISO lateral pull down 3x10
Deltoid flyes 4x15
Back extensions 4x12

Preacher Curls 4x15
Cable Curl Bar 4x10
Dumbbell curls 4x12
ISO preacher curls 4x10

Album: Bane: Don’t Wait Up

Barbell Shoulder Press 4x12
45lb plate shrugs 5x20
10lb weight front shoulder raise 4x10
10lb weight side raises 4x10
Cable side raise 4x10

Album: Northlane: Node