Andrea Mary Marshall Fashion Fans

Andrea Mary Marshall’s Fashion Fans pushes female sexuality to center stage, making use of the traditional, often idealized image of a geisha and her accessories—notably, fans. The works on display were produced overnight as part of a performance, during which Marshall sported traditional kimonos and splatter painted the walls with fans dipped in enamel paint all of which was caught on tape and on view next to the works themselves.


WXYZ - Laura Wass Oil Slick Hedra
Founded in both logic and experimentation, WXYZ x Laura Wass stands at the intersection of the obvious and the unexpected. Drawing inspiration from science, art and industrial design and their respective materials, WXYZ x Laura built structures through repeated elements. At the intersection of the unexpected and the obvious, the rigorous fuses with the playful in an idiosyncratic dialect. Wass’s site specific installation is inspired by an expertise in industrial production paired with a love for hand-made craft.


Peter D. Gerakaris Rappaccini Origami Terrarium.

Peter D. Gerakaris’s kaleidoscopic window installation serves as a portal to a surreal, alternate reality reality of origami sculpture and bold patterns. All high-resolution, digital imagery in this installation derives from macro enlargement of the artist’s painting style.

Lionel Estéve, Untitled (Pink Vichy, Green Pearls) and Untitled (Green Stripes, Blue Pearls)

Each of Lionel Estéve’s works can be defined as a spatial drawings where colors flow either fast or quietly. By being both non-formal and fragile,Estève’s works are extremely powerful, insofar as they direct the eye more than they are to be looked at for themselves.


Take a peek behind the scenes and hear from the artists themselves as they discuss their installations at Bergdorf Goodman. Linda Fargo weighs in on the fusion of art and fashion.