Brian Williams Moves to MSNBC, Apologizes for Losing Audience’s Trust

It’s official: Brian Williams is moving to MSNBC and Lester Holt will formally replace him as “NBC Nightly News” anchor, NBC News and MSNBC chairman Andrew Lack announced today.

“Lester has done outstanding work for NBC News over the last ten years, and he’s performed remarkably well over the last few months under very tough circumstances,” Lack said. “He’s an exceptional anchor who goes straight to the heart of every story and is always able to find its most direct connection to the everyday lives of our audience. In many ways, television news stands at a crossroads, and Lester is the perfect person to meet the moment.”

Holt, who joined NBC in 2000, has been serving as the “Nightly News” anchor since Williams was suspended in February after allegations surfaced that he misrepresented his involvement in a 1993 reporting trip to Iraq.

“I’m sorry. I said things that weren’t true,” said Williams. “I let down my NBC colleagues and our viewers, and I’m determined to earn back their trust. I will greatly miss working with the team on ‘Nightly News,’ but I know the broadcast will be in excellent hands with Lester Holt as anchor. I will support him 100% as he has always supported me. I am grateful for the chance to return to covering the news. My new role will allow me to focus on important issues and events in our country and around the world, and I look forward to it.”

Lack and Steve Burke, CEO of NBCU, have decided that Williams will return to MSNBC — where he worked from 1996 to 2004 — as anchor of breaking news and special reports. He will work with Mark Lukasiewicz, SVP of Special Reports for NBCU News Group.

Burke thanked Holt for stepping “into the anchor chair in a trying time and has really come through for us.”

“We are lucky to have him and I know he will continue to do great things at NBC News for years to come,” he said, adding that “As you would imagine, this was a difficult decision. Brian Williams has been with NBC News for a very long time and he has covered countless news events with honor and skill. As I said in February, we believe in second chances, and I am hopeful that this new beginning will be good for Brian and the organization. This matter has been extensively analyzed and deliberated on by NBC. We are moving forward.”

Matt Lauer has also conducted an interview with Brian Williams. It will air on “Today” on Friday morning and on “NBC Nightly News” on Friday evening.

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Merkel: No basis for a decision on Greece on Monday

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - German chancellor Angela Merkel said there was no basis on which Greece’s creditors could make a decision and that Monday’s summit of euro zone leaders was only advisory in nature.
“After the Eurogroup meeting there is no basis for a decision, so this can only be an advisory summit,” Merkel said on arrival to the summit.

(Reporting by Robert-Jan Bartunek)

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Merkel says there is still time this week to get Greece deal

MAGDEBURG, Germany (Reuters) - Euro zone leaders meeting in Brussels later on Monday are unlikely to be able to take a formal decision on whether to provide aid to Greece but there is still time this week to finalise an agreement, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said.
“There are still a lot of days in the week in which decisions can be taken,” Merkel said, speaking to reporters in the eastern city of Magdeburg.
She noted that without an agreement between Greece and the so-called institutions - the European Commmission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund - the summit on Monday evening could not be more than a discussion forum.

(Reporting by Thorsten Severin; Writing by Noah Barkin)

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