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I DID THE 10km!!!!! I have a few blisters on the balls of my feet but other than that, I feel good! At first, my muscles felt a weenie bit tight in my left leg, but after about 1.5km it came right 👌🏼 it was apparently meant to rain, but no rain was nice! I drove to a close-ish beach to start as finishing 10km to sit in the car by the beach sounded like a good idea.

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So I think I’m going to train for the 10km run. If all fails, I can always walk it, but that’s not the aim! I’ve downloaded a couch to 10km app, I had a c25km app but since it’s double that I thought I might as well get a proper one and start all fresh with a new app! Also featuring what I wore today, I swear I’m always wearing tights and this top haha.


Walk turned run 😉
• first time ever running in a public place! I mean I’ve done it at school 4/5 years ago but this is different. And also at school, we ran in groups so it was a little different to run by myself with other people around.
• I saw a guy (quite tubby himself) walking whilst I was running one of my stints. He kept staring at me. I got a little self conscious. Why was he staring? Was my top riding up? Did I have camel toe or something? Then it occurred to me maybe he just didn’t expect me to be able to run for as long as he had been watching. Was I his inspiration? That’s one thing that I will never know, but it did give me an instant energy boost to power past him (and you know what? I even caught him turn around and continue to watch me run behind him!).
• my grandparents seem pretty impressed that I can walk/run 6km haha. I think they thought I was more unfit. It feels so good to prove to people that ‘bigger people’ aren’t always unfit.
• shower time now!
• also on a different note; a guy in my class mentioned going for lunchtime runs! Obviously I’m not up to it yet but hopefully in the near future I can join them, they do about 5km so I think it’ll be achievable by next year at the latest haha. But in the meantime, I put up the offer for a walk while they run. It’s a good chance to increase steps and while one of my friend runs, the rest of us can walk ☺️

So I just discovered that Map My Run can generate routes for you, this saves my brain for actual study and makes some pretty interesting routes! I’ve got a 9.92km planned for tomorrow, lets hope I can do it within the 2.5 hours I have. I guess I’ll just keep an eye on the time and can cut it down if I need to ☺️


Walkie, walkie today!
It was a beautiful day, such a fine day and even the sunrise was unbelievable. I decided that I would go for a walk after class, and we ended up finishing at 2.30pm so it was perfect for a 5km walk. I walked along the beach and the road, I’d love to run that in the future 😉 rand the towards the end, I decided to explore the little village a little more so walked around the reserve/playground for a bit.

Class: 1 person CPR was pretty intense! And to have to do that pretty much non-stop until back up arrives (hopefully within 8min), I’d be a ball of sweatiness!!!!

Yet another giant bowl of fruit salad, this is about 2/3 of what is was. I’ve decided it can be breakfast and lunch as I’m so full from last night as well.

I feel like so much of an old person today, I hopped out of bed and did a little hobble to the bathroom haha. My hip joints are a little tender and the blisters on my feet are something else to complain about haha but it all comes with walking that far. Plus it was all my idea, so I’m the only one to complain to 😉 haha but nah it was all worth it!

Tomorrow’s Plan of Attack:
  • We don’t start class until 1pm, which is then practicals (yussss! ☺️)
  • 7am: get up
  • 7.50am: leave house
  • 8am: go for a walk
  • 10.30am: pick up friend and drive to uni
  • 11am-1pm: Lunch and study/write notes 
  • 1pm: cardiac arrest practice with the 2nd year students, us going in as first response then the 2nd year’s ‘backing us up’. This should be interesting!
  • 3/4pm HOME TIME!!!! And by home, I mean real home 😘

So technically somewhere between 8am and 10.30am I’ll go for a walk, I’m wondering if I go for a 5km walk like I did the other day and then go window shopping at the mall or continue walking if I feel like it and see if I can do 10km. Haha nah that won’t happen 😂