Five Times Draco Malfoy Got Sacked (And One Time He Didn't)
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: emmagrant01 | Word Count: 18,389 | Rating: NC-17

Summary: After the Dark Lord was destroyed, Draco Malfoy had to start all over. He had no idea it would be quite so difficult.

Review: Love this, super fun and entertaining. Love all the jobs we get to see Draco do too, it’s kind of like a progression from the person he wanted to be till he finally figures out who he is :) (The sex is A+ too like wow nice)

Content/Warnings: Humour

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So I’ve been wanting to write this for a while but I wasn’t sure what to do or say. I want to thank so many people for supporting me during all this time but if I start tagging I think I won’t finish :D

SO I’m keeping this short and please don’t feel bad if I don’t mention you, like I said I want to thank you all but there’s so many people that have been here and I don’t know when I would finish.

@ms-strugglebug​ Thank you twin. Because it was her who encouraged me to do this blog and we wouldn’t be here right now if she hadn’t convinced me. I have so much to thank her for because she’s been there until the end! I love you so much my Cassy.

@fandomobsessedteen​ and @seoksinning​ I think everyone who knows me well knows I love these two girls. I don’t want to make you think this is favoritism but they have been there always I have to thank these two cinnamon rolls for more than I could ever imagine. I can’t ever thank them enough. They’ve listening to me whenever I feel sad or happy, telling me how great I am, they’ve seen my horrible self and in my loneliest times. And if it wasn’t because of them I wouldn’t be so confident today and stand here (metaphorically) writing for all of you.

I also want to thank the two former admins I had. Because they helped a lot and are a very important part of my life and the blog. I can’t just give you all my thanks without mentioning Mira and Michelle (Myun) because that wouldn’t be fair. Also Myun was very important to the blog and helped me to organize more this thing and I would probably had dropped this if it wasn’t for her. I love you, don’t forget that okay, baka? There are no friends like you. 

Balie can’t be omitted because even though she just recently joined as an admin, she’s been part of this family for quite some time and she is one of the greatest friends I have. She is a sweetheart I swear and always cheers me up and makes me smile whenever we talk (which is everyday tbh xD). I could make a list of all the things I want to thank her for and never finish, but I just want you all to know that she is an angel and I’m so thankful you all met her and she is here with us on the blog. 

I’ve met so many friends thanks to this blog that mentioning them here would take me like six hours, but you all know who you are and I’m never tired of telling you how much I love you and how much I appreciate your friendship and how important you are all to me. I swear my heart has a special place for each one of you (yes it’s a big one) and I can’t imagine my life without you. You don’t know how much my life has changed thanks to you and just thinking of losing any of you would drive me insane. Tumblr is a lifesaver I swear.

And last but not least, I want to thank each one of you, even if we never talk or you come to me as anons. This would be nothing without you, without your requests, suggestions, complaints, asks, talks, chats, notes, points of view, etc. I swear I read everything, I don’t ignore a thing and your advises have helped me so much. I wish I could be close to all of you! (Imagine that!!!!) but I know some like to be in the dark, some are shy, etc. But I want you to know that I’m here (and Balie) for all of you and even if we can’t do much we are here to do what we can. Even if it’s by writing a scenario/reaction or listening to your problems and sharing experiences. You might think I’m crazy when I say I’m here for each one of the 10k but I do mean it. Like I’ve been for days on my laptop trying to talk and help so many people when they need me and I have no complaints against that. I just hope my little grain of sand makes a difference somewhere in this world.

Thank you all again for everything! And I hope we all stay as one for a long long long time!


au where its cold and he offers his jacket

“Okay, we need to stop.” Doc huffed. “We’ve been walking since-God-knows-when, and I’m freaking freezing.”

“Me too.” You shivered, teeth chattering.

10K looked at you sadly. He hated to see you like this. You felt as if the cold breeze burned your skin, which made you whine and clutch your jacket.

He quickly took his off, trying to put it on your shoulders, but you stopped him.

“No. You’re also cold, keep it.” You forced a smile.

“But you need it more than I do.” He frowned.

“I don’t care. I won’t make you do that.”

The group smiled at you two, except for Murphy. He rolled his eyes.

“I think I’m gonna puke.” Murphy said.

“Okay, then.” 10K said, putting his jacket on again, but he hugged you this time, kissing your forehead.

