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jikook fics recommendations MASTERPOST (PT.1, long fics)

(pt. 2)


  • *= smut

[3/3 chapters, 9k] shallow beds  (college!au)

[3/3 chapters, 8k] chemical reaction (canon!au)

*[2/2 chapters, 5k] digital (???? au)

*[2/2 chapters, 5k] how to seduce your dancer teacher by jeon jungkook (college!au)

*[5/5 chapters, 32k] once upon a timeshare (college!au, vacation!au)

[17/17 chapters, 57k] after hours (starbucks!au one of my favs)

[16/16 chapters, 58k] all the lovely unremarkable things (college au!)

*[12/12 chapters, 73k] dream maker (college!au, living together!au, poor!au one of my favs)

*[8/8 chapters, 30k] listen to my heartbeat (it’s calling you at its own will) (highschool!au, badboy!jk)

[18/18 chapters, 62k] riptide (canon!au)

[2/2 chapters, 13k]  you broke my heart (but i broke it myself) (jimin is marrying the wrong person!au lol)

[2/2 chapters, 19k]  wander (fantasy!au, nature!au, country-hotel!au, one of my favs too i cry everytime)

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Uphill Running Tips
  • Shorten your stride
  • Keep your head up rather than focusing on your feet
  • Swing your arms up and down (not side to side)
  • Lean slightly into the hill
  • Don’t compensate form.  Don’t over-rotate your trunk in an effort to get momentum, you’re just wasting energy!!
  • Maintain a consistent effort up the hill…don’t trail off just before the crest.  Keep your mind on the goal and push through

This is the house I’m looking at Friday. I’m not going to get my hopes up and I’m going to look at many more houses but I really really really really really want this house

New Years Resolution Inspiration


  • Be able to run a mile/5k/10k/half marathon
  • Run without intervals
  • Walk 10,000 steps ____ times a week
  • Go to the gym/run ___ times a week
  • Be able to lift ______kg/lbs
  • Lower resting heart rate 5/10/20bpm
  • Beat best time at running/cycling/swimming
  • Get on a team
  • Do physiotherapy every day
  • Squat/lunge/do sit ups every day 
  • Be able to run up stairs without puffing 
  • Eat 5 portions of fruit/veg a day
  • Don’t eat sugar 2 days a week
  • Eat breakfast every day
  • Eat no/one/two packet meals a week max 
  • Give up meat/animal products/junk food 
  • Forgive yourself if you accidentally eat meat/animal products/junk food
  • Sleep eight hours a night 
  • Wake up at 8am 
  • Quit smoking
  • Don’t drink more than one caffeinated drink a day
  • Don’t drink alcohol for a week a month/two days a week
  • Drink 8 glasses of water a day


  • Meditate every day
  • Pray every day
  • Read every day
  • Read 50 books this year
  • Read 10 classics 
  • Find new music you love
  • Make art once a week
  • Write down something you’re grateful for every day
  • Take more photos of things that bring you joy
  • Take time to be with yourself 
  • Write a journal every week
  • Create a blog
  • Write every day
  • Listen more
  • Make five new friends
  • Go on a date a month (while single obvs)
  • Stay off your phone for an hour a day
  • Learn to say no
  • Grow a plant from a seed
  • Don’t be judgemental
  • Cut down your belongings
  • Love yourself


  • Maintain GPA/grades
  • Get a 3.6+/4.0
  • Get ______ at GCSE/AS/A Level
  • Get into university
  • Read an academic paper per day
  • Hand in all homework on time
  • Start coursework before the day before it’s due
  • Do all of the reading 
  • Talk Spanish/French/Mandarin/etc every day/week
  • Give up what you procrastinate with (eg TV)
  • Get 1000/5000/10000 followers on studyblr
  • Post every day on studyblr
  • Join a society at uni become involved etc


  • Do laundry regularly
  • Keep your room/flat tidy
  • Hoover once a week/month
  • Wash up immediately
  • Save £50 a month
  • Don’t shop just to make yourself happy
  • Bring a pack lunch to campus 
  • Change sheets every two weeks 
  • Get a job 
  • Get an interview for _________
  • Get LinkedIn 
  • Find free things to do in your city 
  • Learn to cook 5 basic meals
  • Learn to cook to a standard where you can have people over for dinner
  • Cook from a cookbook once a month
  • Throw a dinner party 
  • Make a budget (and stick to it!)
  • Make bed everyday
  • Make a bujo
  • Make a todo list every day
  • Learn how to contour

Little note: obvs all the numbers are super changable I just like goals that have objective values

Medals, rings and other shiny things (2017 Boston Marathon recap)

I woke up at 3 a.m., 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. Monday. Kept looking over at the clock, always afraid I’d wake up to find it was hours beyond when my alarm was set.

