Crochet Yip Yip Alien Pattern!!!

Hi guys. 

Thought I’d share with you all how to make this crochet yipyip alien. 

So lets get started!

What you’ll need…

A G-hook, a tapestry needle, scissors, a yarn color for the body, white, and bits of black.

Step 1: with body color of choice chain 16 and join with a slip stitch.

Step 2: single crochet in the round for a total of 8 rounds. Resulting in a tube.

Step 3: we are working flat now and dividing the number of stitches by 2 so you are going to sc 8 stiches across. Then chain 1 and turn. Skip the first stich and sc across. You should have 7 stitches. Chain 1 and turn. Repeat the decrease until you have 3 stitches left. Chain 1 at the end, cut the yarn, and finish off.

Step 4: pinch and sew together the top and part of the front with the working yarn. You have to kind of eyeball it now.

Step 5: with the white make 6sc in a magic loop. Then work a rounds of hdc even. Make 2 of them. Do not sew shut.

Step 6: with the black yarn chain 2. In the 2nd chain from the hook make 1 sc. Finish off and repeat, making 2 pupils. Then with the tapestry needle run the pupils through the eyeballs and run the needle back and forth, securing it in place. Close the sc white edge and sew in the tail. Cut it off but not the 2 blacks and 1 final tail of white.

Step 7: run the black yarn of 1 eyeball through the side of the head. Repeat the other. Knot the yarns together inside the mouth and secure the tails on the inside. With the white tails secure the eyes on the side of the head.

Step 8: flip the yip yip upside down and insert your hook in one of the beginning chains. Pull up a long loop and chain a length of 10chains using both yarns. Repeat all around. The chains should start to curl inward naturally, giving off the yipyip tentacle look. 

And that’s it. You are done. Enjoy your little alien buddy!

Till next time!!!