Worm Food
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: spindlekiss | Word Count: 39.1k | Rating: NC-17

Summary: The battle is over, but Harry is still fighting.
He’s thanking his lucky stars that he learnt long ago how to properly ignore his problems.
And Draco Malfoy.

Review: Well this was delightfully original, and despite some dark elements quite sweet and fun and very captivating.

Harry is a forensic scientist, with Theo Nott as a partner, in the ministry where Draco is now Head Auror. There’s a mystery involved, and there’s Harry’s friendship with Theo and his cautiously evolving relationship with Draco, but there’s also something else in Harry’s life, something he doesn’t quite know what to do about that is frustrating him and causing him pain. Ron and Hermione also have a complicated relationship, which becomes a major portion of the plot as we see where it goes.  

Harry in this fic thinks in a very candid, straightforward way which makes reading through his POV quite fun. Harry is still learning to be himself you see, as he navigates his vulnerabilities and his relationships with all the people he loves. Harry has a crush on Draco as well, which becomes longing and leads to the long winded way it takes for them to be together, which is fraught with misunderstanding. 

The ending is rather wholesome and realistic, it left me with a very happy feeling.

Content/Warnings: Minor Character Death, Pining

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edit: ive been made aware that this is due to something called a “rolling shutter effect” or something of a similar name, there’s a lot of explanations in the notes of this post on what it means. i don’t know anything about how cameras work so i didn’t know that’s what the whole shebang was !

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Are you freakin serious?!?! This is what the outfit looks like btw

The jeans are even kinda baggy at the shoe??? It’s more of a relaxed fit than skinny???

And she’s not really baring any skin??

Seriously she almost DIED fighting for her right to education and now she has the opportunity to study at Oxford and people are bashing her clothes 😒