“Holy- You’re so hot.” You held him even tighter and he blushed at your words. “Oh, I meant- I meant I’m cold, but your body is- You know what I mean.”

10K chuckled.

“I know what you mean.”

“Okay.” You breathed, still holding him as you walked through those cold streets, his warmth welcoming you.

He smiled at you, making your stomach flutter as you looked at your feet, blushing.

“Listen, can we stop?” Doc asked.

anonymous asked:

Au where you and 10K find a place with power and it has a record player and you end up dancing?

this is short but sweet hope you dont mind

“Check it out.” You say, climbing the carpeted stairs. 10k glances back at the group, wandering around the old antiques shop, and follows you.

You open the small door, leading into a little room with a record player and a bunch of records. You smile, heading over to it. You thumb through the vinyl’s, and grab one. You set it on the player, and lift the needle. You turn back to 10k, holding out your hand.

“May I have this dance?” You ask, batting your lashes. He smiles softly, and takes your hand. You pull him close, and the music begins to play.

“I don’t know how to dance.” He says.

You wrap your arms around his neck, stepping closer to him.

“I was 14 when the world ended. You think I know how?”

His lips curl up, and you direct his hands to your waist. You vaguely remember watching your parents dancing around the living room, so you move backwards, making a box with your steps. 10k follows, and you pull back, holding up an arm. You gesture for him to spin, and he laughs, ducking under your arm. He grabs you again, dipping you backwards. You giggle, and stand back up.

“You said you didn’t know how to dance.” You accuse.

“So did you.”

You crinkle your nose, and move closer, stomach pressed against his.

“Just think about it. We could dance at our wedding.”

“We could have a zombie as the ring bearer.” He recommends. You laugh, and shake your head.

“Maybe not.”

He leans his forehead against yours, eyes fluttering shut.

“We can work out the details later.”

“I haven’t even asked you yet.” He whispers.

“My parents would be appalled. Not even 18, and im planning my wedding.”

You lean closer, brushing your lips against his.

You dance until the record player stops, and then you sway in silence, until the group downstairs demands your presence. You leave feeling at peace, happier than you can remember being.

Morning After: 10k Imagine

It seemed as if it was a fairy tale. A soft sweet fairy tale. The soft rain was like a lullaby. The smell of the forest filled the air. Everything seemed perfect, even in the middle of a damn apocalypse. There was no concern of zombies or survival. It was just me and him in our ablise.

Last night, or in other words the early dark morning was our first time together. Our first time with each other, our first time in all. It was awkward, sweaty and weird. Neither of us knew what they were doing, but everything still seemed to just happen. It was all natural, it was pure instinct.

Even though it was new and slightly awkward it was perfect. The new sensations brought us to a whole new universe. It seemed as if we were in our own world. His touch sent me in shivers. His moans and groans still lingered my mind.

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u know that feeling when someone throws u something and u catch it really well like w one hand or u save it from nearly dropping or u caught it from a massive distance? and everyone around u lights up like yoooo!! good catch!!!! nice!!!! ? ? ? ?? i want 2 live in that feeling it is so pure

anonymous asked:

Could you write a thing where the reader and Addy are total bros and she basically forces the reader and 10k to admit their feelings because come on so obvious I've always loved the thought of reading that and youre a amazing writer (male pronouns?)

thank you so so so much!!! 

“Y/N. Y/N.” Addy says, snapping her fingers in your face. You jolt your attention back to her, blinking.

“Sorry. Got distracted.” She smirks, and sets a card down.

“I noticed.”

A blush rises over your cheeks, and she looks over at 10k, who’s talking to Doc.

“Are you ever gonna admit the giant crush you have on him?” She asks, rifling through the cards in her hands. You go still, mouth falling open.

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So now I’m hearing The Fine Brothers are trying to trademark “react” and even the reaction video format. B.O.B. and Tila Tequila think the world is flat. Tony the Tiger is being sexually harassed by furries. And Amber Rose revealed that Kanye likes having fingers up his ass. 2016 has been so wild already, and it’s only a month old. 

My problem is that I’ll randomly get really motivated to do shit, but it’s within such a small window of time that I must do the thing at that EXACT moment and if I don’t the moment passes and I’ll have to wait like at least whole month for another random burst of motivation to do the thing ya feel