rating the pregnant woman emojis

I dont trust her toothless grin and claw-like hands but her eyes are genuine and she seems kind and gentle. 7/10

I’m a bit biased towards this one because I see it the most but im not a huge fan of the paw hands. Shes fake like a clown and feels no remorse for you. 4/10

This is a humble and kind woman. She will take you into her home and help you through all your troubles. She is a mother to all and beautiful in her own way. 10/10

this looks like a child wrote a story where they get pregnant with sonic’s baby 1/10

artistically this is not very well made. the placement of her ear and her spine makes me feel apathy for this woman. she looks like a skinny high school teacher that gains no weight when theyre pregnant and you just feel weird about it. 3/10

genuinely cute and simple. gets the point across and you feel happy for her. 9/10

too simple. i feel nothing.

this seems overly intimate. the main focus is her silhouette and i dont think i like that. 5/10

terrible. 0/10


Pair of presentation pistols made by Nicolas-Noel Boutet of Versailles, about 1802-10

Artist/ Maker(s):
Nicolas-Noel Boutet (1761-1833)
Associated Date:
Early 19th century
Associated Place:
France, Versailles (place of manufacture)
Steel, wood, silver, horn

These were beautifully crafted weapons made from the finest materials to be presented by the government and later Emperor Napoleon to important generals and foreign allies. We know from the factory’s own records that 55 pairs of pistols were presented to men of the rank of general between 1802 and 1810. One general received a pair that cost 500 francs - at a time when an ordinary pair was worth only 30 francs.
This particular pair of flintlock pistols is located at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow, Scotland.

View of Arihoro, Otaru Harbor, Hokkaidô (Hokkaidô Otaru kô Arihoro no kei)

Meiji era
1882 (Meiji 14), November 10
Artist Hikita Keizô (Japanese, born 1851)

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