Around 5 a.m., I decided to stop trying to fall back asleep. I was not tired. It was going to be a big day. A little light was already streaming into our window, on the third floor of a Double Tree hotel just south of the core part of Boston. It was Marathon Monday. 

Skip ahead an hour. My boyfriend, Alex, was walking me to the nearby train stop, which I would take into the city. I was meeting a few friends near the buses that would take us to the start of the Boston Marathon in Hopkinton. 

Alex and I have been dating for about five and a half years after initially meeting our freshman year at Elon University. He’d pestered my friend to introduce us, and I, wary of the games and tricks that so many college boys play, dismissed him. Harsh, I know. But I also knew he was out of my league. He was handsome, confident and could bring a party into any room. And that, in my book, was another red flag. I was quieter. Bookish. The definition of an introvert. My confidence was growing, but I was —and still am — intimidated by those louder and more boisterous than myself. By this time in my life, I knew more about how to care for myself, especially when it came to relationships, so to say I was guarded would be an understatement. 

In the fall of our sophomore year, we held a joint birthday party for two of my roommates. Alex and some of his friends came over and in between making sure both birthday girls were okay and tucked in bed with water and Advil on their bedside, we started talking. Everybody had left the party by the time we actually left the apartment to meet up with friends and enjoy the night ourselves. 

We started officially dating shortly afterward. Since college, we’ve endured two years of long distance between Vermont and North Carolina. He took a leap of faith and moved down to my beautiful state in June of 2016, landed an incredible job, and we moved in together a few months later. 

(Sunday shakeout run with Alex)

Back to the story.

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cameron-mckell  asked:

I'm not a runner, but I've seen your exercise posts scroll by and something occurred to me today. If you run something like 6.2 miles, you could (physics somehow permitting) run your way to the stratosphere. Just wanted to share.

Like if I ran straight vertically? That’s quite neat actually, and good motivation! 

I will be running 6.2 miles (10K) in June! 

A masterpost of the Stucky Rec Lists I’ve been making.Please note that all of these rec lists and the fics they contain are for the pairing: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes.

way more organised and easier to find what you are looking for!

