<<Mi sei mancato da morire>> gli sussurra dopo averlo baciato con passione.
<<Anche tu risponde lui>>
Quarantotto ore, esattamente quarantotto ore e venticinque minuti che non si vedono. Ma per loro, che sono innamorati è un tempo lunghissimo.

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So, If you'll be posting the nsfw coffee goal in another blog, the reactions to it will be in that blog, right? Or the will reaction compilation be here? I just wanted to know, because I woudnt like to see It :/

yep, that’s the plan. pg-13 thirst and reactions to comic pages will continue to be posted here, but any particularly saucy stuff will be redirected to the other blog. 

your safety is assured! we’re going to lengths to ensure that people will only ever see this stuff if they absolutely want to.

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Hey it's me again asking for your favorite blogs💕 I hope I'm not bothering you, thank you ^^

heyy i’m glad you asked me, hopefully you’ll find some blogs you like (and oh yea you will)
these are mostly mutuals; it’s not much bc i only follow less than a hundred, but they’re all my favs 🐰💕 so

@0-78 | @aestaetically | @chimtae | @coffeetxe | @cravingnamjoon | @cuddly-koala | @deartaetae | @hobismiles | @hobismole | @hobisparkles | @hoseokthighs | @inktae | @jhob1 | @jinblond | @livelovehoseok | @notoverbtsyet | @obsessedandpretty | @psyc-hope | @rapgodv | @ricemonster22 | @saltyrap | @taehyongue | @taehyung-selcas | @taehyungsmile | @taehyungsscorpiogf | @taekookfeels | @thevmin | @tinyheartii | @ulths | @un-tested-waters | @vminisgay | @whitetvlips | @yeahjimin | @yugyuumy


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Holy moly 5k followers!? That’s like, a small university worth of people.. Anyways enough of my surprised musings about my follower count. Here are some of the people who make my dash and blog the way it is today, some of my friends on tumblr, and some who are both!!

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Listening to CYPHER Pt. 3: While doing a math problem
  • Question: 1+1
  • Taehyung: *confident*
  • BTS: How can you solve 1+1
  • Taehyung: *jamming hard*
  • caption: [Right! CYPHER PT. 3: Killer is great when solving a math problem]
  • BTS: Show us your answer!
  • Taehyung: The answer is a window!
  • BTS: A window! *cheering*
  • Namjoon: Great. *flips flash cards*