alright theory time!!!!!

We all know that at this point, Murphy isn’t going to agree to his blood being used as a cure. He had the opportunity with Dr. Merch and he had the opportunity with Dr. Sun Mei. He turned both down so we know at this point that Murphy isn’t interested in saving humanity. So whose blood are they going to use for the cure???

10K’s blood!!!!!! He’s going to have some way to fight the virus and he’ll be autonomous. He’s going to be the biological anomaly that Sun Mei mentioned and he’ll be the next human after Murphy who is immune to being bitten.

it’s gonna be fine and 10K won’t die. he’ll be the one that they use for the cure and he’ll represent humans while Murphy represents zombies


Why you really need to watch Z Nation:

  • It has a diverse cast of great main characters layered, lovable and sympathetic each one in their own way.
  • It’s fun and imaginative. Its not just zombies and survivors. There’s A LOT of crazy, funny and creepy stuff in between.
  • It’s not just about surviving, but also finding a cure and building a new world, and what this world is going to be like.
  • Season three has been awesome so far.
beasts & boys

so @warrenroberta asked for angst

AU in which 10k loses himself, just for a little while

It’s the sound of bone cracking that pulls you from your sleep. The rest of the group is asleep in the other room, but you and 10k took one at the end of the hall; he refused to sleep with the rest of them, out of fear of losing control.
You climb to your feet, and look around the empty room. The window is open, and you move over to it, sticking your head through.
If you had any food in your belly, you’d throw it up.
Because kneeling on the grass, a body across his lap, is 10k. He’s bent over, his teeth ripping through flesh. His hands are curled like talons, fingers digging into the man’s chest like he’s tearing through paper.
You slowly climb through the window, setting your gun on the windowsill as you hit the grass. 10k doesn’t look up as you come close; you can hear the gnashing of his teeth as they hit bone. 

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Thank you!

We have hit 10,000 followers today, and we wanted to say thanks. When I started this blog, I wanted it to be a blog people could come to if they needed help and have questions answered for beginners witches and anyone who didn’t have an answer for something. And when I hit 1k, I had Lindsey join me to help answer questions and so we both could learn while we teach. I love the community and I appreciate all of you guys supporting us, and I never thought the blog would get so big so quickly, but I’m glad it did. It’s skmething I can look forward to and it feels good to help everyone. I may not be the best knowledgeable witch, and neither may Lindsey but because of you guys we have learned so much and its amazing. You guys are amazing. Thank you all so much!! -Kiaya

i wont let go

because im trash and cant help myself

AU in which murphy calls for 10k, and the reader helps him resist

Murphy tries to get him back. You can’t hear his voice, but somehow, 10k can. One moment, he’s fast asleep beside you, looking calmer than you’ve seen him since before he got shot. Then he jerks up, eyes wide, and his head turns to the doorway. No one else stirs, but you, having been worried something might happen, positioned yourself so that if 10k moved, it would wake you. He wouldn’t let you sleep curled beside him, but he did allow you to leave your hand in his. 

Sure enough, halfway through the night, you find yourself getting up and following 10k to the door. He slips outside, and you follow, heart pounding in your chest.

You don’t know what will happen if you try and stop him. But you won’t let him go again. Not without a fight.

“10k.” You say. He stops, and looks back at you. The craning of his head allows you to see the bite with more clarity, and just the sight of it makes you want to puke. You know all too well what it means, and what it does.

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The groan of zombies could be heard just behind you. This wasn’t the heard and that you were thankful for but with so many zombies staggering after you and the group it might as well have been. With so many zombies the only logical thing to do was find a save place to hunker down and wait for the horde to pass you by. But where? This looked like a ‘one horse’ town at best.

However at someone it seemed that just picking a random open door would do, that open door led to the coroner’s office though. You wanted to say something, maybe point out the irony in it but the more you thought about it the morgue seemed like the safest place. It would smell of death so that would mask the scent of any human fairly well. Zombies worked on smell more then their other senses, right?

Just hiding in the lobby of the coroner’s office would not do however, the zombies had seen you all run in there, they would remember. The door was slammed shut behind you and already you could hear the thudding of the undead as they feebly ran their hands against the door. Thank whatever god there was that no zombie you had met so far could remember how to use a door knob.

You turn to voice a very obvious statement such as how the simple wooden doors will not last long, not against so many swarming zombies. It is then that you notice that your survivor count is one higher. A man in a red shirt, standing nervous and twitchy now stands among you. You want to question this strange appearance, you raise your finger to point mouth open to speak when a hand comes over yours, making you lower your once accusing hand. The hand that still holds your’s very loosely by the wrist belongs to none other then 10k, the boy whispers lowly to you that your new survivor friend came barreling through the door in just behind you. As long as this new character isn’t a threat you don’t feel the need to attack him with any sharp and demanding words. No one else seems entirely bothered by the new man either, there are more important things at hand, such as zombies, at the door.