Dream Sharing {Contains 3 Fics, teen-explicit, 18-59k}

Some Alcohol Required {Contains 4 Fics, teen-explicit, 3-14k}

Spring Fever {Contains 4 Fics, general-teen, 521-8k}

Based on Another Story (Fusions) {Contains 9 Fics, teen-explicit, 5-54k}

Most Re-Read {Contains 18 Fics, teen-explicit, 3-118k}

April Fools {Contains 5 Fics, general-mature, 558-35k}

Best of Stucky 2014 {Contains 12 Fics, teen-explicit, 13-228k}

GenderSwap {Contains 5 Fics, teen-explicit, 3-33k}

1930s-1940s {Contains 5 Fics, mature-explicit, 2-33k}

Random List {Contains 5 Fics, teen-explicit, 5-62k}

Sleeping {Contains 6 Fics, general-explicit, 292-1k}

Adventures in Shopping {Contains 5 Fics, general-explicit, 205-6k}

Christmas P.2 {Contains 5 Fics, general-teen, 1-13k}

Christmas P.1 {Contains 5 Fics, teen-mature, 1-5k}

Lazy Edition {Contains 5 Fics, teen-explicit, 1-2k}

Post-Winter Soldier P.2 {Contains 5 Fics, teen-explicit, 5-107k}

Artistic Steve + Fanart {Contains 3 Fic Recs, NA-explicit, 7 fanartists}

Masterlist of Stucky Rec Lists {Contains 18 Blogs that have Stucky Rec Lists}

Laundry + Office + Reincarnation {Contains 5 Fics, teen-mature, 1-8k}

On the Road Contains 5 Fics, mature-explicit, 1-22k

University {Contains 5 Fics, general-explicit, 1k-100k}

Broken hearts & Break-Ups {Contains 5 Fics, teen-explicit, 1-26k}

5 + 1 {Contains 6 Fics, teen-explicit, 1-23k}

Avengers {Contains 5 Fics, teen-explicit, 2-39k}

Angst {Contains 5 Fics, teen-mature, 1k-12k}

Omega Verse {Contains 6 Fics, mature-explicit, 2k-25k}

Kid Fics {Contains 5 Fics, general-teen, 1k-32k}

Soulmate Edition {Contains 6 Fics, general-explicit, 3k-15k}

Comedy Part 2 {Contains 7 Fics, general-explicit, 1k-16k}

BLANK Made Them Do It {Contains 5 Fics, mature-explicit, 1k-15k}

Pets Edition {Contains 5 Fics, general-explicit, 2k-18k}

Fluff Edition {Contains 7 Fics, general-teen, 3k-34k}

Sci-Fi and Fantasy {Contains 5 Fics, teen-explicit, 1k-23k}

Time Travel {Contains 5 Fics, teen-explicit, 2k-102k}

Dirty Talking Part 2 {Contains 5 Fics, explicit, 1k-8k}

Halloween Edition {Contains 18 Fics, general-explicit, 1k-11k}

The “Plot? What Plot?” Edition {Contains 6 Fics, explicit, 1k - 32k}

Post-Winter Soldier, Part 2 {Contains 7 Fics, general-explicit, 4k-62k}

Roommate Edition {Contains 9 Fics, teen-explicit, 1k-39k}

Comedy Edition {Contains 8 Fics, teen-explicit, 1k-5k}

Social Media Edition {Contains 8 Fics, general-teen, under 1k - 19k}

Historical AU’s Edition {Contains 6 Fics, teen-explicit, 2k - 28k

Still Pretty Long Fic Edition {Contains 12 Fics, mature-explicit, 20k - 39k}

The Long Fic Edition {Contains 11 Fics, teen-explicit, 41k - 282k}

Time Travel Edition {Contains 6 Fics, general-explicit, 1k - 12k}

Skinny Steve Edition {Contains 11 Fics, teen-explicit, 1k - 39k}

Random Edition {Contains 4 Fics, general - explicit, 1k - 19k}

Dirty Talk Edition {Contains 11 Fics, explicit, 1k-60k}

Bars & Clubs Edition {Contains 12 Fics, teen-explicit, 1k-7k}

Airport Edition {Contains 3 Fics, general-explicit, 1k-8k}

Sex Works Edition {Contains 8 Fics, mature-explicit, 2k-4k}

Coffeehouse AUs Edition {Contains 6 Fics, general-explicit, 1k-19k}

Winter Soldier Edition {Contains 19 Fics, general-explicit, 1k-25k}

School Edition {Contains 8 Fics, teen-explicit, 1k-18k}

Wartime Edition {Contains 15 Fics, general-explicit, 1k-27k}

Steamy Hot Edition {Contains 10 Fics, mature-explicit, 1k-14k}

Anon Ask Fills:

Single Fic Recs:

FANFICTION GAMES (this was the start)

Game #1Game #2Game #3Game #4


I’ve been wanting to start doing this for a while now, and I’m finally sitting down to do it. These are a few fics that I have read and loved. There’s a pretty good mix of angst, fluff, and shameless smut on this list so enjoy yourselves :)

1. Empty Skies (134k)

For three years, Harry has been running from his past. Now, he is moving to London and pledges to fulfil his only dream – making it big in the music industry. Not everyone has a place, though, and the competition is tough. As is his past catching up on him.

Louis is part of the biggest boy band of the world, and getting there had meant a lot of hard work, as well as sacrificing parts of his heart and soul. He’s still happy. Maybe not as happy as he could be, but who is he to complain?

Featuring Perrie as Harry’s adorable flatmate, Niall as his manager, and Liam and Zayn as Louis’ bandmates.

2. Reeling Through The Fall (40k)

AU. They hate each other. Except for when they don’t. 

3. A Thousand Miles From Comfort (74k)

It wasn’t like Louis was Lindsay Lohan or Justin Beiber. He’d had one fucking meltdown and a handful of public drunken accidents. And now he could never screw up ever again. He hit the STOP button on the treadmill and matched his pace as it slowed to a stop.

