@gc2b-apparel I just thought I’d tag you in my pictures/review! My two new binders arrived less than an hour ago, and once again, I’m incredibly happy with everything about them. Honestly, yours are probably the only binders I’ll ever buy.

- The quality is great and they are very hard wearing (I wore my last one almost every single day for around a year, swam in chlorine pools and salt water three times a week without rinsing until evening, got it scraped against barnacles and rocks frequently, washed it with dish soap and a washboard at times, accidentally let my nan wring it out and dry it in front of a heater multiple times, and although it’s very worn, has a few small tears and is and heavily stained now, it still binds fine)

- The price is really low for such a high-quality product (cheaper than most good sports bras in my size!)

- The postage was quick and cheap (I’m in Australia so I’m used to things taking double the time these took to post, and postage
costing more than the product itself. Your postage was around $40 less than one other website I was looking at!)

- They bind REALLY well, taking me from (Australian size) 10DD boobs to almost completely flat pecs

-The fabric isn’t scratchy, which as an Autistic person with a lot of sensory issues regarding underwear textures, is very important to me

One small thing, though: I would really like to see an option for one that fastens and unfastens somehow. I can easily put mine on but I can see a lot of other disabled and ill people having trouble putting them on and taking them off, or removing them quickly during a medical episode. The only other options I’ve found for zippered/fastening binders are either quite expensive with high postage costs and thus out of reach for many disabled people who need them, or very cheap and probably dangerous.

All in all, I am an INCREDIBLY happy customer! Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product!