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10k Report

I just had the BEST run :) I had not expected to set a PR, but I ended up setting 4!

  • Best 1 Mile - 15:49
  • Best 10K - 1Hr 48 min
  • 1st 10k with no cramping
  • 1st 10k ran nonstop!

I’m probably most excited about not cramping up. In my previous 4 10ks I cramped between 4-5 miles and limped in the rest of the way. This time I had no cramping, though I got some early warnings right at the end. 

I am feeling confident that I can keep beating this time. I am shooting for 90 min… 

For the first time ever… I can really see myself doing a ½. It seems realistic now. 182 Days until my first scheduled one. I am going to nail it!

Also - see the nice recovery snack Josi made for me. She is too cute :) 


Another 10k in the books! Zoo Run Run 2017 was hotter than hell, but this snow leopard beat her red panda friend so that’s cool! And I didn’t set an overall PR, but I set a PR for the course of 1 hour, 1 minute, 34 seconds, so that was cool. I’m really glad I got 8 solid hours of sleep last night because I was able to keep a nice easy pace and not get too burnt out with the heat.

Old Boys

Author: surgicalfocus
Platform(s): AO3
Main Pairing(s): Chanyeol/Baekhyun
Word Count: 31,790
Rating: Mature
Genre/Trope: Romance, AU, High School, Reunion

Chanyeol is dragged along to his high-school reunion by his two best friends, and unexpectedly meets his long-lost first love for the second time.

comments: i literally finished reading this 2 seconds ago i love it so much

Weekly Check-In

Hi folks.  Running is improving. Recovery from prostate surgery continues and will likely do so for quite a while longer. That’s not unexpected but it is periodically challenging. Overall, my health is good and I am grateful.

Lat week concluded my first post surgery and post marathon, 4 week training cycle. That cycle focused on aerobic rebuilding and injury prevention.  It involved lots of core and feet strengthening, movement re-patterning, some weightlifting, three days of aerobic base building, one day of VO2 max training, and eliminating starch and higher glycemic carbs from my diet. 

I’m calling that cycle a success because: (a) easy runs became easier and faster for the same heart rate range; (b) moving posture became more upright and “gathered” through the torso; © plantar fasciitis pain is greatly reduced; and (d) I’ve begun to “lean out” and loose the pounds I put on after the surgery.

I took this Monday through Wednesday off before starting the next training cycle today. That was really hard to do. I have an irrational belief that all fitness gains instantly evaporate upon missing just one day of training. Imagine my panic during these three off days.  Of course, that thinking couldn’t be more wrong, or so I told myself many times each day.

I started the new cycle today with 3 x 10 minutes @ anaerobic threshold  pace (around 8:25/mile) with 3 minute recoveries and an easy warm up and cool down. This was fun, but humbling. This pace is about 30 seconds/mile slower than last year’s 10K PR pace and there was NO WAY I could have held this pace today for 6.2 miles. In four weeks I hope to run this pace for an unbroken 30 minutes.  We shall see.


Yesterday was a great day! Chocolate pancakes to celebrate 3rd place in my age division at the Cow Chip Run 10k! Finished in 56:22 which wasn’t even a PR for me! My 10k PR is still from last year’s Cow Chip Run when I finished in 56:04! I’m so excited for the Zoo Run Run in a few weeks to see what I accomplish there (when I don’t binge eat chips and casserole to the point of puking the night before! Whee!)

Puppy Love

Author: indigomini
Platform(s): AO3
Main Pairing(s): Jongin/Kyungsoo
Word Count: 11,075
Rating: Explicit
Genre/Trope: AU, Animal Shelter/Vet (this is now and au).

Jongin spends his free time volunteering at an animal shelter because he’s not allowed pets of his own. The cats are adorable, the dogs even more so, but the resident veterinarian is probably the cutest of them all.

comments: i love animals.

Hey friends! We moved offices at work, and now I can take desk selfies in the office. Not good ones at this point, but still. I haven’t posted a training update in quite some time. I’m 8 days out from my next marathon, so I figured it’s time for an update. 😊

 I started officially training back in July, 18 weeks out from the race. Unofficially though this race has been my focus since mid-May, when I started base building. The first 12 weeks of training were very solid. I was running 40-50 miles most weeks, with an average around 44 miles per week. I’ve been doing 1-2 cross training cardio sessions per week, and 1-2 strength sessions per week. I did some kind of speed work every week or two. In week 11 I ran a 10K PR, 43:39/7:01 per mile.

 Week 13-15 were not great in terms of training. I’ll detail them more below a break, since the explanation is kind of long and complainy, but basically I was between 35-40 miles per week, when I wanted to be around 50-55. These weeks were my wedding/honeymoon weeks, so it makes sense they were lower. And we were super active on the honeymoon; we hiked 3 times and explored the cities we were staying in. I averaged 20K steps a day. It still wasn’t ideal though, and even though I trained the best I could given the hand I was dealt, now I’m nervous about how prepared I am for this race.

 The goal with this race was to BQ, and I still think I can do that, but I’m not sure if I’ll be fast enough to actually get in for 2019. So I’m struggling mentally to get excited for this race, and to be confident in my preparation. Hopefully by this time next week I’ll be over the doubt and ready to run though. 😊

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30 minutes of speed intervals.

This was my first attempt at intervals using Training Peaks, so I kept the program at default settings.

I could have run faster or done more intervals, so I’ll adjust that for next week’s session. (Unless it adjusts on it’s own before then.)

I feeling pretty confident that I’m on the right path to blow away my 10k and half PR this season.

82/85 July miles.


Author: jumpthisship
Platform(s): AO3
Main Pairing(s): Chanyeol/Kyungsoo
Word Count: 74,075
Rating: Teen and Up
Genre/Trope: AU, College, Online

park yeollie B) @yeoloooooo
@dks_0112 hey uhhhhh u don’t know me but i love ur art. like so much. thank u for doing god’s work in this fandom. ily. bye.

@yeoloooooo thx

Park Chanyeol desperately wants to recruit twitter fanartist Kyungsoo into his crew of gay fanboys. The obvious way to do this is by confessing his love for him every day.

comments: THIS WASS SO CUTE. like it was so embarrassing but also actually the realest. i loved it.


I ran a new 10k-PR today! Two minutes faster than two weeks ago lol and that despite having a cold and cough. The fastest man ran 31:xx and the fastest woman 35:xx, like what the hell!? I placed sixth or seventh woman overall which I’m pretty happy with! Usually I order a pizza after running a race but I had three of these frozen vegan pizzas in my freezer so I made one today and it was really delicious. Followed by chocolate nice cream, Medjool dates with peanut butter and like a third of a bar of chocolate.. Hope y’all had a great Saturday :)