An awful theory just took shape in my mind… My friend @hedaswarrior analyzed ten times better than I ever could have what I suspected about the Nightbloods and Lexa’s seemingly dark blood. We’ll probably get answers about it next week, but today an horrible thought hit me, when I remembered a particular shot from the first extended trailer, and I started thinking… Does anyone remember this?

Sorry for the quality, I tried to brighten it as best as I could. Well, this is Ontari, supposedly on or next to Lexa’s throne, covered in blood. Dark, black blood. Before you think I’m saying she’s gonna kill Lexa, let me stop you right there, because that’s not what I’m scared of. What I’m thinking instead is… If hedaswarrior is indeed right, and the Nightbloods are possible candidates to the position of Commander, recognized by the darkness of their blood, I think we’re gonna get some sort of coup or uprising against Lexa to forcefully enthrone the Ice Nation. An uprising that will force Lexa to go into hiding, maybe taking refuge into Luna’s Clan (and that would explain Alycia being missing for a few episodes too). What does Ontari and the Nightbloods have to do with all this, you might ask… Well, if all this does turn out true, what I think will happen is that Ontari is going to kill all the young Nightbloods, to ensure that no potential Commander might lay claim to the throne. Hence all the dark blood on her face. And Rhiannon Fish, the actress who plays Ontari, did say multiple times that her character is going to be brutal and fans are going to have a hard time liking her, which makes sense: it would be hard liking her if she really ends up slaughtering all those kids…

anonymous asked:

do you have any theories about what a nightblood is? or why they are called that?

You know what…I was going to write a master post about everything, but idk if I will be able to. So, here is what I have theorized about ‘Nightbloods’ in regards to my ‘prodigy second’ theory HERE.


So, how is a prodigy initially chosen? What test do they have to past in order for them to become a ‘Nightblood’? I think that this test is that their blood is ‘black’. So, they are using the word ‘night’ to refer to the blackness of their blood.  We see in the trailer that Lexa seems to have ‘black blood’ and it isn’t a normal ‘red’ color. Her nose, hand, and arm when they are is bleeding looks black. I originally thought that it was due to the lighting of the scene, but after the mention of ‘nightbloods’, I don’t think it is a lighting issue anymore.

So, there is some sort of birth defect/condition in the Grounder world that certain children are born with ‘black blood’. Children are probably tested at birth to see if their blood bleeds black or red. If it is black, then they are sent to Polis and become ‘Nightbloods’. These ‘Nightbloods’ are trained how to fight, about politics, etc. until they are ready to take their Conclave. I think that the Conclave is a mental test that might take place in The City of Light. There might be another entrance to the City of Light inside Polis tower that ALIE doesn’t have control over. OR ALIE does have control over it. So, a Nightblood might take their Conclave to be a test to see if their vessel is worthy of the Commander spirit.

Who knows! If a Nightblood passes the Conclave that might ‘dethrone’ Lexa. This would explain Titus being a fleimkepa for 4 commanders. He has been the fleimkepa for 4 Commanders due to a commander have a very short life expectancy (1-10 years as a commander) or there are constant Conclave tests that ‘dethrone’ Commanders. Perhaps when a Nightblood takes his or her Conclave they either die or ascend. (Aden might be taking his Conclave [x]). So, a new Commander can be called if an old one dies OR if a Nightblood passes their Conclave. However, this might not be the case and the Conclave test might just be a next step for a Nightblood to test his/her mental strength. A test that will either kill them or they will pass and continue their training so that just in case the old commander dies, there will be another one in the wings to take his/her place. Honestly though, we still don’t know enough about how Commander are made, or IF an old commandeer HAS TO die in order for a new one to be called. But, I do think the theory about the ‘black blood’ is right. 

(this might also be a reason why trikru warpaint is black – because of this belief that black blood is superior.)