Here are the results! Thank you to everyone who sent them in, u guys r the best and I don’t deserve you at all tbh. For prizes: i’ll space out promos throughout the week, and then just hmu anytime with an edit req! 

My Top 10 Lit Characters (roughly one per fandom)

  1. Kenji Kishimoto— guessed by @wordlessromantic
  2. Aaron Warner— guessed by @books-and-lgbtqia
  3. Evangeline Samos— guessed by @tyrionslannister
  4. Nikolai Lantsov— guessed by @cawcawketterdam
  5. Nesta Archeron— guessed by  @obhliviates / @highladyofluna
  6. Inej Ghafa— guessed by  @red-queen-united
  7. Zola Nazyalensky— guessed by  @noahczernry
  8. Johanna Mason— guessed by @kittysong
  9. Vida—  guessed by @fcyrearcherxn
  10. Sandor— guessed by @lillabard

Honorable mention @pinkrangr and @prettyboymogadorian bc they sent in multiple asks and were so close and I appreciate them just as humans in general

Abe Sapien #36 by Sebastian Fiumara

“A dark and dangerous ride through a realm of evil.” – Comic Book Resources
Abe Sapien #36
Mike Mignola (W), Scott Allie (W), Sebastián Fiumara (A/Cover), and Dave Stewart ©
On sale Aug 10
FC, 32 pages
The future of mankind hangs in the balance as Abe Sapien finally comes ashore to face the necromancer who’s figured out how to use Abe’s role in the apocalypse to his advantage.
• Series finale!

anonymous asked:

is kenji really your favorite lit character of all time?

the numbers aren’t really significant, and i also had to pick one character from each fandom bc otherwise the list would have been all shatter me and all acotar 

but yeah i really love kenji, and i’m really excited to learn more about him in restore me. first of all, he’s hilarious. but there’s also something i really admire about a person who’s been through shit, yet refuses to treat everyone else like garbage just because their life sucks. he still jokes around and loves people and has friends and tries to make some semblance of a life. he has a sense of self-worth; he recognizes that he deserves better than what life has given him and he’s trying to change that. 

also, i s2g in unravel me when he was calling juliette out on her bs i was LIVING. finally, a ya character who’s actually woke 

bc let’s admit, as much as i love warnette, they’re dramatic as hell and need kenji to balance them out