“It’s not break time yet!” Harry told Louis, tapping his watch with a stern expression. “Come on, you were doing so well! Don’t quit now! Ten more minutes and then you can have a break!”

“I don’t want to be here anymore,” Louis spat. “It’s not anything you did, okay? I just… I don’t know. I can’t do this. I hate playing the stupid media game. That’s what all of this is! There’s no point.”

In which Louis is a closeted gay actor and a recovering addict with a troubled past. Harry is the personal trainer who helps him get his life back in shape.

With Liam as Louis’ childhood best friend, Zayn as a famous R&B artist, and Niall as a fanboy.

(aka the trainer au)

4. Although We’re Miles Apart (10k)

Louis Tomlinson is a famous football player.
Harry Styles is a famous musician.
They’re in love, and long distance relationships are hard.

5. Bambi (18k)

“What’re you here for, exactly. I really would love to know.”

“Just here for a chat,” provokes Harry. “Lovely to get back home, you know. Got a turkey in the oven–”

“At three in the morning. Get real, Bambi.” Louis deadpans a look at Harry, his eyes emotionless as they bore into him. “You’re here for the zirconia, aren’t you.”

or the au where harry becomes an assassin and has a mission at louis’ house to steal the million dollar zirconia for zayn.

6. The Way You Make Me Feel (6k)

“You couldn’t last a damn day without trying to sleep with me.”

“I can last a whole fucking week,” Harry says, rising to Louis’ challenge.

“Wanna make a bet on that, Styles?”

“You’re on,” Harry grins.

Or, Disney AU where Louis and Harry try not to fuck in public places.

Richmond Recap!

I’m on mobile so SORRY no read more!!

First, I want to say a huge thank you for all the good luck’s and congratulations’ you all sent. I really don’t know that I could have accomplished this without the help of tumblr and that means so much to me! (And quite literally, too, as Mallory took care of booking our Airbnb).

So, Saturday the stars aligned and the race went so, so well. I am still amazed I did basically exactly what I hoped and planned to do and I am really proud of myself for it J Friday night my stomach was feeling really crappy, but I was pretty sure that was all nerves. I slept really well and woke up Saturday at 5:30 and just sipped on water until my alarm went off at 6. I got ready and we headed to the race!

This is the first time I’ve ever actually thrown away “throw away” clothes. Honestly it probably wasn’t necessary-I could have taken them off ahead of time and been chilly for a while, but I’m still glad I did and didn’t have to worry about being cold. I was in wave 3, but we all went basically at the same time and I crossed the start line about 2 minutes after the race officially started. My plan from the beginning was stay with the 4 hour pace group as long as I could hold on (hopefully the whole time). My running buddy was also shooting for 4 hours, but he wanted to go out faster. So, we ran the first mile together and he took off. I was happy to see my garmin said we ran that in exactly 9 minutes. A 4 hour marathon is a pace of 9:09 per mile, but my plan was to try to run 9:00 per mile according to my watch. I knew I would end up running more than 26.2 because of not hitting tangents and weaving a bit and stuff, so I wanted to account for that. I was able to keep weaving to a minimum which was nice, though. I think sticking with the pace group helped that, since everyone was running the same pace.

The first few miles felt very easy and I was feeling good. I ditched my sweatshirt and headband at mile 1, then gloves at mile 4, and finally arm sleeves at mile 10. I felt comfortable temperature-wise the entire race, so that was perfect! Honestly by this point, even with over 20 miles left, I was pretty sure I was going to hit my goal. That’s how good I felt. I didn’t let myself believe it for a long time, but I felt it deep down and that was a big motivator.

At ~5.5 I ate gummy bears for the first time. I didn’t feel like I needed them at all but I knew I would regret it later if I didn’t have them. I got water at mile 6 to wash them down.

Mile 7 was the first challenge. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been having foot pain lately. So far it had been painful, but not alarmingly so (it did hurt the entire freaking race. Thankfully only at a level of “this hurts”, not “this hurts and I must do something about it”). This mile was basically all downhill. I am not so great at downhills to begin with, but since my pain is concentrated in my heel, it made these worse. This really did hurt my foot and I worried it would continue to worsen the whole race, but thankfully it lessoned once we were on mostly flat ground again. The pace group took this mile FAST so I let them pull ahead a bit-even so, this was my fastest mile at 8:35. I caught back up soon though and even passed them going up a small hill. This part was funny, because the race had felt crowded still to me at this point, but when I passed them for a few minutes I realized it had spread out a ton and only felt that way since I was with the group! I didn’t mind though, it wasn’t annoyingly crowded. Here we were also in the woods running along the river, which was beautiful!