The windows and doors groan with the weight of the advancing zombies, making everyone realize that they must move further back into the morgue it’s self. There is simply no way you can all fight so many zombies. So with quick feet you all rush to the back of the morgue. Warren shuts the office door firmly behind you all but finds that there is no lock to be done. Now that you’ve all been driven into a corner working your way back seems like a terrible idea. While you pay attention to how the first doors are holding up you can hear your friends talk quickly about what to do. It’s decided that holing up in the morgue slabs would be the best choice, only problem is that there is not enough to house everyone. One for random new survivor because 'we’re too nice for our own good to just leave him to die’, one for Doc, one for 10k and one for Cassandra. That leaves Warren, Murphy and yourself without a place to hide or so you think. Murphy can frolic with the zombies after all, he’ll be fine but you and Warren wont. There’s mere minuets before the zombies break down the doors, you all have to quickly make up your minds.

“Crawl in there with 10k.” Warren says motioning for you to get a move on into the morgue slab. You really want to ask why? Why in a tiny space with 10k? But you can’t argue you can hear the wood splinter from the first door, now there’s only one door left between you all and the zombies. As if to encourage you 10k reaches for you and practically pulls you on top of him as Murphy slams the morgue slab door shut on you two. You swear you see him wink but that might have just been the light bounding off Murphy’s grey face.

10k and yourself only move to give each other a bit of space, which is like an inch considering how crammed in there you are. You try to get as comfortable as possible but once you hear the zombies break through the last wooden door you go still. You can see barely anything in the dark space, it makes you think that this is what it would be like to be buried, which doesn’t help ease your nerves. You think if you could actually see how small the space is that you’re in you might just be freaking out more, thank goodness you can’t. However it’s also terrible that you can’t really talk with 10k. He doesn’t talk much to begin with but even a small conversation would be better then hearing all those groans and feet shuffling. Sadly you can’t talk much unless you want the zombies to know where you are.

'Why did I have to share this space with him?’ You silently begin to think to yourself. 'He’s so close. Oh god how many zombies are in here? I mean being this close to 10k is kinda nice. I mean it’s better then being alone in one of these things. I might not get to talk to him but just feeling how close he is is comforting in a way. Those zombies are going to be here forever.’ It’s then that you hear a very soft noise and as you lay there on your side you come to the conclusions that it’s coming from 10k, he’s snoring. 10k is sleeping in a morgue slab with who know’s how many zombies swarming around mere inches from your hiding spot. The guy is a beast when it comes to killing zombies but you never thought he could manage to sleep in this type of situation. You envy him more than anything. If only you could get some sleep without thinking about the doom just outside your morgue slab door.

With all this doom and gloom thinking about maybe meeting your end and 10k being so helpful by sleeping like he was at some five star hotel you had unknowingly begun to shake a bit. You were normally level headed, able to keep your cool but this was scary. It was then that you felt a very light touch on your arm. For a second your mind went to zombie but logic told you it was only 10k, which it really was. He must have felt you begin to shake and reached out to offer you what little comfort he could. He wasn’t great with people, wasn’t good with words but here in this dark space it was almost like it forced you to understand him, his way of talking to people through his actions.

To be honest you really liked 10k. You admired his skill and though he could be awkward at times he could be irresistible adorable. Yes, he was also a zombie killing machine but he was still vulnerable in so many ways. Not wanting to leave his action unreturned, you did want him to know that you were thankful. You reached the arm you weren’t resting your head on out slowly, not wanting accidentally smack 10k in the face, you ran the hand up his arm when you found it and rested it on his shoulder.

You felt the sniper shudder slightly at you touch, if it had been lighter inside that morgue slab he would have seen you smile. 10k had always shown you in little ways that he cared about you, him reacting so pleasantly to your touch reminded you of this. So really there was no harm to seek comfort from him now in actions rather then words. You had always been worried to act on your feelings, strange how being forced into a morgue could make those worries wash away.

Draping your arm over his side you lightly pressed your hand against his back, a silent plea for him to move closer to you. If he didn’t want to all he had to do was stay where he was, that would be enough of a hint. 10k was shy or unconfident when it came to girls so you didn’t really think he would make a move, which was fine you didn’t mind making all the moves. However to your surprise you felt his body close the gap between the two of you. It was an awkward embrace but it gave you so much comfort to have him to close against you. Holding him tightly you rested your head against his chest and felt him rest his chin on top of your head. Some might not consider this madly romantic but to you it was amazing. With not even a single word spoken between the two of you, you and 10k had gotten your feelings across to one another. Zombies be damned you could certainly sleep now.