This is six blunt rotation music
This is just got off six month probation music
This is steppin’ on the beach when you’re too drunk to feel a beat
This that laughing in a condo, throwin’ shit down in the street
This that shouts to the Ave
Shouts to the lab
Shouts to the clucks, shouts to the strags
This for every math class that I ever had
So fuck you if a I failed, and fuck you if I passed!
For shitty summaries and bummers in the past
Cause some of our teachers act as if summer was for class
Some of us is seeing summer, some of us have passed
Some of us ain’t seeing summer, some of us have passed
So I’m just glad to say I’m sippin’ rum up out a glass
Cause some of us is only sippin’ some up off the grav
And heaven’s gates look a lot like prison from the Ave
We on the ground yelling, “Give my nigga back!”
—  Chance the rapper