WOWO! I’ve been here a total of like??? three months I think it was?? And I’ve made a bunch of friends who are super cool? and met some awesome folks as well and ???? AHHHH?????? i know I generally speak in exclamation points and capitalization but I jus? I am so amazed that there’s nice little community here to support me and wow. holy heck. thank you.

the giveaway!

I noticed that my last giveaway ended in failure because I accidentally put its deadline right in the middle of my vacation so um. this time we’re going to make the deadline 8/1/2015, which is a Saturday so nothing will be in my way. And tbh im just going to do icons because. Ease.

three winners will receive icon packs ( 30static, 10gif if I can find source material to make them from ) and they’ll get the .PSD i used to make them! examples:

one like, one reblog!

must be following me!

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