Resurrection Stupidity

Context: My friend was playing a rogue and I was playing a knight in a homebrew 5e game. He was talking to a female guard of a cult that was patrolling the forest near their hideout. He was able to get her name (Julia Baris), but because my friend failed several persuasion checks, I was forced to kill her. Then a couple hours (irl) later we reached a shrine of resurrection (that was intended for another NPC that was important for a quest that had died) I was at 10hp and my friend was at 7hp

DM: Now you must speak the name of the one who you want to be resurrected

My friend after a brief pause: Julia Baris

Me OOC: What?

DM: Why?

My Friend OOC: I have a great idea just let me do this

Me: What could it possibly be?

My Friend: Trust me

Me: *sigh* fine

DM (very confused): Ok the shrine lights up and the body of a naked women materializes in front of you.
(To me) roll dexterity saving throw (To my friend) roll a strength saving throw

Me OOC: oh lord

*My friend rolls nat 1*

*I roll a nat 1*

Me and my friend OOC: fuuuuuuuck

DM: The woman unsheathes your dagger (to my friend), and she slits your throat. (To Me) She then throws a dagger at you and it nails you in the throat.

Me OOC: Are we both

DM: Dead?.. yep

Meet my new skelesona, Anrez! My personal player for @underonline


So i asked @wolfy4rt​ about underonline and about if i could make a character (beware of the bad explanation master) and yes i cant make my own sona.

Name: Anrez
Species: Skeleton
Age: 24
Gender: Trans
Personatlities: Nosy, Dependable, bad listener, immature, do before they think, playful
Route: Neutral
Location: Waterfall
LV: 6
ATK: 6
DEF: 10
HP: 15


Underonline by @wolfy4rt @underonline
Anrez, Art by ME

Magical Madness 5e #4

Lantern of the Everburning Soul

An eerie blue glow is shed whenever this hooded lantern is open. inside, glows unquenchable fire of pure life energy. placed into this world by a good divinity, the user of this lantern may draw life energy from it to heal allies as a paladin by grasping the fire and applying it to the wound, but in a dire situation, they may hold it aloft, using every charge to create a surge of life energy in a 20ft radius. This lantern has 30 charges and replenishes 1d6/day. when laying on hands, this uses 1 charge for every 10 HP granted (used as the target is healed). if used as a radius, every charge in the lantern is used, healing everyone in the radius for 10HP for every remaining charge. if used this way, the lantern cannot be used until it is at max capacity again.

Ok, lets try out this new map! All team is at perfect condition lvl 98+ and equipped with horses.

This is how the map and combat bg looks like. It seems your swords will dismount once you’ve entered this map (makes sense). So yeah you are most likely to be hit by enemy swords during the first round.

Enemy yaris’ are invincible. Don’t mind their 10hp you are most likely will not kill off their troops. And hit for 8 dmg. Yes. 8. Dmg. WHY THE F WOULD YOU MAKE THEM DO MORE DMG THEN KBC JFC *sigh*

Most important thing: your swords can now DODGE enemy long-range attacks. Your sword(s) will disappear for a few seconds with some swoosh effect. Dodge does not seems to be affected by formation.

There seems to be rare drops, at least oodachi’s


  • You can now dodge enemy range attacks. (most likely to be a new combat mechanic for all maps)
  • Your boys will dismount once you’ve entered the map
  • You can be hit on the first round even with 99lvl swords.
  • Enemy yaris’ are really hard to kill and they hit hard

Have fun!


I’d like to post our August feature ride, repping NY:

Joe Lume’s Tsubaka Red Gencoupe 3.8 Track

Weapon-R Secret Weapon Short Ram Intake
Injen 3.8L SES Exhaust System
Grimmspeed Phenolic Spacer

310 Tuner Purple Anodized Hood Hinges
Spyder Auto Black Bezel Headlights
H7 HID Conversion Kit
RMR Signature Edition Carbon Fiber Grill
Laminx Yellow Fog Light Tint
Diode Dynamic Stage III LED Kit
6 Piece Million Color LED Interior Kit
Custom Painted Interior Trim

… and now a +10hp decal ;)