10k hit wonder

I absolutely cannot believe that I have had this blog for about 18 months now and have reached such a milestone number of followers. I am so grateful that I stumbled across this teaching community, as it has been so much more helpful to me than the majority of other resources I have at my disposal. 

This blog is a place where I can moan about the ~HUGE ANNOYING PROBLEMS~ that I face in my life as a teacher, only to look back on later and think of – dare I say – fondly when it’s all over. There are some of you I have been following since day one, some of you whom I only just found recently, and some (I’m sure) that I just haven’t found yet. But here we are – thanks for sticking around, and thanks for everything.

These are all the wonderful education-related blogs I follow (some strictly education, some a mixture, some completely on another topic but run by a teacher and that is good enough for me!). They have my stamp of approval!

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[Bonus: Other random blogs that I follow and you should, too!]

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