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Dark Kise: “Who says I’ve gone soft?”   ↳ Dedicated to Annie-chan
My Favourite Short Larry Fics

Ok so normally I read long fics, but I have read some short fics which I’ve genuinely enjoyed:

(all Larry and <10k)

Mr. Tomlinson (4k)

The Way You Make Me Feel  (6k)

everything i can arrange, every part of me you change (10k)

all that I’ll ever need is in your eyes  (4k)

Wild Honey Pie  (4k)

Reckless Serenade (10k)

and with these words  (9k)

We Put Our Love First  (4k)

Erase My History, (Expo)se Me (6k)

make this feel like home (4k)

A Rose, By Any Other Name (10k)

love is simple, it’s just that simple (6k)

so wicked in the way he moves (3k)

Web Me Harder (7k)

All the kids at school (they were wishing they were me that night) (4k)

big enough for the both of us  (9k)

I See Trees Of Green (8k)

Would You Like a Side of Fries with that? (6k)

Call Me a Thief  (8k)

yes, you make my life worthwhile  (9k)

The Battle is Now (my eyes are closed) (10k)

Something Strange (7k)

The One Where Harry Really Doesn’t Have Ten Cats (10k)

There’s a healthy mix of fluff and smut, so I hope everyone can enjoy these! :)

- wayward_philosopher x

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR 10,000 FOLLOWERS! that number completely blows my mind, and i’m so lucky to have each and every one of you in my life. i love you all so much and just thank you for everything. so without further adieu, here’s my follow forever to celebrate (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

besties (ily guys)

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and last but not least…

tyleroakley - you are one of my favorite people in the world, and you inspire me in so many ways. thank you for being yourself and encouraging me to be myself, especially through this little blog of mine. i don’t know where i’d be if i never found your videos. i love you so much and i hope you’re having a day as amazing as you are because you truly deserve it <3


so i have absolutely no idea how this happened but i reached 10k followers tonight! so i thought i would do a fancy follow forever for u all in celebration.

mutuals that i would rather delete my blog than unfollow:

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I FUCKIN HIT 10K!!!!! FUK.. ok i’ve been wanting to make a follow forever for so long so this has given me the perfect opportunity. Thanks for following me and therefor encouraging my louis thirst ( i promise it will never die). I’ve been wanting to get to 10k since the day i got out of my mama’s tummy.. so thanks a very much a lot. dreams come true kids.
ok here we go this might be a little long.. also sorry if i forget you i’m literally trash and it’s 2 am.

(also creds to my best pal for the edit even tho they dont have tumblr rifp). 

bolded are favs, italics are the squad. here we go.


Special mentions (not in order):

unrulyhealy: Hana my mother. i dont know which one of your blogs to tag so im gonna do this one because i think it’s your more active one? i love you lots like jelly tots youre so lame and you drag my ass so much but its ok bc i drag you right back. i love you and ur gross haddy thirts

haddyfic: lmao liv your haddy thirst is extreme and i love it. also i cant belieb you suck minion peen. ily

nsfwpayno: regine my innocent child. ily youve turned me into such a liam stan im so glad we became pals. your name on my phone still has the pasta emoji next to it rest in fucking peace. 

welingtonvideo: monster cock full of seed. everytime i see your name my monstrous beef stick goes from 100% chubbed to the sad shit dick photo.

louiswillian: sophie ily youre so funny and your love for louis is truly beautiful. (also youre v  savage i love it)

shadylarrie: my sweet bagen… you know how youre a bagel.. when you nut.. does cream cheese come out?.. 

newmanagement:  i love you kaddy… the way you drag ppl chubs by willy right up. Your use of chicken memes makes me crie with joy. i lov you and your hegg

leedsfics:  all i can say about you is that youre a true ho. 100%. the realest there is

aatyo: serena your art is also one of the things that chubs my willy up. i cant believe you drew that squad thing what a mess it was beautiful.

hickeylou: my willy is hard as i type this because im thinking of the fic youre gonna write..listen that will be the cause of my death. I love you loads youre so funny and great and also everytime i see your url i think of louis covered in hickeys and i think thats beautiful.

girlsmp4: megman.. youre the man ily.. hmu memether. (also thank you for helping me out with that download that one time ill be forever grapeful)

louietrash:  i can’t believe i’m giving a special mention to a narrie… i take it back. jk ily

harrietrash: allison i highkey love you and ur blog ok. it’s so refreshing to find someone else who hates the same people (-:

sugarbabykink​: rachep youre so funny i love your blog and your selfies are sO pretty i love you youre the cutest

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