At mile 11, I ate another round of gummy bears. This meant at mile 12 I had to get water (I only drink after eating, something I need to work on). This water stop was kind of a cluster and I was forced to walk to get a cup, which I actually had to go over to the table to get because there weren’t enough people handing them out. I drank quick and started running again, but the pace group had already pulled ahead quite a bit. I thought at first I was okay, and that I had 14+ miles to catch back up so I shouldn’t take it hard. But, then I realized that could easily lead to me letting them slip further and further away, so I expanded some extra energy to catch them within a half mile. I do think that was the right choice, since staying with them was a huge help.

At 13.1, there was a timing mat, and I checked my split. On my watch I was at 1:59 exactly, so I knew I was on track for 4:00 with a tiny cushion.

Mile 15 was the bridge (why is there always a bridge?!). I knew this part could be hard, thanks to the wind, so I tucked right into the pace group. Honestly I didn’t really notice the wind being worse at all. I also put my headphones on for the first time, and listened to some music. I listened to music sporadically from here to the end. At the very end of the bridge I saw my friend’s parents cheering me on, which put a huge smile on my face! That was a big boost. At 16.5 I ate more gummy bears.

Mile 17 was kind of rough, a lot of it was flat and straight with no turns and nothing to break it up. This is where I started to pull ahead of the pace group, as it felt like they were slowing down. I don’t know that they were, and they were in my sights behind me for most of the time, but it felt good to have more open area to run and not be as crowded.

At mile 20 there was another timing mat. At this point I had been doing lots of mental math to figure out what pace I had to keep up to hit my goal. I realized I had 59 minutes to run the last 10k, which I KNEW I could do. Right after the 20 mile marker, though, I passed my running buddy walking. I walked with him for about 15 seconds to see how he was, but he sent me on my way, for which I am grateful. Here though, I realized I couldn’t see the pace group behind me anymore. I freaked out a bit that they somehow passed me, but checking my watch I knew that couldn’t happen unless they were going way too fast. It was probably due to turns, but from there until the end I didn’t see them again.

At mile 21 I ate more gummy bears and dropped one L RIP little guy. At 22 I needed water again, and this is the first time I chose to walk. For under 10 seconds total, but I just wanted to be able to drink without pouring it all over myself. I am really proud though that I basically did not walk the entire race. Just two water stops, and briefly to check in with my friend. Either right before or right after this (I forget which but I think before), there were wet wash cloths, which I took to cool myself off. I wasn’t actually hot but somehow I knew it would feel good and it did.

Here is where I started to feel tired, but I never hit the wall!! More just “oh I have run over 20 miles, it would be nice to stop now” tired but not “I can’t go on” tired. I was feeling more and more confident that I would hit my goal. I was still doing lots of math and realizing I was at the point where I could almost slow down to 10 minute miles and still hit my goal. I had earlier had the thought that I could do that and still have a big PR but now to be so close to the goal time felt really good. I decided that if I hit the 25 mile marker with 12 minutes to go, only then would I be allowed to ‘know’ I would hit my goal.

At 24.5ish I saw Carlos and his friend taking pictures and they gave me some nice encouragement.

At 25, I saw I had 13 minutes left to hit my goal, so I knew I would do it. I also saw my friend’s parents again which was great. This would be the point to speed up, BUT I was definitely tired then so I slowed down a little! I think 25 was my slowest mile at 9:22, and my only mile above 9:09. Oops J

At 26, the crowds got big, and the finish was SO steep downhill. I saw the clock and realized there was a chance I could have a clock time under 4 hours too so I enjoyed the downhill big time and sped my way in! Ended up with a clock time of 4:00:03 though! Oh well. I stopped my watch and saw I totally beat my goal and honestly I was so happy. I saw Mallory right after and we high fived through the fence and really I was just elated. Everything came together so well and couldn’t have gone any better. And, my plan totally worked-my watch showed I ran 26.44 miles in exactly 9:00 per mile. EXACTLY what I intended!! I also wanted to run the whole race relatively evenly, and did that too. They had timing mats at 10k, 13.1, 20 miles, and the end. My pace for each of those seconds was, respectively, 9:03, 9:04, 9:04, 9:05. My first half was 1:58:56, and the second half 1:59:03, for a 7 second positive split-I’d call that pretty even! My official time was 3:57:59, 9:04 per mile, which is a 23 minute 24 second PR!

