10k walk

Steven Yeun is really really hot and deserves to be a leading man. Enough with the Chris Evans Pratt Pine Hemsworthlesses.

Look at him.

Preference #11 Height Difference

John Murphy:

You and Murphy honestly had no idea how much taller he is than you until he, playfully, walked up to you and sized you up and you looked up to meet his eyes and you were practically straining your neck.

Cisco Ramon:

Neither of you even thought to check the height factor, although, the rest of the team does. Considering you two are always standing next to each other it is quite obvious that the top of your head only reaches his eyes. 

Carl Grimes:

You both remember a while ago when you first met, it was after the incident with his mother at the prison. At this time, you were slightly, by an inch, taller than him. This became something you teased him about on a regular basis even after he grew to your height. This continued until you met again after you were separated when the prison fell when you both realized that he was indeed quite taller than you. This became something he teases you about on a regular basis.


Okay so this six foot giant is way taller than you, he knows it and he uses it. On occasion he’ll grab something you own and insists on holding it above his head whilst you, in his words ‘adorably’, jump for it. He does anytime you need cheering up.

Peter Parker:

Peter is only a couple centimeters taller than you but he doesn’t forget it, he’s constantly calling you ‘shorty’ and ‘short stuff’ and even ‘fun sized’. He loves being able to easily place his head on your shoulder when he hugs you from behind.


2017.04.27 👣🏖 Beach Walk, 5k

Hit my 10k steps pretty early in the walk, but kept going. Third ‘workout’ of the day basically, so feeling pretty tired now, but good. I haven’t done that in a while and it’s kind of nice to feel like I still can. None of the ‘workouts’ were particularly taxing or intense, but still, lots of moving and a decent amount of sweating. 

I wish I’d brought my good camera with me, cos the sunset was actually much cooler than this looked as it moved down through the foggy clouds, but can’t really zoom with the phone camera that well, it just gets blurry, but it was really nice to watch as I walked. I timed it just right, walking ‘back’ towards the sunset just at the right time.