As soon as I stopped running I realized I had some major chafing. I am so glad I didn’t notice that during the run!! Not sure how but whatever. I got my medal, some water, a finisher’s hat, and a blanket!! Definitely the best finisher’s swag. Mallory found me and we went and got my bag, then wandered and found some food and eventually various running and spectating friends. We only hung around for a little bit and then headed back to the Airbnb to head out.

Really you guys, this was such a wonderful day and experience. I am so so happy for Mallory crushing her time goal and PR, for myself, for my friends who ran, and just in general! We got basically perfect conditions and fueling went well and just everything.

Some of my favorite signs included “Make America Chafe Again” and “If you were running on Tuesday I would have voted for you!”

As for what’s next for my running goals, I’m not sure. A four hour marathon was a goal for so long now that I have accomplished it, I’m not sure what to do. I feel like I either need to go BIG (BQ?? If I worked SO hard I think I could do it) or go home, aka take a big running break. For a number of reasons, I essentially didn’t run at all from October 2014-March 2015. Then I started the run streak in May 2015 and have been going strong since. So maybe it’s time for another big break?? I don’t know… for now the streak is still alive though, FYI.

We’ll see, we’ll see. Right now I am just still riding the high from Saturday!!

Happy running, friends!

Featured: DonnieBrasco’s Bugeye

This is one of the more epic bugeyes to roll out of SoCal.

What sets this car apart is the prodrive lip with V-limited lip underneath. Donnie was one of the first bugeyes (possibly the first) to roll with this setup. His Prodrive lip is authentic – one of the last ones Prodrive USA had in stock before they closed down North American operations. This setup has become increasingly common as replicas of both prodrive and v-limited lips have become available for cheap but still nobody has pulled it off like this.

The other thing that sets the car apart is the wheels… but they speak for themselves…

rare/out of production bronze Volk Racing SE37K wheels (they were replaced by the Volk RE30’s)

It says something that this is actually the winter setup (although to be fair does SoCal really have winters?)

THIS is the summer setup…

BBS LM wheels. Real. Specs remain a mystery (no really I’m not too lazy to look it up he just won’t give it up lol).


EDM HID headlight – the correct beam pattern, Light output 6k
Prodrive Genuine Lip one of the last pcs. DAN Prodrive have before they closed shop.
New OEM front bumper color match PPG paint
S204 vlimited rep lip
08 STI front seats
JDM red hazzard button
OEM 3pod guages
black plasti dip trim
black suede interior
editors note: GT Spec grill in the top “winter” photos – it’s essentially a Zerosports grill but with the three holes filled in on either side. People often confuse it as being a replica of the LIBERAL grill which looks similar but somewhat different, but in actuality the GT Spec grill a semi-original part.

TDO4 – bought w/ 10k miles
BN heads, subaru genuine OEM headgskets
ARP cometic head studs
BN waterpump, timing belt, belt tensioner
BN fuel filters and regulator
Group N engine mount
Group N tranny mount
Prodrive catless up pipe
stock catted dp
APS cat back
EXEDY stage 2 clutch – 8kmiles ago
Mishimoto aluminum radiator
Gimmick black silicone radiator hoses
New thermostat
STI high pressure rad caps
Motul 75 90 tranny fluids – Done at Yimi 5k miles ago
Factory Short shifter
kartboy shifter bushing
now flashed on stage 2 XPT MAP


Whiteline 22-27 mm F&R swaybar
Whiteline ALK
Whiteline center roll adjuster
Whiteline Lateral links
Kartboy endlinks
STI aluminum control arms
JDM STI titanuim strutbar
Ingals Camberbolts
Megan tracks 10k-12k CO

Photocredits: Luis3rd (winter setup); Chris Sustrino a/k/a TimeAtk on Nasioc (summer setup)